Philippines-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Philippines-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) Scholarships

The Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) is a binational organization responsible for the administration of the Fulbright exchanges between the Philippines and the United States, the Hubert H. Humphrey fellowships, and the East-West Center scholarships. It also serves as a clearinghouse for information on educational institutions and programs in the Philippines and the United States.


PAEF was established through an executive agreement signed by the governments of the United States and the Philippines on March 23, 1948 to carry out educational exchanges involving students, academics and professionals from both countries.


The Philippine program is the world’s longest continuing Fulbright program. It has enriched several generations of Filipinos and Americans.


Principal funding support for the exchange programs administered by PAEF comes from the United States and the Philippine governments. It offers various scholarships and fellowships.


They also offer short term programs from 6 months to 1 year, such as the Global ungrad for students studying bachelor’s program. Scholars can spend a semester in the US in a field of study of their choice.


The Philippine Department of Agriculture, the Philippine Commission on Higher Education, and the Washington SyCip Family Foundation have generously supported the Fulbright Program in the Philippines. Other organizations and institutions, including US and Philippine universities contribute through direct and indirect cost-sharing.


The educational exchange initiative is the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program simply called as the Global UGrad.


Fulbright scholarship programs for the Filipinos are the

  • Fulbright Graduate Student Program
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar for Advanced Research and University Lecturing Program
  • Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Initiative Program
  • Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) for Advanced Research
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) Program
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Fulbright-Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Scholarships for Graduate Studies in the US for Philippines Higher Education Faculty and Staff
  • Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers (Fulbright DAI)


With Manila having the oldest continuing Fulbright scholarship program, it is clear that the bilateral ties between the United States and the Philippines remain strong and robust. There is a way to chase your dreams.


Selected scholars are given funding to cover their study and living expenses for the whole duration of their course, including round‑trip international travel fare, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition, book/supply allowance, as well as health and accident insurance.


Further reading,



For inquiries

Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF)

10/F Ayala Life – FGU Center – Makati

6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226


Telephone: 02 812 0919




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STI Foundation Financial Assistance | Philippine Scholarship

STI Foundation Financial Assistance

STI believes education is everyone’s ticket to success. Though education remains a top financial priority, the less fortunate families struggle to send their children to school and make the change for their lives. To help address this problem, STI grants financial assistance to SHS and college students who are interested in studying Information Technology, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Engineering, Business & Management, Arts & Sciences, and Senior High School.


With various scholarships and student assistantship programs in STI campuses throughout the country, the students are empowered and given an equal opportunity to access a world class real life education. STI aims to give students a better future through an education that develops their talents, skills, and knowledge in the fields they want to work at.


On top of these, the institution’s external affiliates also grant partial and full scholarships to provide students with more opportunities and prepare them with the dynamic needs of the workforce. All graduating high school students are welcome to apply for STI’s scholarship program.


Scholarship programs vary per campus. For more information on STI’s scholarship programs, please get in touch with your preferred STI campus and inquire directly.


Interested graduating high school students can visit any STI campus for their applications. Students with honors such as Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and Honorable Mentions are readily granted with scholarships.


Scholars are allowed to choose the course they want to pursue from the fields of Information and Communications Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business and Management, Engineering, and the Arts and Sciences.


You should take the qualifying examinations, and depending on the results, you may avail either partial or full scholarship grants. As STI observes the scholarship month every February of the year, it has helped thousands of students fulfil their goals through quality and hands-on education that will prepare them for the real world.


See the campus directory here,



National Scholarship Month

Starting February 1, over 1,000 scholarships will be available to deserving students nationwide through the annual STI National Scholarship Month. Graduating high school students who are not financially blessed but have the passion to finish college can apply for an educational grant in any STI campus nationwide.


Interested students may take the qualifying exam and avail of full or partial scholarships depending on their examination results, while, Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and Honorable Mentions are automatically eligible for scholarships.


On its 6th year, the STI National Scholarship Month has already helped thousands of students gain quality tertiary education and be a step closer to a better future.



