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SSS Educational Assistance Loan repayment terms for degree courses. The term is up to 5 years and loan payment shall start after 18 months for semestral courses, 15 months for trimestral courses or 14 months & 15 days for quarter term courses from the scheduled last release date or from the date of last release for those who will not avail of the subsequent releases.


Repayment term for vocational/ technical courses. The term is up to 3 years and loan payment shall start after 18 months for semestral courses or 15 months for trimestral courses from the scheduled last release date or from the date of last release for those who will not avail of the subsequent releases.


An SSS number shall be issued to a non-member beneficiary for the purpose of tracking him when he is employed in the event of delinquency by the member – borrower.


Qualified SSS members may avail of the educational assistance loan program (EALP) to finance the educational needs of their immediate family members. As of 2018, the EALP has a total fund allocation of P7Billion composed of the national government’s P3.5Billion counterpart which was also equally matched by the SSS.


A member-borrower will be assured of the educational funding until the beneficiary has graduated from the course upon approval of the EALP application. However, the loan must be filed every semester. Those eligible under this loan program are member-borrowers with at least 36 posted monthly contributions, 6 of which are posted within the last 12 months prior to the month of filing the EALP application.


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All currently employed, currently contributing self-employed or voluntary member.

Member – borrower must have at least 12 posted monthly contributions with at least 1 contribution within the last 3 months prior to the date of application for loan. If without one 1 contribution for the last 3 months, member – borrower shall pay and present proof of payment.

Member – borrower whose last posted Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) is P15,000 or below, provided that his/ her actual monthly basic salary or income is not more than P25,000. Member – borrower who falls under MSC of P15,000 must present proof of actual monthly salary/ income of not more than P25,000.

Members who are up-to-date in the payment of salary/ housing loan amortization. If with overdue amount, it must not exceed 3 monthly loan amortizations.



Covered beneficiaries

Member – borrower, legal spouse, child of SSS member (including illegitimate) and sibling of unmarried SSS member (Including half brother/ sister).

Married member – borrowers are allowed to avail up to 2 beneficiaries who shall be any of the following: member himself/ herself, his/ her spouse, his/ her children (legitimate or illegitimate).

No substitution of beneficiary shall be allowed.



Amount of loan

Degree course – maximum of P20,000 per semester/ trimester/ quarter term or actual tuition/ miscellaneous fees, whichever is lower, rounded off to the next higher P100.

Vocational/ technical course (minimum of 2 years) – Maximum of P10,000 per semester/ trimester or actual amount of tuition/ miscellaneous fees, whichever is lower, founded off to the next higher P100.

The loan shall be funded by the National Government (NG) and SSS on a 50:50 basis. Any excess on the tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses shall be borne by the member/ beneficiary.



Interest rate and penalty

NG portion – 0%

SSS portion – 6% per annum based on diminishing principal balance until fully paid

A 1% penalty per month shall be charged for any unpaid amortization.


SSS Member Login,



SSS ID or 2 valid IDs

Accomplished application form

Assessment/ billing statement issued by the school of member/ beneficiary

Proof of monthly salary/ income, pay slip or pay envelope or employer’s certification for employed members

Income tax return or affidavit of income for self-employed and voluntary paying members


See a PDF sample of the SSS Educational Loan




Eligible schools

The school must be accredited by the Commission on Higher Education for degree courses and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority for vocational/ technical courses.


Register in My.SSS,



Submit your application to

The SSS branch nearest your place.



SSS Call Center: 02 920 6446 to 55

Toll Free: 1-800-10-2255777




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