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Avon Global Scholarship Program

The Avon Foundation offers students around the world the opportunity to apply for an educational scholarship through the Avon Global Scholarship Program. This program is available to children and grandchildren of top selling Avon representatives. Each achiever receives $2,100 for their educational expenses. The foundation announced to award around 200 academic scholarships in 2018 to their Avon Beauty Entrepreneurs and their children and grandchildren across 25 countries.


The program has just doubled from giving out $250,000 per annum to a $500,000 per annum. That would be from the past 100 scholars to the present committed 200 scholarship recipients.


The program invites Avon Representatives to submit applications for the scholarship. The Avon Foundation launched the Avon Global Scholarship Programme for Children and Grandchildren to pursue their educational goals.


Since the programme’s launch, the Avon Foundation has funded over 425 scholarships totaling more than $900,000. The new programme year will bring the Avon Foundation’s total commitment to this program to nearly $1.5 million. The Avon Foundation recognises that investing in education for women and girls creates a ripple effect that yields benefits not only for individual women, but also their families, communities and countries.


Avon supports 6 million beauty entrepreneurs to run their own businesses, in their own way and on their own terms and also, understands the pivotal role of education, skills development and training in fueling a ripple effect for many years to come.




Eligible applicants must already be enrolled or must be planning to enroll in a full-time or part-time course of study at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical college during the applied academic year.


Applicants can reapply to the programme each year and may receive the award a maximum of four times.


Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic performance and a statement of career and educational aspirations and goals.



They are extremely proud that the Avon Foundation is expanding its commitment to helping talented women meet their educational and career goals through this extended scholarship programme – providing Avon Representatives and their families with vital access to new skills, networks and the confidence to succeed.



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Avon Foundation Global Breast Cancer Clinical Scholars program

This program provides clinically focused scholarship opportunities for breast cancer specialists from outside the United States to receive advanced training at a select list of leading US breast cancer centers affiliated with the Avon Foundation. The Avon Global Scholars will take advanced skills back to their home countries to improve treatment and care of women facing breast cancer.


In 2012, the Foundation created the Avon Global Breast Cancer Clinical Scholars program to bring outstanding clinical scholars from around the world to leading breast cancer centers here in the U.S. to study.


After training under a mentor for 4 to 8 weeks, the scholars then take new skills back to their home countries, impacting hundreds if not thousands of patients across the globe. The program is the only one of its kind, forging a new path in the world’s fight to end breast cancer.


The scholars come from as far away as Zambia, Ukraine and the Philippines, and participate in intensive trainings in a number of different areas: surgery, pathology, radiology, oncology, clinical trial design and community and public health. They often return to their home hospitals with not only a new mindset, but ideas for how to immediately apply their learnings.


Other scholars report to have changed their approaches to diagnostics, surgery, resource management and patient counseling. Many also have started tumor boards to address the most challenging cases.


In addition to technical training, one of the most lasting benefits, according to many of the program’s participants, are the relationships formed between colleagues.


The move is the latest big philanthropic initiative from Avon, which teamed up with the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this summer on a new social beauty campaign called Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye, and also recently launched a business-focused podcast series geared towards inspiring potential beauty entrepreneurs.


The Avon Foundation committed to create the Women Global Breast Cancer Clinical Scholars Program (Avon Global Scholars) to provide clinically-focused scholarship opportunities to breast cancer specialists outside the United States. The goal of the program was to give advanced training at a leading U.S. breast cancer centers affiliated with the Avon Foundation.


The Avon Global Scholars aimed to advance skills to improve treatment and care of women facing breast cancer around the world. The Avon Global Clinical Scholars program is a wonderful, unique opportunity to collaborate with talented physicians from all over the world.



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Avon Foundation for Women

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