San Miguel Foundation Inc. (SMFI) Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

San Miguel Scholarship

The San Miguel Foundation supports literacy in the Philippines through scholarship assistance, supplemental feeding, book donation, and functional literacy programs. The scholarship assistance is given to underprivileged students in the communities where San Miguel operates. The scholarships shall be in the preferred field of agricultural and technical courses.


Founded in 1999, the San Miguel Foundation also teaches functional literacy, such as teaching basic reading, writing and modern agricultural technologies to indigenous people. The program has a duration of at least 6 months and are conducted by local NGOS in the identified areas.


The San Miguel Corporation was founded in 1890 and is one of the Philippines most diversified conglomerates, with a workforce of over 15,000 generating close to 3% of the country’s gross national product. The company is best known for San Miguel Beer, its flagship product, which is among the top ten beer brands in the world.


The San Miguel Corporation also grants Grade One to Senior High School beneficiaries of Hope for Change in the Smokey Mountain. The company spent over P200 million alone for education related projects in the past, including construction  of classrooms in poor communities and providing scholarships.


The students are entitled to enjoy their scholarships until they finish their programs. The scholars should comply with the academic requirements of the school by maintaining at least an average of 83 and above, with no grade below 80 in all subjects. The students are given hope and the chance to pursue a college degree through this scholarship grant.




  • Annual family income less than P120,000 per annum


  • Applicant must belong to top 20% of the students per course


  • Must qualify in the examination and interview


  • Must have good morals


  • Applicants must not be recipients of other scholarship programs


  • Not a working student




  • Full 100% tuition fees


  • Miscellaneous expenses


  • Monthly allowance


  • Book allowance


  • Fees for board review, including house rental and meals, and board examination fees





Leadership and communication skills seminar provided yearly for the holistic development of the scholars.



Scholars have the biggest opportunity to be trained by the experts at SMC and be considered for employment at the corporation upon qualifying in the licensure exam.



Further reading,



Submit your application to

San Miguel Corporation

Attention: San Miguel Foundation Inc.

40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550

Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 02 632 3000


PO Box 271 Manila Central Post Office


Contact persons: Ms. Camille B. Buenaventura or

Ms. Jennifer E. Rodriguez





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PHINMA National Scholarship

PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) | Philippine Scholarship

PHINMA National Scholarship

The PHINMA Foundation launched the PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) in 2006, in line with its mission of making lives better through education and nation building. The goal is to produce not just professionals, but also leaders of the next generation. Through formation and social development, the program aims to help the PNS Scholars become socially engaged individuals who will contribute to the Philippines economic and social development. On its 10th year, the program already had 124 graduates in the fields of education, accountancy and engineering.


The PHINMA National Scholarship is a full scholarship and leadership development program for college students. The program consists of the scholarship, mentorship, and the leadership. The financial assistance provided by the program is supported by the PHINMA Group of Companies and the Adopt A Scholar program.


The scholars are mentored and guided by the members of the PHINMA Family through the Big Brother and Big Sister Program (BBBS). This program is part of the initiative of the PHINMA HERO. The volunteers meet with the scholars regularly to guide their personal and professional growth.


The leadership program provides supplemental workshops and on-the-job trainings, alternative learning experiences and opportunities for service and volunteerism. The scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in their preferred courses.


The goal is to provide education that allows the students and their families to improve their lives. PHINMA lives up to its mission of making lives better as it continues to empower and encourage its employees to join its efforts towards nation building through the PHINMA HERO Network. PHINMA HERO seeks to inspire, equip, and mobilize PHINMA employees to make life better through volunteering and giving.




  • 100% financial assistance on tuition and fees for the normal length of a particular course (Fees may also be offset by other scholarships)


  • Monthly allowance of P3,000


  • Annual book allowance of P2,000


  • Annual uniform allowance of P1,500


  • Additional professional development allowance of P3,000


  • Financial assistance for board exams review


  • Participation in PHINMA Leadership and Mentorship Program




  • A Filipino citizen


  • Has been accepted to the following universities:
  1.         Philippine Normal University
  2.         University of the Philippines Diliman
  3.         Polytechnic University of the Philippines


  • In need of financial assistance (with supporting documents)


  • Does not have an immediate relative under the PNS scholarship or an alumni of PNS



The scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the following schools and courses:



Philippine Normal University

Education degree with specialization in the fields of:

  • English
  • Filipino
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Early Childhood
  • Information Technology Education



University of the Philippines – Diliman

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Business Administration and Accountancy



Polytechnic University of the Philippines

  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy




  • Statement of financial income.


