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Rep Juan Edgardo Manalang Angara, most widely known as Sonny Angara, was elected to the Senate in 2013. Like his parents, he values education as a tool to fight poverty. He pushed for laws to widen access to education through the passage of the Free College Law, and the Unified Student Financial Assistance System (UNIFAST).


He is also one of the authors of the Universal Kindergarten Law, the Ladderized Education Act, the Open Learning and Distance Education Act, Youth Entrepreneurship Act, the law integrating Moro history in the school curriculum, and laws to create universities in far-flung rural areas.


Sen. Sonny believes that given the right opportunity, Filipinos will have a better quality of life. Thus, he authored laws to ensure sustainable jobs and decent working conditions: the law creating Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) nationwide, the JobStart Law and the revised Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) to help ease youth unemployment.


He led the passage of the law that raised workers’ take-home pay, the 13th month pay and other bonuses by lowering and simplifying income taxes. He also sponsored the law strengthening the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to provide greater OFW representation and benefits, the Seafarers Protection Act, and the law that made OFW balikbayan boxes tax-free.


Senator Sonny champions laws that empower women (the Magna Carta of Women), senior citizens (Expanded Senior Citizens Act), persons with disabilities (Act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of PWDs), and the informal sector (Magna Carta for Workers in the Informal Economy bill).


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  • Must have been admitted in any undergraduate degree program of the University, or if already enrolled, must have passed all courses enrolled in the previous semester;
  • Must be resident of the Lone District of Aurora Province or as nominated by the Donor and,
  • Must comply with Rules for Scholarship and Fellowships of the Donor.




  • P19,000.00 total tuition fee, laboratory and miscellaneous fees of the UP Campus where the students is enrolled in. in case the scholarship grantee is also a recipient of the University of the Philippines Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP), the University shall only release to the grantee the balance of the tuition fee that the grantee is required to pay;
  • P5,000.00 semestral book allowance; and
  • P3,000.00 monthly living allowance (with a maximum of P15,000.00 per semester)




The grantee shall be entitled to renewal of the scholarship grant every semester until the grantee finishes his/ her degree or course of study, provided the following are satisfied

  • Must be enrolled full-time each semester;
  • Must have passed all subjects enrolled in the preceding semester. Any grade of “4.00” or “inc.” must be removed or completed on or before the last day of registration of the following semester;
  • Must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action;
  • Must not shift to another course or go on leave of absence without prior approval from the Office of Scholarships and Student Services.


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In the event that the grantee is also a recipient of the University of the Philippines Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STS), the balance of the tuition fee that the grantee shall pay after applying the STFAP discount shall be charged against the grant. In case of grantees who belong to STS Bracket E, the entitlement to monthly stipend shall follow the UP rules.



Submit your application to

University of the Philippines Manila

Pedro Gil Street, Taft Avenue and Padre Fauna Street

Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 02 524 0534

Globe: 0915 231 1167




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