Online Registration

STI warmly welcomes junior high school completers, senior high school graduates, college transferees, second coursers, foreign applicants, and post graduate degree applicants in its campuses.


For fast and efficient admissions procedures, fill-out the online registration form and bring a printout copy when you visit your preferred STI campus.




The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and STI Education Services Group, Inc. (STI), through its corporate social responsibility arm, STI Foundation, will be working together in helping the financially disadvantaged youth to finish their college education through the DBP Endowment for Education Program (DEEP), where DBP will be providing the fund that STI will be using to grant college scholarships to students.


STI is one of the 33 accredited schools in this scholarship program. Under DEEP, students who have met the requirements to become scholars will be able to complete their college years with STI, which will be financed by DBP. Coverage of the scholarship grant includes tuition fee, stipends for uniforms, books, other training fees, and miscellaneous school fees.



Submit your application to

Your STI preferred school


Contact information

STI Head Office

STI Academic Center Ortigas-Cainta,

Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta

Rizal 1900, Philippines

Telephone: 02 812 1784



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Lyceum Of The Philippines University Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Lyceum Of The Philippines University Scholarships

Lyceum of the Philippines University prides itself with its long and rich tradition of academic excellence. The founder, Dr Jose P Laurel, is the only Philippine President to have served in all three branches of the government.


The school also offers TESDA courses. The Center for Technical Skills Development and Assessment facilitates the registration of technical vocational qualifications for various programs and the conduct of assessments.


Financial aids and discounts are given to students under the Athletic Grant, Dance Troupe/ Chorale Grant, Tuition Fee Discounts for Siblings, Alumni-LPU Educational Assistance Program (A-LEAP), and the External Scholarships Program implemented through partnership with LPU.


The school offers the ETEEAP or Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), which recognizes the knowledge, skills and prior learning obtained by individuals from non-formal and informal education experiences. See the checklist of requirements and programs on their website,


The school has global linkages with both schools and other organizations and also, employs the LPU Manila Internship Program to provide students for all courses with practicum subject. The Internship Program aims to promote and provide students with competitive skills and attitudes for employment through practical application of learned theories and knowledge in an actual working environment.



Entrance Scholarships

All qualified students for the Entrance Scholarship are exempted to take the entrance exam. Valedictorians are given a 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees for 1 academic year.


Salutatorians are given a 50% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees for 1 academic year. The First Honorable Mentions are given 50% discount on tuition fee only for 1 academic year for SHS or 1 semester for college.


Editors-in-Chief of the official student or high school publication are given 50% discount on tuition fee only for 1 academic year for SHS or 1 semester for college.



  • Certification of Ranking (Valedictorian, Salutatorian & First Honorable Mention); must include the total number of graduating students.
  • Published School Newspaper (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Original Report Card
  • Good Moral Certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate


Jose P Laurel – Sotero H Laurel President’s Scholarship

The JPL-SHL Scholarship exam will also serve as the entrance exam of the qualified takers. Programs covered are


  • Accountancy
  • Computer Science
  • Customs Administration
  • Foreign Service
  • International Hospitality Management
  • International Travel & Tourism Management
  • Journalism
  • Legal Studies
  • Mass Communication



  • Must be currently Grade 12 or a qualified candidate for graduation
  • Must belong to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or with at least 90% GWA (Grade 11 Ranking or Grades) or students of Science High School
  • Must be of good moral character as certified by the high school principal
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must pass the qualifying examination and interview given by the Scholarship Committee



  • Accomplished scholarship form
  • Certification from the high school principal stating that the student belongs to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or copy of Report Card with at least 90% GWA (Grade 11 Ranking or Grades) or students of Science High School
  • Certification of Good moral character
  • Two 2” x 2” identical photos, with white background and signature over printed name at the back
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • 1 long brown envelope



  • Free tuition and miscellaneous fees
  • Monthly stipend for 10 months
  • Book allowance per semester
  • Clothing allowance per school year



Senior High School

  • ABM
  • STEM



  • Must be currently Grade 10 or a qualified candidate for graduation
  • Must belong to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or with at least 90% GWA ( Grade 9 Ranking or Grades) or STUDENTS OF SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL
  • Must be of good moral character as certified by the high school principal
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must pass the qualifying examination and interview given by the Scholarship Committee
  • All students coming from laboratory / science high schools are automatically qualified to apply.



