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The Cebu International School (CIS) scholarship program offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). By offering 2 types of scholarships each year for students who could not otherwise afford to attend. Students may apply for a scholarship at any grade level and also, apply for a scholarship to study the IBDP in Grades 11 and 12. The IBDP is recognized worldwide, with graduates entering top universities.


Any student who is unable to afford the school fee may apply for a scholarship, however, outstanding Filipino students from local government or local private schools who have never attended CIS will be given preferential acceptance into Grade 11, and through to the completion of their IBDP in Grade 12.


Preference will be given to students who are not only academically qualified and had demonstrated the ability to meet the rigors of the program, but also to those who demonstrate a commitment to contributing to the wider life of the school, such as through sports, arts and service.


The scholarship is applicable to a student’s entry to CIS at any grade level except Grade 12. The awardee must maintain the appropriate scholastic level and abide the school rules and regulations.


The student may apply for an extension if there are major life events that would prevent him/ her from completing the program in 2 years. An example of this type of catastrophic even is an extended period of hospitalization.


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Demonstrate high academic achievement

Show proof of involvement in after school activities

Demonstrate financial need

Have an excellent command of oral and written English

Meet all CIS entrance requirements




Completed CIS application form

Birth certificate or passport

Government issued ID of parents

Income tax return

Details of bank accounts and other financial holdings

Financial obligations, such as loans and debts

Certificate of employment of parents

Copy of house rental agreement, car certificate of registration, land and house titles

Copy of latest billing statement of school fees




The scholarship covers the application, USD, entrance, tuition and other fees. Support may also be provided for after school activities, travel expenses associated with ISAC and MUN, and other activities.


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Schedule of submission of application – December and January

Assessment is February

Awarding is February

Confirmation of Scholarship Offer is February or March



Submit your application to

Cebu International School (CIS)

Pit-os, Talamban, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

Telephone: 032 261 0247




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