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GSIS Scholarship Program (GSP)

The GSIS Scholarship Program (GSP) grants scholarships to deserving children or dependents of low income members and pensioners since 1988 as part of the pension fund’s corporate social responsibility program. Children or dependents of active members and children of permanent total disability (PTD) pensioners who are less than 60 year old may be nominated to the program.


Active members are qualified to nominate scholars if they are permanent government employees who have at least 3 year government service, have a salary grade of 24 or below (or its equivalent job level) and have paid premium contributions for the last six months.


Single or married active members who are childless may nominate one child or dependent who rely on them for support, while PTD pensioners below 60 years old may nominate their children only.


The GSP application forms, requirements, and scholarship terms and conditions are available online at the GSIS website. In 2018, out of the 400 scholarship slots for children or dependents of low income GSIS members, about 40 slots were allotted to dependents of persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and solo or single parents.


Qualified GSIS members may nominate their children or dependent to the scholarship if they are incoming freshmen who have been accepted in any 4 or 5 year course or in priority courses list provided by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recognized schools.




Duly accomplished forms

Dependent’s birth certificate

Endorsement from the head of agency/office attesting to the veracity of claim that you belong to the sector you have checked

Original certified true copy of government issued authentication, such as PWD ID from the local social welfare development office or the National Council on Disability Affairs, Certificate of Confirmation of Tribal Membership from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, and SP ID from LSWDO




Qualified GSIS will shoulder the actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees not exceeding P40,000 per academic year of the 400 new scholars

The scholars will receive P3,000 monthly allowance

Can have a 4 or 5 year course duration


Please see the sample PDF application below

GSIS application



This scholarship grant is non-transferable. Scholars are given 30 days from the first date of publication of the list of qualifiers in a newspaper of general circulation, within which to submit the following additional requirements at the nearest GSIS office

Information Sheet with latest 2×2 ID pictures (2 pieces) and

Enrollment Assessment Form (if already available)


Failure to submit said requirements within the given period shall render the grant forfeited.


Applicants who meet the eligibility qualifications and have the lowers annual basic salary shall be given priority. All qualified applicants shall be ranked according to their annual basic salary based on the GSIS member Service Profile database.



Please see the GSIS factsheet PDF below

GSIS Factsheet



About 400 scholarship slots shall be awarded annually to qualified member applicants with the lowest annual basic salary. The slots shall be allotted proportionately per region. These shall be based on the existing membership coverage per region, per year.


The slots designated for each region shall be awarded to dependents whose parents are assigned in that particular region and who qualified under the following categories

Category A – qualified applicants with dependents accepted in a 4 or 5 year course

Category B – qualified applicants with dependents accepted in a 4 or 5 year CHED identified priority courses



Further reading,


Under the GSP, GSIS will shoulder the actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees not exceeding P40,000 per academic year of the scholars. The scholars also received P3,000 monthly allowance. Monetary incentives await those who will graduate with honors.


Summa Cum Laude will receive P50,000. The Magna Cum Laude will receive P30,000. The Cum Laude will receive P20,000.


GSIS Scholarship Program (GSP) Philippines


Submit your application to

Your nearest GSIS branch



Telephone: 02 976 4970




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