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TESDA Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP)

The TWSP shall cover only the TVET programs registered with TESDA. It shall be utilized to support rapid inclusive and sustained economic growth through course offerings in priority industries and key employment generators. The goal is to provide quality education and technical training, anchored on work values, to enable Filipinos, especially the less privileged, to be productive and competitive, utilizing appropriate technologies particularly in industry and agriculture.


This program works to provide immediate interventions to meet the need for highly critical skills. This is a TESDA initiative to fill up the skills gap and the job requirements of priority industries and sectors showing a high employment demand.


The Training for Work Scholarship Program seeks to support rapid, inclusive and sustained economic growth through course offerings in priority industries and key employment operators, such as the agrifishery/ agribusiness/ agroindustrial, tourism, information technology business process management (IT-BPM), semiconductor and electronics, automotive, other priority manufacturing industries, logistics, general infrastructure, and new and emerging sectors.


The program addresses reduction through TVET for Global Competitiveness and TVET for Job Readiness. It is in this context that TESDA has been implementing the scholarship programs, Training for Work Scholarship and special Training for Employment Programs, to enhance TVET access and encourage technical education and skills development for the needed workers of key employment generating as well as emerging industries.


The TWSP shall cover only the TVET programs registered with TESDA in accordance with the approved 2018 TWSP TVET Coverage and Schedule of Costs. 100% of the total training and/or entrepreneurship costs shall be paid upon completion of the training programs.



Eligibility/ Target Beneficiaries

Drug dependent surrenderers and family members;

Out-of-school youth;



Industry workers obtaining skills upgrading training programs

OFWs and their dependents;

TVET Trainers;

Currently employed workers (CACW)


Basic and marginalized sectors such as:

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

Disadvantaged women

Indigenous Peoples (IPs)

Solo parents and their children

Senior citizens

Rebel returnees/decommissioned combatants

Wounded in-action (WIA) AFP and PNP personnel

Urban & rural poor

Victims of Natural Disasters and Calamities

Victims of Human Trafficking

Displaced Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) teaching personnel

Micro entrepreneurs and their family members

Cooperatives intending to engage or expand business enterprise

Employees with contractual/Job Order status to help them engage in entrepreneurial activities and consequently become contributors to jobs generation

Farmers and fishermen and family members

Other marginalized groups may also avail of the scholarship program subject to pre-qualification


Other targeted special groups:

Family members of AFP and PNP personnel killed and wounded in-action (KWIA);

Inmates and detainees including their families;


TWSP Target Beneficiaries



The scholars shall be entitled to free training and assessment. The approved standard fees for training and assessment shall be applied strictly. The TVIs shall not exact any additional training and assessment fees from the beneficiaries of this program.


How to avail?

You can apply for the training through your barangay, online scholarship application, and walk-in application.

Through your barangay. Every barangay chairman or designated representative shall submit the list of potential beneficiaries for skills training from the accomplished Barangay Skills Need Survey (BSNS) Form 1 to the TESDA provincial or regional office. The submitted list is expected to be inclusive and non-limiting in number, indicating the skills training needed by the prospective beneficiaries.

Online scholarship application. Any interested person whose name, for any reason, is not included in the BSNS can apply for scholarship program through online scholarship application at available at the TESDA regional and provincial websites.

Walk-in application. Any interested person who desires to avail of the scholarship programs may apply either at the TESDA Central, Regional and Provincial Offices with regard to the processing of his/her scholarship application.


Further Reading,


You will be asked to sign the TWSP Affidavit of Undertaking. Interested applicants should apply online to avail the scholarship programs under the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). There are three (3) available scholarships that TESDA is currently offering the Training for Work Scholarship Programs (TWSP), Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA), Special Training for Employed Program (STEP).


The TWSP shall continue to be directed towards filling up the skill gaps and job requirements of priority industries and sectors with high employment demand, improving the reach of quality TVET to the grassroots and encouraging technical-vocational institutions to offer programs in higher qualifications catering to on demand industry requirements. Aside from the mentioned scholarship programs, TESDA also has 40 courses offered online for free, and 5 foreign language courses available at respective TESDA Language Skills Institute (LSI) also free of charge.


TESDA Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP), Skills Training


Submit your application to

Barangay Captain or

Apply Online through or

Walk-in Application



Scholarships Management Office

Attn: Sonia S. Lipio

Telephone: 02 888 5644




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