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CHED State Scholarship Programs

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) provides financial assistance and full and half merit scholarships under the Student Financial Assistance Program (StudFAPs), grant-in-aid programs and the student loan program under the Study Now Pay Later Plan (SNPLP). Announcement of the scholarship is usually made on February while the application period usually runs in March and April.


The government agency recently made some changes to its scholarship programs so it can include more indigenous peoples, including the Lumads, to enroll in state universities and colleges. While the free tuition law in all SUCs has been implemented, the Lumads and other indigenous peoples cannot qualify unless they pass the entrance examination.


CHED offers the State Scholarship program in full and partial scholarships. The Grant-In-Aid covers the DND-CHED-PASUV Study Grant (DCP), OPAPP-CHED Study Grant, CHED Special Study Grant Program for Congressional Districts (CSSGPCD), and the CHED Senate Study Grant Program (CSSGP). The Study Now Pay Later Program is a financial assistance provided to students who do not qualify the other programs.


CHED shares 4 steps to avail of the grants. Check the appropriate scholarship program, check if you are qualified, check the priority courses, and follow the duties of a scholar. For students with earned units in college and those who passed the Alternative Learning System and the Philippine Educational Placement Test, the Tulong Dunong shoulders the college tuition and other fees.


Deserving college students in any year level may avail of the Study Now, Pay Later Plan that gives P15,000. The priority courses are Information Technology, Agriculture, Education, Science and Math, Architecture, Maritime, Engineering, Health Sciences, Art and Humanities, Business, and Communication. Priority courses may change depending on the need of the country.


Under the Scholarship Program, applicants may qualify as a full scholar, partial scholar, or PESFA scholar. To be accepted under the program, the applicant should either be a 1) high school graduate; 2) candidate for graduation; 3) earned units in college; or 4) passer of Alternative Learning System or Philippine Educational Placement Test.



State Scholarship Program (SSP)

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) offers scholarships under the State Scholarship Program in either Full Scholarship or Partial Scholarship. Scholarship is a modality of financial support given to qualified students based on merit or talent.


CHED will accept the applications of incoming freshmen and applicants with earned units in colleges through its Regional Offices. All applications must be submitted to CHED. Full scholars will receive financial assistance worth PhP30,000 while partial scholars are set to receive PhP15,000 per academic year.


Full Scholarship

Intended for graduating high students with at least 90% GWA on 3rd year and 90% GWA on the first three grading periods during 4th year. Must be enrolled either in public or private HEIs and who plans to take identified priority courses.


Partial Scholarships

For graduating students with at least 85% GWA in 3rd year and 85% GWA in the first three grading periods of the 4th year. Must be enrolled either in public or private HEIs and who plans to take identified priority courses.



Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)

Financial assistance for graduating high school student that shows at least 85% GWA in 3rd year and 85% GWA in the first three grading periods. Can enroll in either private or public schools.



Tulong Dunong

Intended for graduating high school students with at least 80% GWA on 3rd year and 80% on the first three grading period of their 4th year. Enrolled in either public or private HEIs.  Students who passed the ALS and the PEPT are welcome to apply.



Persons with disabilities (PWDs), solo parents and their dependents, members of cultural minority, members of the hill tribe and senior citizens, if qualified can apply for all of the above programs.




Grant for qualified dependents of military personnel of the AFP who were killed in action, discharged due to complete disability combat related and those who are in active service subject to admission requirements of accepting SUCs.



OPAPP-CHED Study Grant Program

Designed for authenticated or amnestied former rebel and individual members of groups with existing peace agreements with the government or their next of kin who cannot afford to study in college due to financial constraints. Only one slot can be availed by the qualified former rebel or his/ her designated qualified next of kin beneficiary.



CHED Special Study Grant program for Congressional Districts (CSSGPCD)

Program for poor and deserving students from the different Congressional Districts and those recommended by the Party Lists. They are to enroll in degree probrams at any curriculum year level, preferably in public HEIs.



CHED Senate Study Grant Program (CSSGP)

For the poor and deserving students selected by the Office of the Senators. Should enroll in degree programs at any curriculum year level, preferably in public HEIs.



Study Now Pay Later Plan (SNLP)

The loan program is intended to provide financial assistance to deserving students who are enrolled or to enroll in any curriculum year level in identified priority courses in duly authorized private HEIs.




Filipino citizen of good moral character

High school graduate or a candidate for graduation

Parents/ guardian annual gross income not to exceed P300,000

Must not be a recipient of any government scholarship and financial assistance




Accomplished StuFAPs Application OSS Form 01

Duly certified High School Report Card for third year and grades for the first three grading periods for fourth year

Latest Income Tax Return (ITR), Certificate of Tax Exemption or Copy of Contract or proof of income of parents/ guardian from the BIR

Certificate of good moral character from the high school principal/ guidance counselor



ALS – Accreditation and Equivalency Test Passer Certificate

PEPT – Certificate of Advancing to the Next Level

Certificate of Indigency from the barangay

Case Study from DSWD





The package of financial assistance to scholars and grantees shall be 8 semesters for a 4 year program or 10 semesters for a 5 year program.



SSP Full – P30,000

SSP partial – P15,000

PESFA – P15,000



Grant-in-Aid program

Tulong Dunong – P12,000


OPAPP – P10,000

CSSGPCD – P5,000



Study Now Pay Later Plan – P15,000



Rules in maintaining the scholarship

Maintain a GWA of 2.5, B or 80% for scholars and passing grade for grantees

Carry a full semester load and finish within the normal duration of the course or curricular program

Shall render at least 2 years return service within the Philippines after graduation for Full Merit scholars and 1 year for Half Merit scholars.


See if you course fits in the CHED Priority Courses. Read the list of CHED Priority Courses. To see if your course fits in the CHED Priority Courses please click this link for the list of CHED Priority Courses

Or see the PDF below

CHED priority courses



If you are qualified, please accomplish the Application Form. You can download the application form specific to the scholarship you are are applying here

Or read the PDF below

CHED scholarship application form



You can also directly download the CHED scholarship application form here



Read the PDF below for more information




Electronic Verification and Certification System (EVCS)

The EVCS applications strive to equip CHED with a facility for an easier, more reliable generation of Certification, Authentication, Verification of units earned (CAV-UE) and Certification, Authentication, Verification of Degree Earned (CAV-DE) to each requesting student, and Special Orders to the HEIs.



Higher Education Institution Document Tracking System (HEI-DTS)

A web-based system for tracking HEIs application for government permit/recognition to and from CHED central and regional offices. Processing involves payment of fees electronically which will be provided by the iGovPhil and the monitoring and tracking of the HEI permit status. This will also include the tracking of program permit status as monitored by CHEDCO/ROs which contributes to the posting of the “positive list”.



Submit your application to

Commission on Higher Education

Higher Education Development Center (HEDC) Building

CP Garcia Avenue, UP Campus

Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines

Telephone: 02 441 1177 or 02 385 4391 or 02 441 1260




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