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Build future possibilities with the SWU PHINMA scholarship programs. The scholarships are given by the school for the life of the program, for as long as the scholar is able to meet the scholarship requirements.


The Southwestern University is a recognized leader in the medical, paramedical, teacher education, business and entrepreneurship, information technology, and language proficiency. In its pursuit of academic excellence, it continues to expand and serve the present needs and demands of the region.


The Southwestern University offers scholarship programs to deserving students with the main purpose of extending academic assistance while maintaining its academic standards. The Southwestern University is a school meant to educate game changers who are able to design their own future and set off to their chosen path in excellence.


The SWU helps students become the best that they can be. At Southwestern University PHINMA, they consider themselves as game changers for the serious and driven learners no matter what career you choose.


The school will equip you with the proper experience so you can design your future and set off your chosen path. With SWU, you will become the best that you can be so you can take the lead and transform the world. Read the heights to your chosen profession!


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SWU PHINMA Chairman’s Scholarship

Be one of the 30 incoming freshmen to enjoy the PHINMA scholarship and receive 100% grant on tuition plus P4,000 monthly allowance. This program is only offered to Filipino students who rank at the top 10 of their graduating class in terms of academic standing. However, for schools with student population of 200 or less, the scholarship grant will be offered to the top 5 of the graduating class only.




Incoming freshmen

Top 10 of the high school graduating class

Filipino citizen





Information Technology

Veterinary Medicine


Medical Technology


Rehabilitative Sciences




100% tuition fee for the normal duration of the course

Modest monthly allowance for 10 months of the school year plus 1.5 months for summer

Financial support for board review and exam fees



Grant distribution

10 slots open for Cebu City and Cebu province

10 slots for Visayas, except Cebu

10 slots for Mindanao


SWU PHINMA Philippine Scholarship



How to apply?

Interested students who belong t the top 10 of their graduating class must inform the principal and indicate which priority program he/ she would like to take


Names of the interested students are endorsed by the School Principal to SWU PHINMA’s Marketing Department


Entrance exams for interested students will be ranked based on the results of the exams, their academic standing and program opening


Only the top 10 in each of the area cluster will be accepted


If a student who passed the selection process backs out, the next best choice in that cluster and program will be considered



Further reading,



Return of service

Scholars are expected to provide service for two years after graduation or passing the board examination for board programs. Otherwise, they must pay for their scholarship. Return service may be with any PHINMA company, but this does not guarantee employment. If the PHINMA company cannot provide employment, or if it chooses not to employ a scholar, this frees the scholar from their return of service.



SWU PHINMA Presidential Scholarship

This is offered to Filipino who are an NMAT passer and graduates of a Pre-Med program. Candidates who successfully pass all the requirements and criteria will be provided a 100% discount on tuition. Only the top 5 students will be awarded the scholarship. Results are sent to the contact information provided by the student.




Application form

Proof of academic achievements, certificate of honors, leadership awards



Further reading,



See the PDF below for the sample application form

SWU PHINMA Application




Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria

NMAT score

Pre-med grades

Result of the MMI assessment



Within Reach Scholarship

Open to all Grade 12 students who wish to pursue college. Grantees will receive 50% discount on tuition fee only. Applicable to 4-year or 6-year academic program. To apply, submit a photocopy of your Grade 12 1st Semester report card, and a photocopy of your school ID to the Guidance Center of Student Life for qualifying exam schedule.



Alumni Discounts

Open to any SWU graduates of Grade 6, 10, and 12; any SWU alumni who want to take graduate studies in any non-medical program; a spouse and two children of a bona fide alumnus Southwestern University. Grantees will receive 10% tuition fee only. To apply, present your SWU PHINMA Alumni ID and Study Load to the Alumni Office.



Siblings Discounts

Open to four siblings simultaneously enrolled in college except for Basic Education, Senior High School, Medicine, and Law. The eldest sibling will get 100% tuition fee discount for local students and 50% tuition fee discount for foreign students. The second eldest will get 50% tuition fee discount for local students and 20% tuition fee discount for foreign students. To apply, applicants must present all four birth certificates and study loads to the Student Life Office.



Persons with Disability Discount (PWD Discount)

Open to any student with a certificate from either the Department of Health (DOH) or the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) as proof of condition. Grantees will receive 10% discount on tuition fee. To apply, submit your DOH or DSWD certificate and study load to the Student Life Office.



With Highest Honors Discount

Open to graduates of Elementary and Junior High School with the highest honor (top of the class). Grantees will receive 100% Tuition Fee Discount. To apply, submit your Certification of Highest Honor and Study Load to the Student Life Office.



Student Athlete Scholarship

Open to all students who passed the selection process and is part of the final roster of student-athletes. Grantees will receive full tuition, miscellaneous fee coverage, lab fees and other charges.


To apply for college, submit your original NSO birth certificate and TOR reflecting 60% pass on all subjects from previous and present school year to the Athletic Office.


To apply for high school, submit your original NSO birth certificate and Form 138 reflecting pass on all subjects to the Athletic Office.



Get the complete program offerings and other details about SWU PHINMA. Come by the Marketing Office on campus or drop an email.



Submit your questions to

Southwestern University PHINMA

Villa Aznar

Urgello Street, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

Telephone: 032 416 4680




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