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BDO lets you enjoy low interest rates and easy payment terms on your financing needs, such as home renovation, tuition and educational expenses, furniture, appliances and electronic gadgets, travel and vacation, balance transfer and debt consolidation, special events, health and wellness, and during medical emergencies.


The BDO Kabayan Program offers the OFWs with fixed income a loan without a collateral requirement. This BDO Kabayan Personal Loan Unsecured is a non-collateral multi-purpose loan against holdout on joint or individual account deposits maintained with BDO as security.


The type of deposits allowed for this facility are the peso or dollar current or savings account and the peso or dollar time deposit account. The time deposit should be at least co-terminus with the loan tenor.


The minimum deposit requirement is P15,000 or its dollar equivalent even though the loan proceeds will be in pesos. The applicant should be the OFW only. However, it the deposit collateral is a joint account, the beneficiary may apply as a principal borrower of the loan.


The In Trust For accounts and accounts with existing or ongoing holdout arrangements are not allowed and do not qualify in the program.


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The applicant is granted flexible loan amounts. The loan proceeds will be credited to the BDO account of the borrower. Applicants with an existing personal personal loan with good standing may qualify for re-availment or for a top-up plan.




Submit the following forms

Application form

Authorization form

Auto debit arrangement form

Beneficiary information form


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How to open a Kabayan Savings account?

BDO Kabayan Savings is the start of a lasting relationship between BDO Remit and Filipino migrants and families. Overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries may open a BDO Kabayan Savings Account at any BDO branch in the Philippines.


Initial deposit is only P100 for peso account and US$100 for US dollar account. Submit one valid ID, 1×1 photo. This account comes with a passbook and an ATM debit card for easy monitoring of remittances.


You are allowed to have a zero maintaining balance if your account receives at least one remittance within 2 years. You can also earn BDO Rewards points from your savings and remittances too.


The new policy. Effective October 1, 2018 you should remit to the account at least once within 2 years to continue enjoying the no maintaining balance feature. If there’s no remittance within 2 years, your BDO Kabayan Savings will automatically convert to a regular ATM savings with a maintaining balance requirement of P2,000.


Your BDO Kabayan Savings Account is your key to a better future as your start your life aboard. By having an account, you build a credit history with the bank, making it easier for you to apply for a car, home or business loan in the Philippines.



Submit your application to

Any BDO branches nationwide

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