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Dualtech Training Center Scholarship

Dualtech is a private vocational school project established in 1982 that pioneered in adapting the German Dual Training System in the Philippines. The center trains over a thousand scholars from the poor sectors of the society each year and partners with over a hundred companies in training them for eventual employment. The Dualtech Center pioneered the Dual Training System (DTS) in the country. The center adapted the German model that trains students in real life-work experience.


Dualtech trains high school graduates to be employed by partner companies, industrial workers sent to upgrade skills, and supervisors and engineers to further hone training and mentoring skills with emphasis on work values. The Dualtech Center has more than 140 partner companies where the students are deployed for their on-the-job training (OJT). Partnership covers various industries in manufacturing and servicing.


The training plan is jointly developed by the Dualtech and partner companies. The course shall run for 24 months. The first 6 months shall be spent in school, while the next 18 months involves a weekly 1 day in school and 5 days in factory.


Many of the over 11,000 graduates have become shop floor leaders in various sectors of the industry from fabrication to manufacturing, to metals, to packaging, to electronics and semiconductors, to printing, to aviation maintenance, to automotive, to information technology, to food equipment, plus more.


With Dualtech Training Center, you can play the role of a Scholar, a Partner, a Sponsor, a Volunteer or simply a part of their alumni group. The Dualtech Center’s scholarship program aims to train scholars for employment. Scholars are accepted based on their desire to find jobs after the scholarship. In this context, “study” is synonymous with “work”. Hence, to work is to study, and vice-versa, right from the first day of training.




Male high school graduate

17 to 22 years old

Willing to work

Accept the terms and conditions of the Scholarship Agreement

Passers of qualifying exams and interviews

With parents or guardians consent for those below 18 years of age


Download and fill up the application form here, http://www.dualtech.org.ph/content/gomc-be-a-scholar



How to apply

Fill up the application form

Parent or guardian shall read and agree with the scholarship policy

Submit the application form during interview on orientation day

If you are interested in applying or to refer someone, submit an application using the application form.



Further reading, http://www.dualtech.org.ph/content/be-scholar


You can read the courses offered and training program here, http://www.dualtech.org.ph/course-offered



Dualtech parners with over 100 manufacturing and service companies, more than 300 high schools that refer high school graduates, and friends and foundations who provide help.


The parents/guardians share only a part of the cost. Thus, students can be rightly called “scholars”, because a greater part of the training cost is advanced by Dualtech Center and later partly sponsored or subsidized by partner-companies. Moreover, scholars receive monthly allowance during in-plant training.


You can help Dualtech Center as a volunteer. You can be a mentor, share a skill and campaign with them. Professionals who wish to help young people and who are gainfully employed with time to spare are invited to the volunteer program.


Dualtech Training Center Philippine Scholarship


Submit your application to

Dualtech Training Center

Ramon A. Yulo Campus

Productivity Drive, Carmelray Industrial Park 1

Barangay Canlubang, Calamba City 4028

Laguna, Philippines

Telephone: 049 549 1701 or 02 888 6420

Email: info@dualtech.org.ph or dualtechtrainingcenter@gmail.com



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