  • Photocopy of latest Income Tax Return or BIR Form 2316 (W2) of each employed or self-employed parent. For unemployed parents, certificate of non-filing of ITR. Photocopy of utility bills (e.g. electric, water or telephone) for the last 3 months.


  • For PNU applicants, copy of acceptance letter.


  • For UP Diliman & PUP applicants, letter of recommendation from their College Dean.


  • Official transcript or record of most recent academic year.


  • For PNU applicants, letter of recommendation from high school principal or class adviser.


  • 2 pcs 2×2 ID picture.



Further reading,




Submit your application to


PHINMA Plaza Building

39 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center

Makati City 1200, Philippines

Telephone: 02 870 0100




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PCARI Graduate Philippine Scholarship

Panasonic Scholarship Asia | Philippine Scholarship

Panasonic Asia Scholarship for Filipinos

The Panasonic Scholarship Asia has been active since 2014. The program gives aid to students studying in universities in their own countries. The regional headquarters and Panasonic sales companies in each country handle the operation of the scholarship, which includes advertising for applicants and selection. The CSR and Citizenship Department supports the overall running and scholarship funds. Its forerunner, the Panasonic Scholarship, gave aid to Asian students learning in Japan. In 2016, the PMPC added funds from its budget to the initial plan to increase the number of new scholarships t0 25. In the Philippines, vocational trainees were also able to gain the scholarship as well as undergraduate students.


Panasonic grants scholarships to Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. The award ceremonies are fully integrated into the countries with the presence of local government officials, university representatives, representatives of the Japanese diplomatic and consular offices, and management executives of the Panasonic Group of Companies.


The Panasonic scholarship program in the country is administered by the Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corp. (PMPC) with the support of the Panasonic Precision Devices Philippines Corp. (PPRDPH). The program offers two types of scholarships, namely the Undergraduate scholarships and the Vocational scholarships.


The Panasonic scholarship was established as an expression of the Panasonic Corporation’s corporate belief in contributing to society’s progress through the development of human resources. The aim of the Panasonic Scholarship Asia is to provide scholarship opportunities, through its group of companies in the Philippines, to privately financed students who wish to pursue higher level of education.


The program offers financial assistance to the scholars, administered by the Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation. The program invites Filipinos who wants to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree or a vocational course.



Requirements for Vocational Course

Certified true copy of high school transcript of records

Certified true copy of high school diploma

Certification of GWA rating

Recommendation from the school principal



Benefits for vocational course

Tuition fee not to exceed P45,000 for the full course

Monthly allowance P3,000

In-plant monthly allowance P6,500

One time uniform assistance P1,000



Undergraduate Scholarship

You must be a Filipino citizen and a bonafide full time senior college student in a state university enrolled in engineering, industrial design, accountancy, and economics and those currently enrolled/ accepted in a TESDA accredited institution, specializing in the fields of electro-mechanics, consumer electronics or refrigeration and air conditioning. Must be financially needy.


Panasonic Asian Scholarship Program is established as an expression of Panasonic Corporation’s corporate belief in contributing to the society’s progress through the development of human resources.


The aim of the program is to provide scholarship opportunities, through its group companies in Asia, to privately financed students from Asian countries who wish to pursue higher level of education and to offer these students financial assistance to foster the development of highly educated experts who can contribute to their countries’ progress and development.


In the Philippines, PASP is administered by the Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) along with the support of the Panasonic Precision Devices Philippines Corporation (PPRDPH).



If you are

Accepted or eligible for enrollment to pursue a Master’s degree course in a state university in the Philippines or vocational course in any TESDA accredited institution


Have the desire to contribute to the progress and development of the Philippines


Would like to specialize in the fields of engineering, industrial design, accounting and finance for the Masters


Would like to study electro-mechanics, industrial electronics, refrigeration & air conditioning for vocational


Determined to excel and make a difference


Then you are qualified to apply for the Panasonic Asian Scholarship program.


