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TELUS International University Program

The Telus International University (TIU) Program, in partnership with local and accredited universities, offers team members the opportunity to complete their education or degree through subsidized tuition and classes taught onsite.


Apart from the university programs, team members can also pursue their own passions in cooking, languages, fashion, performing arts, and more through their partnerships with top notch schools.


In addition, they offer numerous cloud based tools and on demand learning opportunities to help you advance your career on a continual basis. The leading BPO company has more plans of reinforcing its academic program.


The TIU started as a project under their human resources department. Since then, they moved to Learning and Development and to Global Learning excellence, with the intent to align all learning initiatives under one global learning organization.


TIU has a relatively different setup from other BPO-owned educational programs. In fact, it is founded on partnerships with universities and learning institutions like the University of the Asia and the Pacific and Asia Pacific College, which then offer and conduct various courses and classes for enrolled TIP members.


First, they partner with schools and universities where they team members have the opportunity to finish their college or even take a double degree. Secondly, they partner with other learning institutions that deal with courses and help fulfill life’s passion, from culinary arts to music to fashion design.


TIU’s unique setup involves professors holding onsite classes at TIP on a block schedule basis. This offers convenience for students who find difficulty traveling to and from school. TIU also has site-to-site or school-to-site shuttles for the students.


There are courses that also entail students attending on-campus classes. These allow the student to maximize the partner school’s physical properties like its equipment and facilities.


TIU offers subsidy, discounted rates, and staggered payment schemes to interested team members plus that of the same percentage for their respective family members and friends. The TIU rates are lower compared to the program rates when the courses are taken externally.


TIU as a program aimed to support team members not only financially but cognitively and socially as well. For example, TIU holds no control over a student’s choice of course, offering him the freedom and opportunity to enrich himself as he moves up in his career and in life.


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It is not necessarily related to the team member’s current role and they do not require a training bond. TIP wants to back their team members by supporting what they are passionate about.


Aside from the subsidy and liberty in course selection at TIU, TIP, for example, also assists team members in their educational needs through career counseling. It also conducts and supports other activities and events that might interest team members.



Submit your application to

TELUS International

TELUS House McKinley Exchange, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: 02 638 9440




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UP Student Assistantship Work-Study Program | Philippine Scholarship

University of the Philippines Student Assistantship

The University of the Philippines Student Assistantship program is available to students who would love to work for a maximum of 120 hours a month. The student assistant gets P30 per hour compensation.


Students may supplement their tuition, living and book subsidies as well as transportation and lodging allowances by working as student assistants. Research projects and similar academic activities may also require the services of student assistants.


Priority is given to students with the required academic background and qualifications such as specific course and skills. Graduate student assistantships are available to graduate students who show satisfactory academic work.


Graduate assistantship is also being offered to graduate students studying in UP. For example, the UP library may need a student assistant to do paging of library materials, shelving, shelf reading, inventory, manning of the control desk, manning of the circulation desk, encoding, filing and locating of requested books.


Other tasks can be UP teaching assistantship program, where the postgraduate students are assigned to teach undergraduate courses in the department where they are enrolled. Considered non-regular members of the teaching staff, they are appointed on a yearly contractual basis to teach part time until the maximum residence period allowed by UP.




The student assistantship program is open to all bonafide students of the university enrolled in an undergraduate program.


First year students are not be allowed to participate in their first semester of enrollment.


Should be bonafide students who obtained passing grades in at least 50% of the total number of academic units registered in the preceding semester.



Work hours

Limited. Students with less than or equal to 18 units can work for 120 hours per month. Students with less than or equal to 21 units but greater than 18 units can work 75 hours per month. Students with load greater that 21 units can work for only 50 hours per month.



How does it work?

The appointment of student assistants is on a semestral basis or summer.


In hiring student assistants, the financial need of the applicants shall be given priority. However, in research and other academic projects, the office/ unit may require additional qualifications.


Student assistants shall not be used for personal or private projects of the faculty and staff.


The daily time records (DTRs) of student assistants are attested by the department/ division chairs and the head of the office/ unit.


