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The nutrition fellowships provided by the Nestle Nutrition Institute enable young health professionals from developing countries to access postgraduate training through leading institutions. Since 1981, more than 500 doctors and scientists have benefited from their fellowships and clinical grants.


Submission of applications for the Research Training Fellowship or Postgraduate Research Grant deadlines are on January 31st and August 31st. The grant offers you to attend a training program on research skills and knowledge, which includes learning a specific laboratory technique, statistics, nutrition and many more.


The NNI grant up to 40,000 CHF can be used to pay course registration fees, round trip travel to the host institution, lodging and living expenses and health insurance coverage for the duration of the course. The amount of 40,000 CHF applies for the longer length projects (12 months).


A proportion of this amount will be paid to shorter duration projects. The NNI grant will be given to the Host Institution which will disburse it to the fellow. In no case will any money be given directly from the NNI to the fellow.


The NNI fellowship program is to cover the applicant’s travel and living expenses and a small amount for any administrative fees that the hosting Institution may charge. It does not cover budgetary expenses to carry out the research proposal (purchase of equipment, materials, etc.). Please note that the money will be given to the Host Institution which will disburse it to the fellow. In no case will any money be given directly from the NNI to the fellow.


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Available for postgraduate qualifications only

Must be affiliated with an academic/ clinical institution

Must submit an application describing their interest in participating the NNI Research Training Fellowship



Submit any of the following

  1. Details of their current level of training,
  2. Curriculum Vitae,
  3. A plan of the proposed training/activity clearly indicating its specific outcomes and
  4. Two letters of recommendation (1 from the institution where the candidate is working and 1 from the host institution*).
  5. Letter stating intent to return to the home country upon completion of the training program.




Successful candidates will be required to start their training within 1 year of being notified of the fellowship award.

Duration of the support for the research training lasts for a maximum of 12 months.

Upon certification, fellowship awardees return to their home countries.


See PDF for more information

NNI Research Training Fellowship



How it works?

Applications will be reviewed and the applicants will be informed of the outcome by end of April/November.


Please plan to start your program not sooner than 3 months after the application deadline to give time for approval process and administrative arrangements with a host institution.


Submit only one application and for a single programme. If you have more than one project, decide which is your best option and submit that one.


Applications without all documentation, including a letter of acceptance by the faculty at the hosting institution will not be considered.


Before any money can be allocated to the research training fellowship, you will need to produce proof of health insurance for the country you will be visiting for the whole duration of your stay. If you can purchase such insurance through the hosting Institution, please provide a letter from the faculty accepting you stating so.


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Submit your application to

Applications should be sent by email to by January 31 or August 31.


Contact information

Nestlé Nutrition Institute

Avenue Reller 22

1800 Vevey





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