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Philippine COCOFED Scholarship

The Coconut Federation (COCOFED) Scholarship Program is the best financial assistance the students ever had in the country. The Philippine Coconut Producers Federation Inc, commonly known as the COCOFED, was set up in 1975. The program has subsidized the National College Scholarship Grant Program that supported over 20,000 scholars nationwide. Its goal is to develop possible projects that would benefit the coconut farmers as well as the coconut industry.


The Philippines is the second biggest coconut producing country in the world. Yet, around 60% of this agricultural industry’s farmers, workers and their families struggle for daily survival. Many coconut farmers remain poor because they rely solely on copra, which is the crude dried coconut meat that is milled and processed for its vegetable oil.


The scholarship is one of the greatest achievements of the Philippine Coconut Producers Federation in 1970. The Philippine Coconut Producers Federation (COCOFED) is the oldest coconut industry association in the country.


It was formed in 1947 as Philippine Coconut Planters Association by coconut planters from Quezon and Laguna. It was renamed COCOFED in 1956 and in 1971 became the government-recognized national organization of coconut farmers with the largest membership.


Presently, COCOFED members number over 1.0 million coconut farmers from various provinces with over 900 chapters nationwide. COCOFED played an important role in the enactment of legislations that serve to protect the coconut farmers’ interests and support the development of the coconut industry.




The original name of COCOFED was Philippine Coconut Planters Association in 1947. Its name was changed to COCOFED in 1956. In 1971, it was recognized as the national organization of the coconut farmers in the Philippines.


Its program aims to increase and improve the productivity of the coconut and farm income through continued productivity measures, with the direct participation of the coconut farmers nationwide and of the government, including the other sectors of the industry.



About UCAP

The United Coconut Associations of the Philippines, Inc. (UCAP), a non-stock, non-profit private organization, was established to unite all various sectors of the coconut industry and work for their common good; serve as center of information about the coconut and related subjects; provide a forum for the coconut industry and/or any of its sectors; among others.



Tobacco Free Education Program (TFEP)

NTA TFEP is embodied in Republic Act No. 9211 or Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003. The program covers both four-year degree courses and technical or vocational courses.


The agency gives preferences to those who will enroll in an agriculture related field of study. The aim of the scholarship is to benefit more students, giving priority to those who would be enrolling in courses pertaining to agriculture, in consonance with the program of the government to encourage farmers’ children to help sustain agriculture in the country.


Since its initial implementation in SY 2011-2012, a total of 739 children of tobacco farmers have been supported under the TFEP grants, of which 104 have finished their degree and nondegree courses as of June 2015.


The original program provided only for tuition. However, during the course of the implementation, a reasonable monthly allowance has been provided to ensure the scholars have a source for paying their transportation and miscellaneous expenses.


COCOFED Scholarship


About the National Tobacco Administration (NTA)

The Philippine Tobacco Industry is one of the strongest pillars of the national economy, generating for the Government more than PhP30 Billion revenue, a year, and providing livelihood and sustenance to two (2) million people including the 500,000 tobacco farmers and their families.


In consideration of the foregoing developments and to protect the interest of the tobacco farmers, the NTA adopted the foregoing implementing guidelines in order to provide scholarship grants to deserving and qualified dependents of tobacco farmers, pursuant to the policy of the government, under Executive Order No. 245, which is: “To improve the quality of life of all those who depend upon the industry as a source of livelihood”.



Scope of the program

The scholarship program shall cover

  • Baccalaureate Courses – any 4-year course, preferably agriculture/fisheries/forestry and home technology/ economics courses; and
  • Technical or Vocational Courses – any technical/ vocational courses under the TESDA job-directed training programs.




  • The scholarship program shall be open to deserving children of bona fide tobacco farmers. Bona fide tobacco farmers shall refer to tobacco farmers duly registered with the NTA.
  • The scholarship grantees shall enroll only in state universities and colleges and/or public/private technical schools located within the province of his/her residence.
  • The scholarship grants shall be distributed to the major tobacco growing provinces of Region I (Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan), Region II (Cagayan and Isabela) and Cordillera Autonomous Region (Abra).