  • Accomplished scholarship form
  • Certification from the high school principal stating that the student belongs to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or copy of Report Card with at least 90% GWA (Grade 9 Ranking or Grades) or students of Science High School
  • Certification of Good moral character
  • Two 2” x 2” identical photos, with white background and signature over printed name at the back
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • 1 long brown envelope



  • Free tuition and miscellaneous fees
  • Monthly stipend for 10 months
  • Book allowance per semester
  • Clothing allowance per school year


Applications should be processed and requirements submitted at least a week before the intended testing date.


Further reading,



Submit your application to

Lyceum of the Philippines University

Manila Campus, Batangas, Laguna, Cavite or Davao



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Hope 4 Change International Student Sponsorship | Philippine Scholarship

Hope for Change International Student Sponsorship

Hope for Change seeks to alleviate the redundant cycle of poverty by providing opportunities for an education through sponsorship. Sponsorships are provided to students who are motivated to attain an education but who are not given the opportunity to attend school due lack of funds and financial constraints. The student sponsorship is a project that covers the needs of the students living in extreme poverty from elementary through college for the entire school year.


Hope for Change also seeks to improve adult literacy in the Philippines and break the cycle by providing literacy programs to adults needing basic, general or specialized skills instruction. The aim is to enable every adult learner the necessary basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.


Education is the primary focus of their work in the Philippines. They were made successful through their sponsors or donors. Using the public school system keeps the costs of sponsorship low.


The sponsorship fee provides for uniforms, school supplies, special projects, travel and family needs. Without this support many students would not be able to attend school.


Hope for Change is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to eradicating the effects of hunger, illiteracy and disease ravishing impoverished communities throughout East Africa, Philippines and the Indo-Asia.


Disparities within urban areas reveal that many children lack access to schools, health care and sanitation, despite living alongside these services. The growth in population is projected to continue into the foreseeable future, threatening to further marginalizing an entire generation of impoverished children.


Due to rapid global urbanization the traditional face of poverty is no longer best represented by a child in a rural village. Nowhere is this change more evident than in the poorest urban areas of the Philippines.


Children growing up in these urban areas are increasingly worse off than those in rural regions and face greater risks from natural disasters, exploitation and HIV.


Education is the best hope for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Considered an inalienable right by many the barriers for entry are seemingly insurmountable for those most in need.


Currently, there is an estimated 1 million adolescent children out-of-school in the Philippines. That number sharply increases when accounting for secondary level students whose educational aspirations are often sidelined by the potential income that could be earned by entering the workforce.


Further reading,



Combined the life skills necessary to fight poverty and prevent diseases, Hope for Change believes that education provides a way forward.


Several current and former sponsorship students created an outreach project to connect with children in a nearby squatter village. They organized an empowering event in which they taught songs, performed skits and fed over 60 children!


Each of the sponsored students suffers extreme hardships yet they looked past their own needs in order to reach out to others worse off. Sponsorship made a difference in their lives.



Submit your application to

Hope for Change International

P.O. Box 692 Lake Katrine

NY 12449

Telephone: +1 845 336 0736




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PD 577 Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

PD 577 Scholarship Military Personnel

The Presidential Decree 577 exempts dependents of military personnel who die or become incapacitated in line of duty from the payment of tuition and matriculation fees in public or private schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions.


The benefit shall be extended to any one dependent of the military personnel in the active service who have died or were incapacitated in line of duty. The benefit may be enjoyed for a maximum of 10 school years.


The benefit is transferable to any of the dependents of the military personnel, at the option of the next of kin, provided it will not exceed 10 school years. However, the admission of grantees to any school shall be in accordance with the existing laws and admission policies of the school.