Resignation of a student assistant may be done through the submission of a letter addressed to the head of the office/ unit where the student is assigned. The student assistant shall copy furnished the Office of Student Affairs of the resignation letter.



Who is in charge of the program?

The Office of Student Affairs shall be in-charge of the program, which includes the processing of appointment papers, preparation of payroll based on the DTR, monitoring and control of deployment or assignment of student assistants, and the coordination with colleges/ units on the services/ tasks of student assistants.



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Improving the efficiency of Human Resource Management is one of the key goals of the eUP Project. The HR Information System has now been rolled out in all CUs of the University, and to date over 82% of all UP employees have already logged in. Among the available features are employee data management, request for Travel Order/Authority, and online SALN and SPMS.


Further, the HRIS Payroll Module is currently on a pilot test at UPOU. With these tools, and additional features to be developed in the future, UP staff as well as student and graduate assistants can be assured that their records will be ably managed and their needs will be efficiently met.


The student assistantship is provided to regular students who are working on specific duties and responsibilities in various offices of the university on the specified number of hours without an employee-employer relationship. This program aims to help the students augment their financial capability to support their studies.


UP Student Assistantship


Submit your application to

Current University of the Philippines school you are attending



Office of the Student Affairs

The University of the Philippines

Telephone: 02 981 8671




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University Of Cebu Work And Study Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

University of Cebu Working Scholarship

The University of Cebu Working Scholarship is open to students who want to pursue their studies at the same time experience on the job training in various offices of the institution or its affiliates may apply as working scholars. The Work Study Program offers students with financial needs access to clerical, research, technical, library or other jobs on the campus. The program not only helps students financially, but also develop career related skills and experience.


Work Study programs have been designed with flexible work schedules that fit around class timetables. You earn this self-help financial aid without having to repay it. The program reduces your need for student loans, leaves you with less debt, and lets you explore careers while you gain work experience.


The Work Study is a need based financial aid program that allows you to work part time so you can get through college. The University of Cebu allow students to work part time up to 4 or 5 hours service daily.


The intent of the program is to encourage part time employment within the campus so you reduce the stress and the amount of loan debt incurred while attending college. Fortunately, students have many different options to get through college, ranging from grants and scholarships, which don’t have to be repaid, to work study programs or student loans.


This new experience offers students the chance to work like in the internship positions, where they learn and complete their studies through the Work Study program. In addition, the students gain field experience with these sustainability initiatives. This program helps college students with financial need get part time jobs.




Grades of 85 and above in the case of high school graduates

2.5 and above for those who are already in college

Must pass the IQ exams and Personality Test administered by the guidance office




Full free tuition

Monthly allowance

Training exposures while working in the offices




Render at least 4 to 5 hours service daily

Possess exemplary behavior in and out of work place

Must exhibit great interest in studies

Must not incur failing grades NG, DR, NC, W



Peer Facilitator

The Peer Facilitator Scholarship is open to all students who have interpersonal social skills. Peer facilitator scholars are tasked mainly to assist the operations of the Guidance Office of the institution.


PF Scholars may receive a free tuition grant ranging from 50% to 100% depending on the number of year of service (Senior or Junior Level) and work performance as assessed and recommended by their direct superiors.


Other privileges are free skills enhancement and knowledge building activities. The PF Scholars are classified as

Senior, continuous service of 3 years and more


Junior, continuous service of 2 years


PF Volunteers, those who did not make it to the cut due to unavailability of slots



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Students are typically responsible for securing their own Work Study programs. If you feel it is a mistake to choose this option, you can decline the program. Many Work Study gigs are on campus and can include research assistantships.


The program promises flexible hours so you can more easily balance work and school. The Work Study program is a great way to combine work and university education. You work part time during the school year on campus with a flexible schedule that allows you to really prioritize your studies.


University of Cebu Working Scholarship, peer facilitator


Send your application to

University of Cebu

Sanciangko Street, Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines



Dr. Leonilo B. Oliva, Ph. D., DM – HRM

Director, Office of Scholarship

Tel. No.: 032 255 7777 loc. 156





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