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The Mapua  make it possible for the students to not only learn the theories, but also apply them. It is of utmost importance that every Mapuan experiences first hand the industry he has chosen. Through practical work experience, a student gets to know and anticipate challenges in the field and is able to recognize opportunities for progress. The end goal is to make the students productive and responsible citizens of the country.


Because of this, Mapua has partnered with different institutions, organizations and companies, local and international, to give its students the best training ground before they set out to the real world. Apart from this, the university has also formed the tie ups with the biggest names in different institutions for its faculty development, research and job placement for its graduating students and alumni.


The Admissions Office shall be at the forefront of Mapúa University’s quest to be an international center of excellence in integrated engineering and information technology education.


In general, the Admissions Office is in charge of admissions of incoming freshmen, transferees, graduates of vocational courses, and college graduates from other schools who would like to enroll in the University. The office assists them from application to administration of entrance exams and enrollment. It is also responsible for the promotion and marketing of the University to various high schools in Metro Manila, nearby provinces and foreign countries with established testing centers.


It offers student enticement programs designed to establish Mapúa as the premier technology school of choice and, more importantly, provide the prospective student populace a venue where they can pursue and secure the future that they deserve.


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Income based financial assistance program (IBFAP)


  • Must be an incoming freshman, with priority of those who came from public high school;
  • Combined annual family income should not exceed Php 500,000.00;
  • Must obtain a grade weighted average of at least 85% in high school or must belong to top 10% of his/her graduating class;
  • Must obtain a score of not lower than 60% in the MSAE.



40% discount on tuition fee only



  • Must maintain an average of at least 2.75 or higher every term;
  • No grades below 3.00 (including PE and NSTP);
  • Must enroll a regular load per term;
  • Strictly no shifting to other program


See the sample application PDF below

Income-Based Financial Assistance Program (IBFAP)



Upperclassmen financial assistance program (UFAP)


  • Combined annual family income of not more that Php500,000.00
  • Must obtain a GWA not lower than 2.75
  • Currently enrolled students



40% discount on tuition fee applicable for two terms only



  • Must maintain a GWA of 2.75 per term
  • No grade lower than 3.00 in any subject
  • The UFAP cannot be availed in conjunction with any scholarship from educational plan providers (i.e. Prudential, CAP, etc.)
  • Violation of any of the above terms and conditions shall mean discontinuance of availment of the UFAP


See sample application PDF below

Upperclassmen financial assistance program (UFAP)



Student assistantship (SA)


  • 3rd year – 4th year student;
  • Currently enrolled
  • Admission status should be “OK”



  • An accomplished application form for Student Assistants (SA) from CSFA
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Matriculation (CM)
  • Photocopy of the Latest Final Grades Reports
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the CSAD (for new applicant only)
  • Certificate of Good Health (for new applicant only)
  • Letter of Consent from the Parents/ Guardian
  • Two photo ID (1.5”x1.5” or 2” x 2”)
  • Student Assistant Evaluation by the Immediate Head (for renewal of contract)



Minimum wage allowance



  • Shall render work at assigned offices/departments
  • Work for a maximum of 24 hours a week during a regular term. Class hours and duty hours should not exceed 12 hours per day.
  • Work for a maximum of eight (8) hours a day during breaks [term breaks / vacation] and non-class days;


See sample application form PDF below

Student assistantship (SA)



Further reading,



YGC Promotional Discount


  • Incoming freshmen starting Batch 2008
  • Must pass the MSAE
  • At least one parent is a regular employee of any YGC company or subsidiary



40% discount on tuition



Sibling discount


  • Open to students belonging to Batch 2011 onwards
  • Applicants can avail of the discount provided that their siblings are enrolled with them
  • Applicants availing of the discount must not be under any other Mapua sponsored scholarship/ financial assistance/ discount program



Second child – 15%

Third child – 25%

Fourth and succeeding children – 50%

**Discount is applicable to tuition fees only.



Submit your application to

Mapua Institute of Technology

333 Sen Gil Puyat Avenue

Makati City 1200, Philippines

Telephone: 02 891 0837, 02 891 0843



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