As long as the grantee satisfactorily passes the course of instruction based on the approved standards of the schools, the scholar shall continue to enjoy the benefit.


In case of failure in any subject or in a school year, the benefit shall be suspended and the grantee, at his option, may retake the subjects failed, or repeat the entire school year at his own expense.




Duly accomplished AFPEBSP Educational Benefit Application Form with 2 copies of latest 2×2 of the applicant

1 copy of PSA birth certificate of applicant

1 copy of PSA marriage contract of military personnel

1 copy of Report Card Form 138, Certification of Grades or TOR of the applicant

High School diploma

Course Prospectus

Notarized declaration of legal beneficiaries of the AFP/ CAA member

Certificate of good moral character

PSA death certificate or Casualty Report from military personnel unit and Posthumous Separation Order from his unit




Full tuition, registration fees and computer fees



How to apply?

Ask the school you want to enroll if they offer the PD 577 scholarship.

Follow the requirements of the school.

Submit all requirements to the AFPEBSO.

Successful applicants will be notified by the AFPEBSO through mail or phone call.

Submit the certification letter to the school admissions.


Further reading,


See the PDF sample application below

PD 577 Application



Submit your application to


General Enrile corner General Ramos Avenue

Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City 1110


Telephone: 02 911 6001 local 6010 or 02 426 2239

Mobile: 0917 507 6617




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Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF)

Asean Scholarships For The Philippines By MOE

Asean Scholarships for the Philippines by MOE

The Asean Scholarships for the Philippines is tenable for 4 years leading to the award of the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level or equivalent) certificate. The Scholarship is for studies in selected Singapore schools from Secondary 3 to Pre-University 2 and is renewed annually, subject to the satisfactory performance of the scholar. You are welcome to apply for the Scholarship if you wish to enter Singapore schools at the Secondary 3 Level.


This scholarship provides opportunities to the bright students of Asean countries to study in Singapore. As part of the Asean community studying in Singapore, they will be given opportunities to broaden their horizons and develop important skills such as leadership, communication and life skills to equip them for the 21st century.


There is no bond attached to the scholarships. MOE provides Asean secondary scholarships and Asean pre-university scholarships. Actually covers 4 years of education, 2 years at the secondary level and 2 years at the pre-university level.


The scholarships are offered every year to outstanding students in Asean countries in line with the Singapore government’s long term objective of contributing towards human resource development in the Asean countries. Each scholarship amounts to about P600,000 pesos that is fully funded by the Singapore government.


Schools are providing more opportunities for the character development of their students and for students to develop skills in innovation. They encourage the students to learn more actively and independently. Everything has been designed to nurture curiosity that goes beyond the formal curriculum.




Nationals of The Philippines

Age requirement may change for each year

Completed at least High School Year 2 (Grade 8). Preference will be given to those who have completed High School Year 3 (Grade 9)

Have done consistently well in their school examinations

Proficient in English and a good record of participation in co-curricular activities




Annual allowance with hostel accommodation

Settling-in allowance

Return economy class air passage

Coverage of school fees

Coverage of GCE O-Level and A-Level examination fees (once only, if applicable)

Subsidized medical benefits and accident insurance cover


Further reading,


New types of schools are being introduced to encourage those with special talents to go as far as they can. Existing schools have been provided with further autonomy and resources to develop their own distinct strengths and specific areas or niches of excellence.


These could be either in a particular area of study or in co-curricular activities and character development. The different needs of students will thus be met through a wide range of school types and educational programmes.


Teaching will be focused on developing understanding, critical thinking and the ability to ask questions and seek answers and solutions. Examinations and assessment methods will be reviewed, to reduce reliance on rote learning and encourage independent learning and experimentation.