Further reading,



Send your application to

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation

Panasonic Scholarship Office – Philippines

HR Training & Corporate Communications

PMPC – Taytay Compound, Ortigas Avenue Extension

Taytay, Rizal 1920, Philippines

Telephone: 02 706 7603 or 02 635 2260 local 2810 to 2814

Fax: 02 706 7612



Or contact

Attention: Ms. Jafa Sibal



Attention: Mr. Lorenz Magsingit


Mobile: 0917 819 3092




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Japan College Of Technology Scholarship

PCARI Graduate Program | Philippine Scholarship

PCARI Scholarship

The Philippine – California Advanced Research Institutes (PCARI) Scholarship program is a capacity building and technology generating collaborative initiative designed to upgrade research, development and innovation capabilities and competencies of the faculty, students and staff of the Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs). The PCARI project is a new approach that will enhance their skills and expertise through free tuition scholarships, training and research partnerships with top notch research universities in California, USA, initially, with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of California Berkeley (UCB) in the areas of health innovation and translational medicine (HITM) and in information infrastructure and development (IID).


The PCARI Scholarships support and finance Master’s and PhD degrees, and also, postdoctoral studies. The funding agency is the PCARI. The implementing agency is the DOST – Science Education Institute (SEI). Scholars under this project will have an opportunity to interact with the elite researchers of the University of California and will be part of the top talents in the country who are active in fundamental and applied research relevant to the country’s socio-economic development and the long term competitiveness of the Philippines.


The PCARI project is a new approach to enhance the skills and expertise of faculty and staff of Philippine universities and colleges through scholarships, training and research partnerships with top notch research universities in California, USA.


Studies are in the priority areas of information infrastructure development (IID) and health innovation and translational medicine (HITM). Research project proposals must be jointly developed and implemented by a Philippine-based HEI and a research university in the State of California, USA.


At present, only the University of California Berkeley (UCB), the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), University of California Davis (UC Davis), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California Merced (UCM), and University of California San Diego (UCSD) are eligible to participate.




  • Filipino Citizen
  • Not more than 45 years old
  • Degree in relevant disciplines
  • Research proposal aligned with PCARI priority areas



Priority fields

  • Health Innovation and Translational Medicine
  • Information Infrastructure Development



Scholarships offered

  • Degree program (Local and Foreign)
  • Master’s Degree Program with Thesis or Project
  • Full PhD Program
  • Sandwich Programs for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees
  • Non-Degree Programs (Local and Foreign)
  • Postdoctoral Study Award


PCARI Scholarship for Graduate Studies



  • Tuition and other school fees
  • Transportation allowance
  • Living allowance or monthly stipend
  • Dissemination and conference attendance grant
  • Book allowance
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Application and other fees
  • Thesis/ Dissertation/ Special Project Grant
  • Startup/ Research Grant (For IIID Degree Programs)



See the PDF application below




Further information,


Submit your application to

Commission on Higher Education-PCARI Project

Project Management and Coordination Office (PMCO)

HEDC Building, C P Garcia, UP Diliman

Quezon City 1101, Philippines

Telephone: 02 352 5591 or 02 376 1758




DOST – Science Education Institute

Telephone: 02 839 0247





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Smart Technology Scholarship Program

Japan College Of Technology Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

Japan College of Technology Scholarship

The College of Technology Scholarship offers applicants the opportunity to spend 4 years at a Japanese college of technology. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) offers scholarships to international students who wish to study at Japanese college of technology of the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program.


Fields of study allowed are Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Communication and Network Engineering, Materials Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Maritime Engineering, and other fields.


Applicants must have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. Applicants with no official nationality are also eligible to apply. An applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application is not eligible.


Applicant screening will be conducted at the Japanese diplomatic mission in the country of applicant’s nationality.


The scholarship period will last for 4 years including 1 year preparatory education in the Japanese language and other subjects. For scholarship grantees majoring in Maritime Engineering, the scholarship period will be 4 ½ years.




