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Menzi Trust Fund Inc Scholarship Program

The Menzi Training and Scholarship Grants encourages the development of education, scientific research and training in the field of industrial, technological, agricultural, health, environment, biological, physical and social sciences as well as the humanities and all other sciences or field of human knowledge and culture with special (but not exclusive) emphasis on research, development, training and related activities designed to contribute to the maximization of economic productivity and community development.


Brig Gen Hans Menzi’s dedication to serve the Filipino people, particularly the youth, was manifested through the establishment of Menzi Trust Fund Inc in 1976. The trust fund aims to promote, conduct and encourage the advancement and development of education, scientific research and training, as well as related activities designed to contribute to the maximization of economic productivity and community development.


This endeavor is carried out through financial aid and support, grants, scholarships, donations and other forms of assistance out of the resources of the trust fund. Since its inception, it has achieved significant results. The trust fund has made contributions to the scholarship funds of the Rotary Club of Manila, the Don Bosco Youth Training Center, the Ateneo de Manila University, the UP-PGH Medical Foundation and cultural activities like the International Bamboo Organ Festival, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Repertory Philippines.


The Menzi Program for Research and Training is the medium by which Menzi Trust Fund carries out its objectives of promoting, conducting and encouraging the advancement and development of education, scientific research and training, including the dissemination of the results of scientific research and technological development and applications.


The program also sponsors, supports, encourages and finances educational activities and projects, conducts or otherwise supports, finds and provides ways and means to give educational grants, seminars, lectures, conferences, meetings and exhibitions calculated to attain the purpose of research, training and scholarship program.




Scholarship grants of the Fund take the form of graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships awarded for full time study at the appropriate institutions of higher education in the Philippines, or foreign educational institutions.

Citizens of the Philippines supported by academic records, letters of recommendation

Grantees for both undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships are selected on the basis of a nationwide competition.

Grantees for undergraduate scholarships must not be more than 25 years old and grantees for graduate fellowships must not be more than 35 years old at the time of selection.

Awards are generally for a period of one academic year subject to automatic renewal in meritorious cases.



Undergraduate or College Studies


Not over 25 years old at the time of selection

A citizen of the Philippines


Physically fit and of good moral character

Graduating or has already graduated from high school

Belongs to the upper 10% in a graduating class

Financially incapable of pursuing studies

NAT score of 85% above




Certified true copy of Form 137A

Certification from school that the applicant belongs to the upper 10% of a graduating class

Copy of NSAT results

Health certificate from a government physician



Preferred areas of study

An Economics, AB Journalism, AB Mass Communications, BSBA, Major in Finance or Accounting, BS Agriculture, Major in Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Botany or soils, BS Fisheries, BS Forestry, Major in Forest Biological Sciences, Forest Resources Management, Forestry Extension or Wood Sciences and Technology, BS in Agriculture Business, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Educations, Agricultural Extension, Veterinary Medicine, Mining Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Industrial Education Geology, Industrial Chemistry, Rural Sociology, Food Sociology, Food Technology, Marine Biology, Sugar Technology and similar or related courses.


Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Transportation Management or Industrial Engineering, Industrial Technology, Management of Small Scale Industries, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Textile Technology, Rubber Technology and similar or related courses.



Technical courses

Wood Pattern Making, Auto Mechanics, Welding Technology, Electronics, Mechanics, Diesel Technology, Sheet Metal Technology, Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Computer Key Punching, Machine Shop Technology, Radio/ TV Technician, Radio Communications and Aircraft Technician and similar or related courses.


Read more, see the PDF below




Graduate Studies


A bachelor’s degree holder

Not over 35 years old

Citizen of the Philippines


Physically fit and of good moral character

Financially incapable of pursuing higher studies

A general weighted average of at least 2.0 in undergraduate studies




Duly accomplished application form submitted to the MPRT Secretariat

Transcript of records

Copy of NSAT results

Health certificate from a government physician



Preferred areas of study

Courses leading to masteral and doctoral degrees with concentration in the physical, biological, mathematican, environmental, industrial, technological, agricultural, health and social sciences and in the humanities.


Submission of proposals and applications for fellowships and scholarships have to be submitted not later than January. Grants are made in May for the incoming academic year.




Tuition and other school fees

Monthly stipend P700 per month

Transportation allowance P300 per month

Textbook allowance P500 per semester



Further reading,


The screening and selection of the Menzi Program for Research and Training (MPRT) grantees, as well as the implementation of the MPRT programs are undertaken by a scholarship committee composed of corporate officers of the Menzi Group of Companies.


The scholarship committee is tasked to prepare programs and to prescribe the criteria and procedures for the selection of the MPRT grantees subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Menzi Trust Fund. Alongside these duties, the committee reviews annually the MPRT scholarship and educational program, as well as the performance and progress of the grantees.


Menzi Trust Fund Inc Philippine Scholarship Program


Submit your application to

Menzi Trust Fund Inc

20F Security Bank Center

6776 Ayala Avenue, Barangay San Lorenzo

Makati City, Metro Manila 1226



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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I just to ask if how to avail your scholarship program, I have I really want to avail it, I am 15 years old, I want to take culinary course, my parents was separated since when I was 1year old. My mother is making her best to send me to school. Hope there’s somebody who can help me to avail a scholarship. Thank You!

  2. Hello. I am a volunteer teacher here in the Philippines. I have tried to access the Menzi website through the link you provided, but I continue to get a black page. Do you happen to have the application already downloaded? If you do, I and my students would really appreciate it if you can send it to me. Thank you.

    1. I haven’t downloaded their application. There is a phone number you can call or an email address you can send your inquiry directly to Menzi. Thanks.

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