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The GreenEarth Heritage Foundation Inc. is a Christian developmental, humanitarian and advocacy dedicated to honoring God by being stewards of the world that He has given us through the implementation of sound and sustainable agricultural practices that promote good health.


GreenEarth Heritage is a farm, reforestation site, and sustainable agriculture organization situated at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains in San Miguel, Bulacan. The organization helps to uplift the lives of deprived rural farming communities that were once engaged in small-scale farming, illegal logging, and land grabbing operations.


Apart from the environmental restoration projects in the denuded foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in the Northern Philippines, the GreenEarth strengthens the welfare of farming communities through the Scholarship Assistance Program, Learning Center, and Feeding Program.


When you buy from GreenEarth, every dollar of what you pay for goes towards the welfare of their farming families.


The foundation began in 2014 with the completion of the multi-commodity processing facility which today, provides a sustainable livelihood to 7 female beneficiaries who are mostly the wives of GreenEarth farmers and their female children. This facility currently dries and packages organic moringa tea, lemongrass and basil in a clean and hygienic environment.


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Sponsor a Child

The GreenEarth Foundation encourages people to sponsor a child. You can donate and even choose the child you want to sponsor.


The foundation will also work its way to find scholarships for the children under their care.


The sponsorship of children is more than a tool for mobilizing resources. This brings a human face to the development conversations about systemic poverty reduction that is truly sustainable.


How often do you get the chance to improve the life of not just one child, but also the lives of their family, friends and neighbors? Every single new sponsor is a lifeline to a child.


Putting an end to poverty, suffering and hunger can be done when people reach out and sponsor a child.



Inspirational story

A Farmer’s Son Goes To Harvard. He won the ISM Scholarship in 2012, Harvard in 2017! Meet Romnick Blanco, the 7th out of 9 sons of a rice and vegetable farmer and housewife.


Rom Blanco won FOUR full-ride scholarships —Harvard College, the King Scholarship of Dartmouth College, the Freeman-Asian Scholarship of Wesleyan University and New York University-Abu Dhabi. Rom accepted Harvard.


Read more,


The Green Earth Heritage Foundation is a holistic Christian organization whose mission is to preserve the environment, adhere to sound and sustainable agricultural practices and assist in alleviation of poverty through livelihood and community development. They are committed to sound and sustainable practices that will help preserve and protect the environment for the generations to come.


Over 139 families live in the foundation’s immediate vicinity, mostly in abject poverty. An overwhelming majority of the residents have only attained an elementary level of education and 48% of the population are below 20 years old.


The Green Earth’s mission is to assist in poverty alleviation by providing livelihoods centered in organic agriculture and by empowering communities through spiritual transformation.


GreenEarth Heritage Philippine Scholarship



Submit your application to

Green Earth Heritage Foundation Inc

1723 Dian Street, Palanan, Makati

Metro Manila 1235, Philippines

Telephone: 02 775 8836




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