Allowance of 117,000 yen per month, if the research is in a designated region, there would be an additional of 2,000 or 3,000 per yen per month


Economy class airplane ticket from the international airport nearest to home country residence to the New Tokyo International Airport or international airport the appointed university uses


Expenses in inland transportation from home address to the international airport, airport tax, airport usage fees, special taxes on travel


Economy class airplane ticket from Japan to home country


Please read the PDF below



This scholarship offers applicants the opportunity to spend up to 4 years at a Japanese college of technology. All applicants are strongly advised to read the guidelines uploaded on the embassy website carefully prior to submitting an application.


The Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship, funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), is available to seven categories of students: 1) Research Students (Graduate-Degree Students and Research (non-degree) Students), 2) Teacher Training Students, 3) Undergraduate Students, 4) Japanese Studies Students, 5) College of Technology Students, 6) Professional Training College Students, and 7) Young Leaders Program (YLP) Students.


Due to the huge volume of applications received every year, they are unable to confirm receipt of documents from each applicant. Suggest you prepare a receiving copy, which can be signed by the Embassy staff who receives your document, or, for those delivered by courier (LBC, OCS, etc), please check with your courier service provider on how you can verify delivery/receipt of your documents.


Inquiries on application status will not be entertained. Place all documents in a single envelope or folder arranged according to the list. Number the documents (1 through 10) in the right upper corner.


All submitted documents will not be returned. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Further information,


Submit your application to

Japan Information and Culture Center

Embassy of Japan

2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1300

Telephone: 02 551 5710


Free consultation

Interested applicants may come to the JICC Library every Friday, 9am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4:30pm.

First come first serve basis.

Present a valid ID at the gate.

Telephone: 02 551 5710 local 4210, 2315, 2313




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Asian Development Bank/ Japan Scholarship Program

Asian Development Bank/ Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) Scholarships In Asia And Pacific | Philippine Scholarship

JSP Scholarship

The Asian Development Bank/ Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) offers about 150 postgraduate scholarships each year for studies in economics, management, science and technology, and other development related fields at the participating academic institutions.  The Japan Scholarship Program was established in 1988 to provide an opportunity in post graduate studies in economics, management, science and technology, and other development related fields at participating academic institutions in the Asian and Pacific Regions.


The Asian Development Bank is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. It assists its members and partners by providing loans, technical assistance, grants and equity investments to promote social and economic development.


On the other hand, the ADBI provides capacity building and training to mid and senior level officials from ADB developing member countries to enhance awareness on the region’s important development issues, introduce appropriate policy proposals to address them, and build consensus among policy makers and stakeholders on key priority areas.


The program is open to nationals of an ADB borrowing member country who have gained admission to an approved MA/PhD course at an academic institution. Candidates should not be more than 35 years old, in good health, with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with superior academic record. The candidate should agree to return to his/her home country after completion of studies under the Program.


The Japan Scholarship Program covers full tuition fees, a monthly allowance for expenses, housing, books and instructional materials, medical insurance and travel expenses. For scholars engaged in research, a special grant may be available for thesis preparation. In special circumstances, computer literacy, preparatory language and other similar courses may be covered under the scholarship.




Full tuition fees

Monthly allowance for expenses


Books and instructional materials

Medical insurance





The program is open to those who have gained admission to an approved MA/ PhD course at a participating academic institution.

Candidates should be 35 years old or younger.

Must be in good health.

Must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Must have a superior academic record.




Upon completion of their study programs, the scholars are expected to return to their home country to contribute to its economic and social development. For scholars engaged in research, a special grant may be available for thesis preparation. In special circumstances, computer literacy, preparatory language and other similar courses may be covered under the scholarship.





Scholarships are available to citizens of the following countries







Cook Islands







Kyrgyz Republic

Lao People’s Democratic Republic



Marshall Islands

Federated States of Micronesia







Papua New Guinea



Solomon Islands

Sri Lanka












Further information,


How to apply

Applicants should request information and application forms from the chosen academic institutions.


Applicants should indicate to the academic institution that they are applying for admission and that they would like to be considered for the ADB-JSP Scholarship.


The completed institution application form and required documentation, including the ADB-JSP application sheet form, should be submitted to the academic institution.


Applicants shall submit their latest income tax return or certification of their annual salary or monthly salary, whichever is available.


