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King Faisal Foundation Scholarship

Since its establishment, the King Faisal Foundation has received numerous applications for scholarships from all over the world to study all kinds of majors and at different levels of education from elementary to post-doctoral studies. To date, the foundation has invested over 77 million Saudi Riyals in the scholarships. Hundreds of students from various countries, who met the scholarship eligibility requirements, have been able to pursue different levels of education in several majors.


As part of its ongoing support for education and human development, King Faisal Foundation offers dozens of scholarships annually to students pursuing their education in the institutions operating under its umbrella, namely the Alfaisal University, Effat University, and the King Faisal School. These institutions receive applications and make decisions on them based on set admission and scholarship criteria.


The King Faisal Foundation (KFF) is an international philanthropic organization established in 1976 with the mission of preserving and perpetuating King Faisal’s legacy. Following in the steps of King Faisal who had his eyes set on advancement, while keeping a foot in tradition, the KFF has gained global outreach as it pushes the boundaries to empower the generations of the future.


In April 2014, The King Faisal Foundation (KFF) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) announced an extended partnership whereby a formalized educational project would bring the holistic IB educational programmes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Funded through the generosity of KFF, this initiative plans towards the future of the kingdom whilst honoring the present and the past.


With its wide portfolio of investments, the KFF is able to retain its financial autonomy, which allows this vast operation to keep creating and developing programs that serve its purpose. Since its establishment and until 2015, KFF has spent ver 1.9 billion Saudi Riyals to support its pillar programmes, philanthropic projects and educational scholarships.


The foundation no longer offers scholarships to study outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Postgraduate scholarships

The KFF offers the postgraduate scholarship to Muslim students from any country. The awards are tenable at any prestigious European, American or Canadian university, as well as universities in New Zealand and Australia, or any other industrially advanced country.


The award covers 2 to 3 years study in science, medicine, or engineering at postgraduate levels. Scholarship awards are conditional upon university admission, thus candidates must submit an official acceptance letter from the university before the application deadline.




Muslim students from any country.


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Since 1981, KFF began awarding scholarships to outstanding Muslim students to undertake their postgraduate studies in science, medicine and engineering. The KFF objective was to raise the social and economic standards of Muslim countries by providing higher educational opportunities to those who would positively contribute to the advancement of their societies.


King Faisal Foundation scholarships are awarded to outstanding Muslim from any country to undertake their postgraduate studies. The foundation has recently endorsed a new scholarships policy.


The program covers 2 to 3 years of study and provides full tuition and a generous monthly stipend. The new policy provide comprehensive information on the requirements, application procedures, conditions and privileges.



Submit your application to

King Faisal Foundation

King Fahd Branch Road, Al Olaya

Riyadh 12212, Saudi Arabia



Scholarship Department

King Faisal Foundation

P.O. Box 352

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11411

Telephone: +966 11 465 2255




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