Additional eligibility requirements

Tobacco growers’ dependents may avail of the TGSP, if he/she

  • is a legitimate dependent of a tobacco grower as certified by the NTA;
  • is a high school graduate as evidenced by a diploma/certificate or candidate for graduation from high school;
  • is not more than 30 years old at the time of the application and evaluation as evidenced by a NSO-authenticated Certificate of Live Birth;
  • has not availed of any government scholarship and/or grant;
  • is in good health as evidenced by a medical certificate issued by a licensed government physician;
  • is a bona fide resident of a tobacco producing barangay as per Barangay Clearance; and
  • has passed the written entrance tests administered by the SUC/TVS.
  • However, a tobacco grower’s dependent who had already enrolled may still apply for the grant.



Documentary requirements

The following documentary requirements shall be submitted together with the application

  • Accomplished application form 01;
  • Certification by NTA that the applicant’s parent is a registered bona fide tobacco grower;
  • Authenticated Certificate of Live Birth;
  • Medical Certificate;
  • Barangay Clearance;
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character and/or Honorable Dismissal;
  • National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) Certificate;
  • High School Report Card or Form No. 138; and
  • Certificate of Rating and/or Notice of Admission issued by the SUC/TVS where the applicant intends to enroll.



How to apply

  • Application form or its facsimile for a TSGP grant shall be available at the NTA Central Office and any of its Branch Offices nearest to the applicant’s residence. The form, which will be given free of charge, may be reproduced.
  • The applicant shall submit the duly accomplished form to the NTA Branch Offices concerned not later than the deadline set for filing. Applications received beyond the deadline set shall be treated as reserved applications and categorized under the waiting list.
  • The applicant shall be required to apply for a scholarship grant in the college/university in the province where the parents were registered as tobacco farmers.
  • The applicant shall be required to submit, in order of preference, three (3) identified bachelor’s degree program or technical/vocational courses that he/she intends to pursue.



Interested applicants can inquire at the NTA branch offices of their respective provinces.



Update March 12, 2015

255 Slots Open for Cocofoundation Scholarship

UCPB-CIIF Foundation, Inc. Executive Director Neurita Chan informed the UCAP Secretariat that the COCOFOUNDATION Scholarship program will be adding 184 slots in 10 state universities and 71 slots for vocational courses this coming school year 2015/16. Launched in 2004 by the UCPB-CIIF Foundation, the Cocofoundation Scholarship after 10 years have already 1,183 graduates from College and Vocational courses out of the 2,157 beneficiaries who are all children of small coconut farmers from 59 coconut growing provinces.


Today, the Coco foundation has 623 scholars enrolled in 32 state colleges and 5 Don Bosco Training Centers. Interested parties may directly contact Ms. Chan at the following address: UCPB-CIIF Foundation, Inc., 17th Floor, UCPB Bldg., Makati Avenue, Makati City; Tel. (632) 840 3269; Fax: (632) 840 3268, 892 9648; Cel: 0920 913 6266; email



Submit Your Questions To

National Tobacco Administration

Sct. Reyes corner Panay Ave.,

Quezon City, Philippines

Tel No: (632)374-3987; Telefax: (632) 374-2505

Attention: Administrator Edgardo Zaragoza

Telephone: (02)374-3987/ 09175680232




Philippine Coconut Producers Federation Inc. (COCOFED)

3/F COCOFED Building, 144 Amorsolo Street

Legaspi Village, Makati City 1300

Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 02 892 4716 or 02 812 805



Click this for the list of officers



United Coconut Associations of the Philippines


New Office: Coco Center, 4/F, 291 Dansalan St.,

Brgy. Barangka Ilaya,

Mandaluyong City P.O. Box 12725

Metro Manila, 1550 Philippines

Telephone (02) 531-03-51 / 584-53-38




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