Applicants shall submit a certification of family income.


See the sample PDF below for the Application





The academic institution will screen and rank the applicants, based on its own criteria, keeping in view the eligibility and requirements and selection criteria of the ADB. During the evaluation process, the academic institution may contact the candidates for further information.


The academic institution will then submit its ranked list of applicants to ADB, including a description of the score/ grading system which is the basis for the ranking.


ASB will review the submission from the academic institutions and recommend awardees based on the selection criteria of ADB to the Executive Director of Japan for formal approval.


Upon approval by the Executive Director of Japan, ADB will advise academic institutions on the successful candidates.


The academic institution will inform all applicants of the outcome of the selection process and begin to make arrangements for the awardees take up their scholarships.


The academic institutions will arrange for the signing of the acceptance of scholarship award by awardee wherein the scholars agree that after completion of their study, they will return to their home country.


ADB will send an appropriate congratulatory letter to scholars through the university.


No separate application to ADB is necessary.



Send you application to the academic institution. Kindly access the list here


In the Philippines, we have

Asian Institute of Management

123 Paseo de Roxas Makati City, Philippines

Attention: Mr. Rey Reyes

Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Telephone: 02 893 7631 or 02 892 4011 to 25

Fax: 02 893 7631




Approved field of study

Master in Business Administration

Opens: September

Deadline: February


Master of Development Management

Opens: January

Deadline: August


International Rice Research Institute/ University of the Philippines In Los Banos

Security Bank Center, Suite 1009

6776 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila

DAPO Box 7777, Metro Manila, Philippines


Attention: Head, Training Center


Ms. Anilyn Maningas

Assistant Manager, Training Center

Telephone: 02 845 0563/ 0569

Fax: 02 891 1292/ 845 0606


Approved field of study

Master in Rice and Rice Based Farming Systems

Open: June

Deadline: March 31



Contact information of Sponsor

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550

Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 02 632 4444




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Jardine Foundation Philippine Scholarship Award

Jardine Foundation Scholarship Award | Philippine Scholarship

Jardine Foundation Scholarship

Jardine Matheson established an educational trust, the Jardine Foundation, in 1982 to mark its 150th anniversary. Since then, over 260 scholars have been granted awards to enable them to study in preferred Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom. Scholars have come from a number of countries and territories in which the Jardine Matheson Group operates, including Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


The Jardine Foundation is open for applications from students who can show an excellent academic performance and the personal qualities and character that demonstrate leadership and fellowship. Achievements in non-curricular activities, including sports, and their level of community involvement shall be taken into consideration.


The Jardine Foundation awards Jardine Scholarships annually to students so they can attend education, at their primarily selected colleges. Since 1982, the foundation has awarded over 260 outstanding students from a number of countries and territories in which the Jardine Matheson Group operates.


The foundation aims to assist scholars who have the potential to become outstanding citizens with a high commitment to the community. In addition to the scholarships for undergraduate studies, the foundation also considers a limited number of applications for scholarships in postgraduate studies.


The scholarship will be tenable primarily at Oxford and Cambridge Universities for first degree courses in the following preferred colleges


Oxford: Exeter, Oriel, The Queen’s and Trinity


Cambridge: Downing, Magdalene, Peterhouse and Trinity


The scholarship shall be for a period of 3 years or 4 years, as appropriate, but conditional upon the candidates being selected for and taking up a place in one of the preferred colleges, with the colleges themselves having absolute discretion in the acceptance of candidates.




Tuition fees



Board and lodging

Living expenses

Travel expenses to and from the university




Applicants must be within 7 years of having completed their secondary school education at the date of entry to the university, single and in a satisfactory state of health.

Be a resident in, or have sufficient connection with, any of the countries or territories in which the Jardine Matheson Group has significant business interests, so as to be regarded as applicants from the respective country or territory.

Apply through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for entry to one of the colleges prior to applying for the scholarship and sit the relevant university entrance examination, if this is required.

Male applicants from Singapore must complete or be exempted from National Service.


Countries welcome for the scholarship

  • Cambodia
  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam




Application form

Personal statement describing the applicant’s objectives, aspirations, plans after graduation and particulars of their extra-curricular activities, including sports, and their level of community involvement (in not more than 700 words).