Important dates

The dates given below are subject to changes

Application period – March 18 to May

Selection test and interview – July

Award of scholarship – October

Arrival of scholar in Singapore – December



Submit your application to

Online Application


Contact information

Personally at

Customer Service Centre (Podium Block of MOE Building)

Ministry of Education, Singapore

1 North Buona Vista Drive

Singapore 138675

Telephone: +65 6872 2220



Operating Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 8.30am to 5.30pm

Saturdays: 8.30am to 12.30pm

Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

Peak Periods to Avoid (Average waiting time may take up to 30 minutes):

  • 11am to 2.00pm daily
  • Mondays
  • The day after a public holiday


*To facilitate your visit to the Customer Service Centre, please bring along your NRIC or passport for registration at the security counter.


If you wish to be notified when the registration for the scholarship opens, please submit your interest here The Ministry of Singapore will email you once the registration opens.



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Tsuneishi Foundation Cebu Inc. (TFCI) Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Tsuneishi foundation high school & college scholarships

The Tsuneishi Foundation (Cebu) Inc. or TFCI grants both high school and college scholarships. The high school scholarship program is offered to elementary graduates from Balamban, Asturias and Toledo who are willing to study in the public schools in their municipalities. High school scholarships include financial assistance, an opportunity to become a college scholar and an opportunity to work in any Tsuneishi Group Companies.


The TFCI high school scholarship program was launched in 2010 and the college scholarship program started a year after. The goal is to develop the potentials of the beneficiaries so they can improve the economic status of the company that shall eventually strengthen the key life values of the community.


The college scholarship program is offered to high school graduates from any place in the Philippines who are willing to take engineering programs from the foundation’s partner universities. The foundation supports and inspires students to value education.


The foundation helps qualified high school and college students continue and complete their studies with partner schools University of San Jose-Recoletos, University of Cebu and the Cebu Institute of Technology-Tuburan Campus.


The scholarship grants for college and vocational courses on-the-job training in the shipbuilding division, which is a great opportunity for scholars to learn first hand know how about the shipbuilding business.


With financial contributions from 7 Tsuneishi Group companies in the Philippines, the foundation promotes a diversity of support programs in the educational, medical, environmental preservation and disaster relief fields. The foundation aims to provide the younger generation, considered as Tsuneishi’s future, the opportunity to attend school and have a high quality learning environment.


In addition to fully supporting funding to establish the Balamban school of the University of San Jose-Recoletos, they established a scholarship system for local senior high school and college and university students.



Eligibility for high school scholarship

  • Should be a graduate from any public elementary school within Toledo City, Balamban, and Asturias
  • Should have a general average rating of at least 88%
  • Should not obtain a grade below 85% in any subjects in the final grading
  • Should be willing to enroll in any public high school in Toledo City, Balamban, and Asturias
  • Applicant must not be more than 13 y.o. at the time of application



Eligibility for college scholarship

  • Must be a high school graduate
  • With a general weighted average of 88%
  • No subject with a grade below 80% from the 1st to the 3rd grading; and no grades below 85% in the final rating


Partner School: USJ-R

Courses Applicable: BSME, BSCE, BSEE

Year Level: incoming 1st year only


Partner School: UC

Courses Applicable: BSNAME, BSCE, BSME

Year Level: incoming 1st year only



Eligibility for Technical/ Vocational Scholarship Program

Male students who wish to enroll

Must be a high school graduate

With a general weighted average of 88%

No subject with a grade below 80% from the 1st to the 3rd grading

No grades below 85% in the final rating


Partner School: CTU-Tuburan Campus

Courses Applicable: BSIT major in Welding/Fabrication

Year Level: incoming 1st year only


Tsuneishi Foundation Scholarships


About Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (CEBU), Inc.

A group company of Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (head office: Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture), which in 2014 is celebrating its 20th year of business on Cebu Island in the Philippines.


This company builds about 20 vessels per year, centered on the 30,000 ton to 180,000 ton class bulk carriers, and is one of the top shipyards in the Philippines, employing over10,000 people directly or through cooperative companies.


The company decided to move to Balamban, a small town on the west coast of Cebu, because of the availability of a large site facing the ocean, though the town’s infrastructure was underdeveloped. Other advantages were the fact Cebu has a technical university and sees relatively few typhoons.


