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Japanese Grant Aid For Human Resource Development Scholarship

The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) (former Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)) is to support human resource development of the Japanese grant aid recipient countries. JDS Project targets the highly capable young officials (mainly government) who are expected to engage in implementing social and economic development plans as a future leader.


The JDS is one of the longest-running international scholarship programs offered by the Japanese government to Filipino professionals who want to study in Japan. The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid or JDS is open for Filipinos engaged in formulating and implementing socio-economic development plans and become future leaders in their respective fields.


The JDS is open to Filipinos, between 22 and 39 years old who are interested to pursue master’s degree in Japan in an effort to support Philippine development. JDS Fellows are also expected to contribute to the enhanced bilateral relations between their countries and Japan, with well-rounded knowledge of Japan.


JDS Project offers 2-year Master’s courses at Japanese Universities in English. JDS Fellows will get a special opportunity for directly learning the forefront knowledge in the technological environment as well as for building the wide human networks.


There will be 20 scholars selected per year. To start with, JDS Fellows will be provided with pre-departure orientations, arrival briefing and orientation program to prepare your study in Japan, and with support for initial settling in including immigration related procedures and housing.




Full tuition fees


One round trip air fare


Arrival allowance


Monthly scholarship


Subsidiary allowance for purchasing books


Subsidiary allowance for shipping


Subsidiary allowance for travelling and seminar


Overseas travel insurance


Supports from the agent: finding accommodation, initial settlement of your life in Japan, emergency situation, etc.



Further reading, http://jds-scholarship.org/country/philippines/





Citizens of the Republic of the Philippines


Between 22 and 39 as of application date


Must be an employee of the Target Organization and not a member of the military


Have a performance rating of at least very satisfactory in the organization


Have not been awarded any other foreign scholarships for obtaining a master’s degree




Work experience

Currently employed in the Target Organization


Have permanent status or its equivalent


At least 2 years work experience



Here is the list of Target Organizations




Academic background

Possess a Bachelor Degree relevant to target fields


English proficiency: TOEFL PBT 440/iBT or IELTS 6.5 or higher


CP1-1 Kobe University/ CP1-2 International Christian University/ CP1-3 Nagoya University: 16 years of formal education is required, however, relevant academic/ research career or working experience can be considered as the alternative to meet the requirement




How to Apply





Read more, http://jds-scholarship.org/country/philippines/apply.html



JDS project is the long term scholarship project of the Government of the Philippines through the assistance of the Government of Japan. The objective of the JDS project is to provide the Philippine nationals with opportunities for obtaining Master’s Degree at Japanese Universities in order to support the human resource development policies of the Government of the Philippines, and eventually to extend and strengthen the bilateral relations between Japan and the Philippines. Every year, JDS will select at least 20 scholars.


JDS Philippine Scholarship


Submit your application to

JICE JDS Project Office in the Philippines

Unit 2-F1, Island Plaza Salcedo

105 LP Leviste, Salcedo Village, Makati City


Telephone: 02 753 3261

Email: jds.philippines@jic.org



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