A recent passport sized photograph.

A copy of the UCAS application form.

Certified copies of the GCSE, A/AS level and IB transcripts, or of equivalent qualifications subject to the examination system of the relevant country or territory as and when it is available.



Further information,

Read more information, see the PDF below, sample of their 2018 award grant




The Jardine Foundation aims to assist scholars who have the potential to become outstanding citizens with a high commitment to the community. Consequently, the selection of candidates is based on a number of criteria, which include academic achievement, leadership qualities, and involvement in non-curricular activities and community affairs.


In addition to the scholarships for undergraduate studies, the Foundation also considers a limited number of applications for scholarships for the postgraduate studies. Direct application to the Foundation will generally not be accepted. Potential candidates are recommended to the Foundation through the preferred colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities among those individuals who have been accepted by the universities.


Further information,

Or See the PDF below




Send your application to

The Secretaries, The Jardine Foundation

G P O Box 70, Hong Kong



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Ajinomoto Postgraduate Philippine Scholarship

Smart Technology Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

SMART SWEEP Scholarship

The Smart Technology Scholarship Program is Smart’s contribution to nurturing the country’s future engineers and IT professionals. The program started in 2011, offered as a last mile support for graduating ECE and IT students from Smart’s partner state and local colleges and universities under the SWEEP (Smart Wireless Engineering Program) program. Smart is looking for students who could be the future movers and innovators in the communications and technology field.


The Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program is the first of its kind industry academe partnership that seeks to improve the level of technology and engineering education in the Philippines, particularly in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE).


SWEEP is the only one of its kind industry – academe linkage program in the Philippines that works with a network of 42 colleges and universities all over the country that offer ECE and IT courses. For 11 years, Smart has partnered with these schools to help them produce industry ready graduates or technopreneurs by leveraging on its network, infrastructure and technologies.


Only students who are not recipients of other scholarships may apply for the grant. SWEEP scholars will have tuition subsidy and book allowance per semester plus a monthly stipend.


The scholarship program is open to all full time graduating students taking up Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems and Information and Communication Technology from partner state and local universities and colleges under SWEEP.




Must have an excellent academic record and not be a recipient of other scholarships.


Must be full time graduating students taking up any of the following degree courses

  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science or Information Technology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Management Information Systems
  • Information and Communications Technology




SWEEP scholars will be given school fees payment assistance, monthly stipend and book allowance per semester.


The goal of this program is to support graduating students who are financially constrained to finish that last mile in school. The Smart program make education more accessible to graduating students who excel academically, but may have financial difficulties via the SWEEP scholarship grants.


The program actually started in 2003 and was designed to complement the school’s existing ECE programs by providing schools with a wireless laboratory, continuing education program, and a platform for innovation via the annual SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards.


Further information,


See the PDF of the application form below

SWEEP Scholarship App Form S.Y. 2015- 16



Send your application to

Public Affairs Department


8/F Smart Tower l

6799 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Philippines

Fax: 02 511 3100




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Metrobank – Boysen Philippine Scholarship Program

Metrobank – Boysen Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

Metrobank Boysen Scholarship

In 2004, the Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines Inc., a long time valued client of Metrobank and a known market leader of the industry, expressed their intention to provide scholarship grants to deserving college students. Boysen Paint hopes to further enhance its corporate social responsibility program by providing access to quality higher education. 10 scholarship grants are being given to architecture students enrolled on the University of the Philippines – Diliman and also, to students enrolled on the University of Santo Tomas. There are only two partner schools for this program.


The applicant shall be in the second year college of the BS Architecture course. The school will prescreen applicants and those who are qualified will be endorsed to the Foundation for the final selection process. Scholars will be selected based on the result of the paper evaluation of credentials, essay examination, and panel interview.


There will be at least 10 scholarship grants for each partner school. The school will pre-screen the applicants and those who are qualified will be endorsed to the foundation for the final selection process.


The scholars will be selected based on the paper evaluation off credentials, examination (essay), and panel interview. The applicant must accomplish the MBFI application form which can be secured from the Office for Student Affairs for UST and from the College of Architecture for UP Diliman.