English is also widely spoken in the Philippines, making it easier for the company to communicate with locals. Cebu has grown to become one of Tsuneishi’s most important overseas bases, accounting for nearly 40% of the ships the group builds.


The Philippine subsidiary builds 20 vessels a year, primarily bulk carriers, and plans to soon raise the number to 30. It employs 13,000 staff, including those working at related companies. The TFCI is located in the West Cebu Industrial Park-SEZ, Buanoy, Balamban, Cebu.



Get your application forms

Get your application forms at the following offices

High School

Toledo Division Office, Balamban I District Office, Balamban II District Office, Asturias Central School Principal’s Office



USJ-R Scholarship Office, UC Scholarship Office, CTU-Tuburan Scholarship Office or


Interested scholarship applicants may contact the USJ-R Scholarship Office at tel. no. 253-7900 local 294 for details.  Contact person is Scholarship Officer Mrs. Anita Salvo.


You can access and download the printable Tsuneishi Scholarship Form at its website.


For local Toledo inquiries, contact:

Daphne Abejar @ 032 230 8403 loc. 6765



Send your inquiry to

Tsuneishi Philippines Branch

Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (CEBU) Inc.

Buanoy, Balamban, Cebu 6041



Tsuneishi Foundation (Cebu) Inc.

Public Relation Office

Telephone: 032 230 8402 local 6712



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Cebu Don Bosco Technical College Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

Cebu Don Bosco Technical College

The Catholic Salesian School runs the Don Bosco Technology Center, popularly known as the Boys’ Town, in Cebu. The school particularly distinguishes itself by giving more emphasis on the technological work of education, self-discipline, and responsibility. The Don Bosco Technology Center provides basic education in the primary, secondary and tertiary level with technical courses in electro-mechanics, industrial drafting, mechanics and woodworking for high school.


Established in 1960, it is located in Pleasant Homes Subdivision, Punta Princesa, Cebu City. Its college is not exclusively for boys. The first Salesian institution was the St. John Bosco Academy in Tarlac that was established in 1951. In the same decade, campuses in Victorias in Negros Occidental, Mandaluyong, Cebu and Makati opened.


The Salesian schools and training centers are continually growing in other parts of the Philippines. DBTC offers complete basic education, technical-vocational programs and college education. The College of Technical Education has three majors such as Major in Industrial Electronics (BSTE-IE), Major in Mechanical Technology (BSTE-MT) and Major in Furniture Technology (BSTE-FT).


The College of Engineering offers Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Major in Furniture Manufacturing (BSIE-FM) and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Specializing in Machine Design and Manufacturing (BSME-MDM).


In 2008, the College of Arts in Religious Education and Pastoral Communication that offers Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education and Pastoral (ABRelEd) was opened. On the other hand, the College of Computer Studies that offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) opened in 2010.



Honor student discount (Juan Bosco Scholars)

Valedictorian and Salutatorian graduates can avail of a tuition fee discount upon enrolment to any programs offered in the college department.



Mary Help of Christian Scholarship

The Mary Help of Christians Educational Assistance Fund (MHCEAF) is a tertiary scholarship program catering to the prior but deserving students who will enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Technical Education (BSTE). This scholarship is academic in nature thus, one has to qualify with the requirements of the program. There are two categories under the MHCEAF namely:



Dominic Savio Scholars

Dominic Savio is a pupil of Don Bosco. The Dominic Savio scholarship is offered to qualified students from Don Bosco schools and other schools.



  1. Conforms to all the rules and regulations of Don Bosco Technology Center (DBTC).
  2. Reaches a rating of high Average in the DBTC – CEM college entrance.
  3. Maintains an attitudinal rating of at least A minus (A–).
  4. Maintains an average grade of not lower than 2.5.



Phillip Rinaldi Scholars

Phillip Rinaldi is the third successor of Don Bosco. Phillip Rinaldi scholarship is offered to qualified students from Don Bosco and other schools.



