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The Cebu Bible College is an independent theological and mission focused institution of higher education located in Cebu City. All of their students go to CBC on a Work Scholarship program. They recently joined the Upwork so they can coordinate finding and working on freelance projects with their scholars. The school has at least 10 internet connected work stations that the students or scholars would be able to use to complete jobs online. The proceeds or pay are used to provide some of their tuition costs.


The Cebu Bible College aims to effectively communicate, minister and spread the Word of God in Southeast Asia. It serves to strengthen the church by hosting multi-congressional events and providing opportunities to continue the biblical education of its evangelists and ministers.


The college delivers education with strong emphasis on practical training and application. One of the key advantages of a bible college education lies in the fact that the graduates are more mature and experienced.


The time spend pursuing their education not only enables them to grow in knowledge and wisdom, but in maturity. This will have a critical impact on their future ministry.


A bible college education encourages students to delve more deeply into God’s word through the study of theology. Their experience in the classroom exposes them to more and diverse insights and ideas that they otherwise may not have ever known.


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The CBC scholarship program consists of four scholarships, each providing varying levels of housing, meals and basic needs allowances. There are different requirements for each of the scholarships based on both your academic achievement and your family financial situation.




The program is similar to other university scholarship programs in that the applicant must qualify to receive the scholarship based on his/ her academic performance and financial need. You must complete all scholarship application requirements before enrollment.


All scholarships require you to be a full time student at CBC taking the recommended classes as advised by the faculty. All scholarships are on a semester basis and scholarship renewal depends upon the student’s performance and upon the availability of funds for the following year.


Misconduct, poor academic performance, or complacency in study can lead to immediate termination of the scholarship.


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How to apply?

  1. Complete the Application for Admission requirements. You can download it from the Admission Requirements page.
  2. Complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form. You can download the form and the Scholarship Application Form page.
  3. Submit a Parents’ Scholarship Referral Letter. Download the form here at the referral page.
  4. Submit a Minister’s Scholarship Referral Letter. Download the form at the Minister referral letter page.
  5. Submit an Essay (in English) on why you believe you should be awarded a CBC scholarship. Download the essay form at the scholarship application essay page.



You can personally deliver your scholarship application to a CBC representative in your area.


You can send your completed application by email.


You can scan your forms and send them to


If you mail or ship your application, be sure to allow plenty of time. Send an email to the email address above to let the CBC know that you are applying, and follow these instructions


If you ship your application, be sure to allow plenty of time. Send an email to to let the CBC know that you are applying, and ship your completed package through “JRS”, “LBC”, or other local shippers to the following address



Send your application to

Cebu Bible College

c/o Arlene Sun

Minoza Street

Talamban Poblacion

Cebu City, Cebu 6000



Contact Information

Cebu Bible College

Poblacion Talamban

Cebu City 6000


Telephone: 032 343 9370




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