To date, the MBFI-Boysen Scholarship Program has already produced a total of 75 graduates and has awarded a total of 101 scholarship grants to second year college students from the University of Santo Tomas and the University of the Philippines – Diliman.




An incoming sophomore Architecture student.


With cumulative first year grade point average not lower than 85% as evidenced by certified true copies of the report of grades from the registrar’s office.


With total annual family income not exceeding P300,000 for a family of 5.


Filipino citizen.


Not concurrently a recipient of any major scholarship or financial aid, including preneed educational plans.


Physically fit.


Good moral character.




Certified true copy of the birth certificate.


Medical certificate from a qualified physician that you are physically fit.


Good moral certification from the Dean of the College of Architecture.


Transcript of records of the previous years in college.


Latest income tax return or Certificate of Tax Exemption. Must submit a copy of the latest income tax return or if not applicable, an affidavit stating information about the sources and amount of income and number of family members.


Certificate of enrollment or registration.


Notarized affidavit certifying that the applicant is not a recipient of any major scholarship or financial aid.


Certification stating awards received in the previous year.


See the PDF below for more information

MBTC Boysen




Full 100% coverage of tuition and miscellaneous fees.


P2,000 monthly allowance for each scholar for 10 months per school year.


Supplemental formation and training activities as enjoyed by other Metrobank Foundation scholars.



The following conditions must be met to continue enjoying the scholarship

A semestral grade point average of not lower than 85% or its equivalent, with no failing grades.


Must not drop any subject not cancel enrollment for the period during which they enjoy the scholarship without prior approval of MBFI.


Must not change or shift course major.


Shall be prohibited from accepting any kind of employment while on scholarship, the intent being to require them to devote full time to their studies.



Further information,



Send your application to

Metrobank Foundation

4th Floor Metrobank Plaza

Sen Gil Puyat Ave

Makati City 1200, Philippines


Telephone: 02 857 5918

Telefax: 02 818 5656


Boysen Program

Telephone: 02 857 5525 or 02 898 8856



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Fluor Global University Sponsorship Program

Fluor Global University Sponsorship Program | Philippine Scholarship

Fluor Global University Sponsorship Program Philippines

As a Fortune 500 company, Fluor delivers engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC) and maintenance solutions to government and private sector clients in diverse industries. One of Fluor’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability project is education through the Global University Sponsorship Program.


Fluor believes education, particularly the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), is a foundational component of success in the 21st century. The company is committed to increasing awareness, participation and achievement in craft disciplines, thereby shaping the future of the construction workforce.


Through the Global University Sponsorship Program, Fluor sponsors annual grants and scholarships at selected universities with a focus on engineering, construction and business programs. With these partnerships, the company tries to prepare the students  with the challenges of tomorrow’s global and technical workforce.


Fluor believes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education is a good foundation for student success. The company has invested in programs that inspire and prepare students to excel in STEM and are committed to developing the next generation workforce. The Fluor Corp is a holding company that engages in engineering and technology. It operates through the oil and gas, industrial and infrastructure, government, global services and power segments.


The oil and gas segment offers a range of services including design, engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication, and project management services to energy related industries. The industrial and infrastructure segment offers solutions on the field of transportation, commercial and institutional, manufacturing, life sciences, mining and metals, telecommunications, microelectronics, and water sectors.


The Global University Sponsorship Program (GUSP) Sponsored Schools in the Philippines are

De La Salle University (Manila)

Mapua Institute of Technology

University of the Philippines – Diliman

University of San Jose Recoletos (Cebu)


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The Fluor Foundation was established in 1952, and funded by corporate contributions and endowment earnings. Whether in China, the Netherlands, India, the Philippines or the United States, Fluor employees find ways to contribute to their communities by volunteering their time and talent to raise money.


Fluor believes education is a vital component of success, therefore, Fluor supports higher education and university STEM programs, as well as those benefiting grades K12 approximately ages 6 to 18, with particular emphasis on

  • STEM teacher training and professional development
  • Middle and high school (approximately ages 12 to 18) STEM programs



Send your application to

Torrence H. Robinson

President, Fluor Foundation

6700 Las Colinas Blvd.

Irving, Texas 75039



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