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The Aboitiz Foundation grants Philippine scholarships and financial assistance to students from all levels who excel in their academics, but are financially unable to finish their studies. The college applicants for this program are encouraged to take course that would give them better chances in landing a job at the Aboitiz Group after graduation. These courses include, but not limited to, accountancy, management, psychology, and engineering. The Aboitiz Foundation supports scholars in pre-school, elementary, high school, and college levels.


The Aboitiz Group’s commitment to sharing with the less fortunate is a philosophy that traces its roots over a century ago when its forefathers first established their business in Leyte. This legacy of sharing has been instilled and passed on through generations of its corporate history.


Don Ramon Aboitiz started the corporate philanthropy through donations to various groups and needy communities, including looking after the welfare of the employees. In 1965, he gave a big part of his personal wealth to establish the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc (RAFI).


As the Aboitiz Group diversified into many businesses, its commitment to sharing grew accordingly. In 1988, the Aboitiz Group established the Aboitiz Foundation as its corporation foundation to address the social and economic development needs of the marginalized members of the society.


The CSR is focused on education, enterprise development, environment and health and wellbeing. They are always ready to help in times of calamities, always there and among the first to respond. Moving forward, it intends to carefully select projects that would help reach its goals.


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Eligibility Senior High School

  • Be an incoming Grade 11 student of a public high school
  • Have a final average grade/ cumulative overall GPA not lower than 88% equivalent
  • Do not have a failing grade or incomplete marks
  • Do not have a record of any form of disciplinary action
  • Have fully accomplished the application form and submitted the requirements on time


Requirements for Senior High School

  • Fully accomplished application form
  • Certified true copy of the high school report card
  • Certifications supporting leadership experience, awards received, and involvements in extracurricular activities



Eligibility High School Financial Assistance Program

  • Be a valedictorian of a public elementary school in Cebu province
  • Have a general average of at least 90%
  • Be willing to enroll in a public high school
  • Must have fully completed and submitted all application requirements on time
  • Must pass the qualifying examination administered by Aboitiz Foundation


Requirements for High School

  • A fully accomplished form with 2×2 colored photo
  • Certified true copy of elementary report card (Form 138)
  • Original certification from the School Principal that the applicant is the batch valedictorian
  • Photocopies of supporting documents indicating leadership experience, awards received, and involvements in extracurricular activities


Aboitiz Scholarship PDF Art1


Eligibility Aboitiz College Scholarship Program

  • Be a full time first to fourth year incoming student of an eligible college or university
  • Pursue a degree in accountancy, business/ management/ finance, IT, engineering, communications or social sciences (psychology, economics, and political science)
  • Have a final average grade/ cumulative overall GPA not lower than 85% or its equivalent
  • Do not have a failing or incomplete grade
  • Do not have a record of any form of disciplinary action


Requirements for College Applicants

  • Certified true copy of the high school report card for incoming first year applicants
  • Certified true copy of the applicant’s college transcript for all undergraduate course work, ending with the grades from the last semester (or the latest official document the school can provide)
  • Certification from the School Principal or Registrar stating the final average grade or the overall cumulative GPA/ GWA, include the percentage equivalent grade
  • Certification supporting leadership experience, awards received, and community involvements


More information, http://aboitizfoundation.org/programs/education



TechVoc Education

The foundation also supports Special Science and Technical Vocational Education. In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd), the Aboitiz Foundation developed the Special Science Elementary Schools (SSES) and Technical-Vocational (TechVoc) high schools.


The SSES aligns with the government’s call for science-based skills specialization among young students because a strong foundation in the sciences is regarded as one of the building blocks of a progressive economy.


The SSES curriculum is enriched Mathematics and Science studies, and gives longer teaching time for Science. Teachers are trained in specialized courses in math and the sciences.


The SSES students are given laboratory rooms, science apparatuses, and equipment, ICT-based learning resources, as well as science, math, english textbooks, and supplementary materials.

Tech-Voc offers an alternative solution to help about 80% of high school students who don’t have the means to pursue a college education. It will also aid the government’s K to 12 program by teaching skills that are viable for employment or for part-time work to support further studies.


Aside from newly constructed or refurbished workshop rooms, Tech-Voc students are given reference books, tools, and equipment. Tech-Voc teachers receive training for NCII certification.


Submit your Application to

Aboitiz Foundation Head Office

Aboitiz Corporate Center

Gov. Manuel A. Cuenco Avenue

Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000

Cebu, Philippines

Telephone: (032) 411 1800

Fax: (032) 231 4037


Manila Office

NAC Tower, 32nd Street Bonifaction Global City

1634 Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: (02) 886 2800

Email: aboitizfoundation@aboitiz.org


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11 Replies to “Aboitiz Foundation Scholarships And Financial Assistance (All Levels) | Philippine Scholarship”

  1. Good Day ! I would just like to ask if I am still credible to take the Examination for the scholarship. I am an incoming Grade 12 student in a university here in Cebu. I want to be ready for college expenses and secure a scholarship before the academic year ends. Thank you and More Powers to your Office. God Bless.

    1. Hello, please email the Aboitiz Foundation directly. Their contact information is provided at the end of the article.

  2. Hello….. I’m Charles Anthony Casinto a graduating grade 12 student from Ginatilan, Cebu and I want to know if I am eligible to take an examination at your scholarship. I want to inquire a scholarship because I want to pursue my studies but my family are lack of financial…..
    I am hoping that you will respond my message in an exact time…..Thank You and God Bless Us…

      1. Sir/Maam,
        I am Charles Stefen R. Dellomes, a grade six student in mandaluyong elem. School. I want to apply as a scholar in your foundation. In order to pursue my high school and college degree.
        My parents connot support my financial assistance beacause only my mother are working and i have 2 sister and 1 brother. The salary of my mother are not enough. I,m hoping for ur help in order to finished my study… Money is the hindrance to my success so help me pls.

        1. Hello Charles,
          Did you read the article already? There is a contact information that you can send your inquiry. Please find it at the end of the article. Thank you.

  3. Hello! I’m Nikko Boniel P. Mendez, 18yrs old, Filipino, and 1st yr college Engineering student. I just want to ask if the scholarship is still available? I’m going to apply an scholarship if still available, for my Second year. Pls respond 🙂

    1. Hello Nikko, please send your inquiry directly to the Aboitiz Foundation. There is an email and a contact number provided at the end of the article.

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