Holy Angel University College Scholarships

Talent Scholarships grants 50% to 100% tuition fee discount and free costume to the members of the University Chorale, University Band, University Rondalla and University Dance Theatre.


Sports Scholarships grants 50% to 100% tuition fee discount and free costume to the members of the basketball, athletics, badminton, chess, karate-do, lawn tennis, table tennis, Taekwondo and volleyball.


HAU Employee Dependents are given 95% tuition discount. Covers the employees, spouse and legitimate children. Failed subjects should be at the expense of the employee.


SM Foundation Scholarships provide 100% tuition discount to qualified scholars. Processing of applicants is taken cared of by the SM Foundation.


Remedios Lee So Scholarship sponsors 1 business and accountancy student with a 100% tuition fee discount.


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Zenaida Manuel Scholarship sponsors 1 accountancy student with a 100% tuition fee discount.


The Institute for Small Scale Industries Scholarship (ISSI) provides scholarships to financially strapped students who will render duty for 24 hours a week in the university. Application and processing of scholarship is done by the USGO.


Yokohama Tire Philippines Scholarship gives full scholarships to 10 engineering students.


SGV Foundation Scholarship gives full scholarship to 1 5th year accountancy student.


Students with excellent performance in their academic in their academic work may qualify for semestral academic scholarships. This is a 100% tuition grant provided the students meet the following scholarship guidelines and conditions.


General Eligibility

Belongs to the honor roll in the past semester with an academic rank equivalent to upper 1% of the year level based on current college population. In case the year population is less than one hundred, the first ranked student in the honor roll is given one scholarship grant.


The student is enrolled in the current semester.


The last slot where students have the same QPA, qualified grantees will share equally the slot.


In case the scholarship slots are fewer than the number of qualified students, the slots are divided proportionately among the candidates.


Further reading, https://www.hau.edu.ph/admissions_and_aid/scholarships_collegestudents.php



Student Assistants

Scholarships for student assistants aims to develop young professionals who are financially challenged to study while working in different work stations of the university.



  • No failing grade
  • Financially needy – Family monthly income not exceeding P5,000.00 as per ITR (W2) or Certificate of Exemption from Non-Filing of ITR or Mayor’s Certification of Non-Employment
  • With good working habits and of good moral standing as supported by a Certification
  • Single
  • Filipino Citizen
  • Preferably a graduate of the public High School
  • Enrolled in at least 18 units
  • Only one member of the family can apply and be considered in the program



  • Copy of grades (previous semester or photocopy of report card or Form 138)
  • Barangay clearance
  • Certification of Good Moral Character from the High School Guidance Counselor (for incoming freshmen) or Student Conduct Office (for existing HAU student)
  • Two (2) Recommendation Letters from credible people (parish priest or former teacher)
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certification of Exemption from Non-Filing of ITR or Mayor’ Certification on Non-Employment
  • Latest electric bill and water bill
  • Sketch of address
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character


How to apply?

  • Applicant secures a copy of the requirements, qualifications and application form.
  • Applicant accomplishes the Application Form, submits the accomplished form together with the requirements and secure interview schedule.
  • Interview of the applicant by the Student Assistants Program Committee.
  • USGO conducts Home Visit to applicants who passed the interview.
  • Qualified applicants will be notified.



Submit your application to

HAU Online Student Portal


Contact information

Holy Angel University (HAU)

No 1 Holy Angel Avenue, Santo Rosario

Angeles City 2009, Philippines

Telephone: 045 888 1620 local 1214

Email: admissions@hau.edu.ph



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