  1. Conforms to all the rules and regulations of Don Bosco Technology Center (DBTC).
  2. Reaches a rating of high Average in the DBTC – CEM college entrance.
  3. Maintains an attitudinal rating of at least A minus (A–).
  4. Maintains a grade of not lower than 2.5.



Father John Clifford Scholarship Program

Fr John Clifford was one of the pioneers of the Don Bosco Technology Center. He built the early wooden structures from the proceeds of the eggs of his poultry. He was the confessor of the boys until his death in April 6  2000.


DBTC caters to basic education students, college students, out of school youth in the Skills training Program, and the DBYC. There are approximately 479 students who are scholars of the institution at various levels.



  1. This is open to High School Students Only. Old elementary scholars will still be renewed if qualified.
  2. They will only accept one scholar per household only. This is to give chance to others.
  3. The scholars must maintain academic and technical grades of 80 and above.
  4. Conduct grade must be 85 and above.
  5. Scholarship assistance is only 50% of Academic and Technical Tuition.



Economic status of the families of scholars

  1. Lower middle-low income groups
  2. Families of single mothers/fathers (death or abandoned)
  3. Unforeseen causes (Retrenchment, restructuring, or sickness)



Working Students Scholarship Program


Out Of School Youth Scholarship Program



General Requirements

  1. Bonafide High School Student of DBTC
  2. Clear copies of birth and baptismal certificates.
  3. Xerox of card
  4. Latest Income Tax Return of parents.
  5. In the absence of ITR, barangay clearance/certification as to the parents income for the last calendar year.
  6. 1×1 latest picture




  1. 50% of Academic and Technical Tuition is given to non-parishioners of Lourdes Parish.
  2. 100% of Academic and Technical Tuition is given to our “Lourdes Parish Scholars.” and special cases.
  3. Scholars must be willing to participate in any of the community activities:
  4. Rondalla
  5. Varsities
  6. Drum and Buggle



How to apply

  1. Get Application Form at the Rector’s Office.
  2. Submits Form and Requirements to the Rector’s Office.
  3. Home visitation by the scholarship committee.
  4. Deliberations of applicants visited.
  5. Posting out of list of new scholars.
  6. Quarterly follow-up of scholars.
  7. Year-end evaluation and reporting on the scholars


Further reading,



The Don Bosco Technical College is an institution accredited by the TESDA that offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programs (TVET) under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). To see the TESDA approved programs, you can click this



The TESDA approved programs are

Building Wiring Installation NC II (1 year)

Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (356 hours)

Machining NC I (1 year)

Machining NC I (374 hours)

Machining NC II (464 hours)

Wood and Furniture Technology (1 year)




At least 18 years of age

At least high school graduate

Copy of the NSO birth certificate

With good morale character

Undergone a pre-training assessment

Can communicate both orally and in written form



Training fees and schedule

The cost of training and tuition fees may vary depending upon the specific course of interest and the school offering the training. Training centers also may have slightly different syllabus to teach to students in a class.



Submit your application/ inquiry to

Don Bosco Technical College

Assessment Center

Pleasant Homes Subdivision

Punta Princesa, Labangon, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

Telephone: 032 272 2985, 032 273 1127, 032 273 1128




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Cebu Institute of Technology University Scholarships

Cebu International School Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

Cebu International School Scholarship

The Cebu International School (CIS) scholarship program offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). By offering 2 types of scholarships each year for students who could not otherwise afford to attend. Students may apply for a scholarship at any grade level and also, apply for a scholarship to study the IBDP in Grades 11 and 12. The IBDP is recognized worldwide, with graduates entering top universities.


Any student who is unable to afford the school fee may apply for a scholarship, however, outstanding Filipino students from local government or local private schools who have never attended CIS will be given preferential acceptance into Grade 11, and through to the completion of their IBDP in Grade 12.


Preference will be given to students who are not only academically qualified and had demonstrated the ability to meet the rigors of the program, but also to those who demonstrate a commitment to contributing to the wider life of the school, such as through sports, arts and service.


The scholarship is applicable to a student’s entry to CIS at any grade level except Grade 12. The awardee must maintain the appropriate scholastic level and abide the school rules and regulations.


