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Hope for Change seeks to alleviate the redundant cycle of poverty by providing opportunities for an education through sponsorship. Sponsorships are provided to students who are motivated to attain an education but who are not given the opportunity to attend school due lack of funds and financial constraints. The student sponsorship is a project that covers the needs of the students living in extreme poverty from elementary through college for the entire school year.


Hope for Change also seeks to improve adult literacy in the Philippines and break the cycle by providing literacy programs to adults needing basic, general or specialized skills instruction. The aim is to enable every adult learner the necessary basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.


Education is the primary focus of their work in the Philippines. They were made successful through their sponsors or donors. Using the public school system keeps the costs of sponsorship low.


The sponsorship fee provides for uniforms, school supplies, special projects, travel and family needs. Without this support many students would not be able to attend school.


Hope for Change is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to eradicating the effects of hunger, illiteracy and disease ravishing impoverished communities throughout East Africa, Philippines and the Indo-Asia.


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Disparities within urban areas reveal that many children lack access to schools, health care and sanitation, despite living alongside these services. The growth in population is projected to continue into the foreseeable future, threatening to further marginalizing an entire generation of impoverished children.


Due to rapid global urbanization the traditional face of poverty is no longer best represented by a child in a rural village. Nowhere is this change more evident than in the poorest urban areas of the Philippines.


Children growing up in these urban areas are increasingly worse off than those in rural regions and face greater risks from natural disasters, exploitation and HIV.


Education is the best hope for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Considered an inalienable right by many the barriers for entry are seemingly insurmountable for those most in need.


Currently, there is an estimated 1 million adolescent children out-of-school in the Philippines. That number sharply increases when accounting for secondary level students whose educational aspirations are often sidelined by the potential income that could be earned by entering the workforce.


Further reading, http://www.h4cinternational.org/current-projects/philippines-student-sponsorship/



Combined the life skills necessary to fight poverty and prevent diseases, Hope for Change believes that education provides a way forward.


Several current and former sponsorship students created an outreach project to connect with children in a nearby squatter village. They organized an empowering event in which they taught songs, performed skits and fed over 60 children!


Each of the sponsored students suffers extreme hardships yet they looked past their own needs in order to reach out to others worse off. Sponsorship made a difference in their lives.



Submit your application to

Hope for Change International

P.O. Box 692 Lake Katrine

NY 12449

Telephone: +1 845 336 0736

Email: mail@h4cinternational.org



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