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The Telus International University (TIU) Program, in partnership with local and accredited universities, offers team members the opportunity to complete their education or degree through subsidized tuition and classes taught onsite.


Apart from the university programs, team members can also pursue their own passions in cooking, languages, fashion, performing arts, and more through their partnerships with top notch schools.


In addition, they offer numerous cloud based tools and on demand learning opportunities to help you advance your career on a continual basis. The leading BPO company has more plans of reinforcing its academic program.


The TIU started as a project under their human resources department. Since then, they moved to Learning and Development and to Global Learning excellence, with the intent to align all learning initiatives under one global learning organization.


TIU has a relatively different setup from other BPO-owned educational programs. In fact, it is founded on partnerships with universities and learning institutions like the University of the Asia and the Pacific and Asia Pacific College, which then offer and conduct various courses and classes for enrolled TIP members.


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First, they partner with schools and universities where they team members have the opportunity to finish their college or even take a double degree. Secondly, they partner with other learning institutions that deal with courses and help fulfill life’s passion, from culinary arts to music to fashion design.


TIU’s unique setup involves professors holding onsite classes at TIP on a block schedule basis. This offers convenience for students who find difficulty traveling to and from school. TIU also has site-to-site or school-to-site shuttles for the students.


There are courses that also entail students attending on-campus classes. These allow the student to maximize the partner school’s physical properties like its equipment and facilities.


TIU offers subsidy, discounted rates, and staggered payment schemes to interested team members plus that of the same percentage for their respective family members and friends. The TIU rates are lower compared to the program rates when the courses are taken externally.


TIU as a program aimed to support team members not only financially but cognitively and socially as well. For example, TIU holds no control over a student’s choice of course, offering him the freedom and opportunity to enrich himself as he moves up in his career and in life.


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It is not necessarily related to the team member’s current role and they do not require a training bond. TIP wants to back their team members by supporting what they are passionate about.


Aside from the subsidy and liberty in course selection at TIU, TIP, for example, also assists team members in their educational needs through career counseling. It also conducts and supports other activities and events that might interest team members.



Submit your application to

TELUS International

TELUS House McKinley Exchange, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: 02 638 9440




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