The student may apply for an extension if there are major life events that would prevent him/ her from completing the program in 2 years. An example of this type of catastrophic even is an extended period of hospitalization.




Demonstrate high academic achievement

Show proof of involvement in after school activities

Demonstrate financial need

Have an excellent command of oral and written English

Meet all CIS entrance requirements




Completed CIS application form

Birth certificate or passport

Government issued ID of parents

Income tax return

Details of bank accounts and other financial holdings

Financial obligations, such as loans and debts

Certificate of employment of parents

Copy of house rental agreement, car certificate of registration, land and house titles

Copy of latest billing statement of school fees




The scholarship covers the application, USD, entrance, tuition and other fees. Support may also be provided for after school activities, travel expenses associated with ISAC and MUN, and other activities.


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Schedule of submission of application – December and January

Assessment is February

Awarding is February

Confirmation of Scholarship Offer is February or March



Submit your application to

Cebu International School (CIS)

Pit-os, Talamban, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

Telephone: 032 261 0247




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GreenEarth Heritage Foundation Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation Scholarship

The GreenEarth Heritage Foundation Inc. is a Christian developmental, humanitarian and advocacy dedicated to honoring God by being stewards of the world that He has given us through the implementation of sound and sustainable agricultural practices that promote good health.


GreenEarth Heritage is a farm, reforestation site, and sustainable agriculture organization situated at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains in San Miguel, Bulacan. The organization helps to uplift the lives of deprived rural farming communities that were once engaged in small-scale farming, illegal logging, and land grabbing operations.


Apart from the environmental restoration projects in the denuded foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in the Northern Philippines, the GreenEarth strengthens the welfare of farming communities through the Scholarship Assistance Program, Learning Center, and Feeding Program.


When you buy from GreenEarth, every dollar of what you pay for goes towards the welfare of their farming families.


The foundation began in 2014 with the completion of the multi-commodity processing facility which today, provides a sustainable livelihood to 7 female beneficiaries who are mostly the wives of GreenEarth farmers and their female children. This facility currently dries and packages organic moringa tea, lemongrass and basil in a clean and hygienic environment.



Sponsor a Child

The GreenEarth Foundation encourages people to sponsor a child. You can donate and even choose the child you want to sponsor.


The foundation will also work its way to find scholarships for the children under their care.


The sponsorship of children is more than a tool for mobilizing resources. This brings a human face to the development conversations about systemic poverty reduction that is truly sustainable.


How often do you get the chance to improve the life of not just one child, but also the lives of their family, friends and neighbors? Every single new sponsor is a lifeline to a child.


Putting an end to poverty, suffering and hunger can be done when people reach out and sponsor a child.



Inspirational story

A Farmer’s Son Goes To Harvard. He won the ISM Scholarship in 2012, Harvard in 2017! Meet Romnick Blanco, the 7th out of 9 sons of a rice and vegetable farmer and housewife.


Rom Blanco won FOUR full-ride scholarships —Harvard College, the King Scholarship of Dartmouth College, the Freeman-Asian Scholarship of Wesleyan University and New York University-Abu Dhabi. Rom accepted Harvard.


Read more,


The Green Earth Heritage Foundation is a holistic Christian organization whose mission is to preserve the environment, adhere to sound and sustainable agricultural practices and assist in alleviation of poverty through livelihood and community development. They are committed to sound and sustainable practices that will help preserve and protect the environment for the generations to come.


Over 139 families live in the foundation’s immediate vicinity, mostly in abject poverty. An overwhelming majority of the residents have only attained an elementary level of education and 48% of the population are below 20 years old.


The Green Earth’s mission is to assist in poverty alleviation by providing livelihoods centered in organic agriculture and by empowering communities through spiritual transformation.


GreenEarth Heritage Philippine Scholarship



Submit your application to

Green Earth Heritage Foundation Inc

1723 Dian Street, Palanan, Makati

Metro Manila 1235, Philippines

Telephone: 02 775 8836




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