Asian Institute Of Management Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Asian Institute Of Management Scholarship

AIM offers scholarship to students taking Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Development Management (MDM) programs. The financial assistance is open to Asia’s vibrant pool of aspiring graduates. The institute provides full and partial scholarships to exceptionally qualified students.


These students are chosen for their potential to enrich discussions in case rooms, encourage wider worldviews among the student body, and for their ability to contribute to their own organizations and communities upon graduation.


Scholarships are awarded as part of the admissions process. Some scholarship categories may require additional information to be submitted.


Please review the information about each scholarship for additional requirements or details. AIM reserves the right not to award these scholarships if no suitable, outstanding candidates are identified.


Some of the scholarship programs they offer are AIM Excellence Scolarships (full scholarship with dormitory accommodations), Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (full scholarship with dormitory plus living expenses), and the AIM-GT Foundation Scholarships (full scholarship with dormitory plus stipend & one round trip airfare).




  • Excellent academic records
  • Strong professional achievements and career trajectory
  • Excellent written and oral English skills
  • Exceptional people skills
  • Great leadership potential
  • Minimum 2 years of post-undergraduate professional experience




  • Online application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • GMAT or GRE official score report
  • Transcript of academic records and diploma
  • Professional recommendation, if self-employed please submit a Certificate of Business Registration in lieu of a professional recommendation
  • ID page of passport
  • Application essay



Application forms

Simply fill out the form to begin or return to an ongoing application here,



How to apply?

Select a date for your AIM Admission Test (AIMAT).


Pay the AIMAT fee of PHP 5,000 or USD 100.


You may disregard such payment if you have an official GMAT or GRE score report.


If you qualify after the preliminary screening, you will be advised of your interview schedule.


Note: If any of the required documents is in a language other than English, please have the document translated into English at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate nearest you.


The Recruitment and Admissions Office will notify you of your application status.


Should you need further information about the MBA application process, send an e-mail to

W.  SyCip Graduate School of Business

Telephone: 02 892 4011 ext 1805



Students come to AIM because of the Institute’s 40-plus years of experience in imparting and enhancing knowledge and skills to develop sensitivity to the diverse cultures and belief systems, business structures, governance, and regulatory environments in the region.


They have established ourselves as the source of premier human resource development for the private and public sectors in emerging markets, especially Asia.


Their programs are designed for practical application in the real world. To advance this objective, we use the case method as a primary mode of teaching and learning.


Under this method, which was adapted from the Harvard Business School’s own system, students analyze actual business scenarios to hone their analytical, decision-making, and communication skills. Their approach attuned to Asian management and responsive to peculiar Asian issues, while enhanced by a global perspective.


The method also encourages lively discussions between classmates, resulting in a robust and dynamic learning environment. Their programs are designed for Asian needs.



Submit your application to

Asian Institute of Management

123 Paseo de Roxas, Legazpi Village

Makati 1229, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone 02 892 4011 to 23




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ACEF-GIAHEP Grants-In-Aid For Higher Education Program

Fulbright Graduate Student Program | Philippine Scholarship

Fulbright Graduate Student Program

The Fulbright Graduate Student Program helps Filipinos to study at the graduate level, masters or doctoral postgraduate studies, or pursue non-degree doctoral enrichment or doctoral dissertation research in the United States. Grants under the Philippine Fulbright Student Program are for a maximum of one academic year for non-degree, one to two years for master’s, and two years for doctoral degree studies. Preferred courses or topics of study are Study of the United States, Global Issues and Open Grants.


Study of the United States can be the study of the American culture, life and society through such fields as government, education, arts and humanities, law, economics, literature, history, the multi-disciplinary field of American Studies or any other humanities or social science field with significant study of the US subject matter.


Global Issues include the environment, human rights, governance and public administration, peace studies/conflict resolution/transformation, international relations and transnational issues, international economics, international business, international law, public health and STEM fields.


Open Grants are fields of study not covered by the first two field categories with the exception of medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, clinical psychology, medical technology, and accountancy.


The grant provides for round-trip international travel, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition and fees, book/supplies allowance, and health and accident insurance.




  • Philippine citizenship
  • English proficiency
  • College degree with major in field of specialization; excellent undergraduate record
  • Applicants must have at least two years of professional work experience (after college) in their field of specialization. Assistantships during college do not count.
  • Applicants must be in good health to pursue graduate work in the US.
  • Applicants must return to the Philippines immediately upon completion of study.


Non-degree applicants must meet the added requirements:

  • Applicants for doctoral enrichment must be enrolled in a relevant study program in a Philippine university
  • Applicants for doctoral dissertation must show proof that materials required to pursue research are not available in the Philippines but are available in the United States


Individuals holding dual citizenship, are permanent residents and/or are presently studying in the US are not eligible.




  • Round-trip international travel
  • Monthly maintenance allowance
  • Tuition and fees
  • Book/supplies allowance
  • Health and accident insurance




  • Official or certified transcript of records from all colleges/universities attended
  • Certified true copy of diploma (not original)
  • Four letters of reference (forms are included with the application kit)
  • Completed 8-page application form
  • NBI Clearance acquired in the past 6 months



Application period is usually from December to March. Printed copies of the complete application must be received at the PAEF office on or before the deadline for that year. Grantees are expected to begin their studies in the United States late August or early September.


Download the application form and letter of reference form here,



Submit your application to


10/F Ayala Life – FGU Center – Makati

6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Philippines

Telephone: 02 812 0945




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PAEF Scholarships

Philippines-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Philippines-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) Scholarships

The Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) is a binational organization responsible for the administration of the Fulbright exchanges between the Philippines and the United States, the Hubert H. Humphrey fellowships, and the East-West Center scholarships. It also serves as a clearinghouse for information on educational institutions and programs in the Philippines and the United States.


PAEF was established through an executive agreement signed by the governments of the United States and the Philippines on March 23, 1948 to carry out educational exchanges involving students, academics and professionals from both countries.


The Philippine program is the world’s longest continuing Fulbright program. It has enriched several generations of Filipinos and Americans.


Principal funding support for the exchange programs administered by PAEF comes from the United States and the Philippine governments. It offers various scholarships and fellowships.


They also offer short term programs from 6 months to 1 year, such as the Global ungrad for students studying bachelor’s program. Scholars can spend a semester in the US in a field of study of their choice.


The Philippine Department of Agriculture, the Philippine Commission on Higher Education, and the Washington SyCip Family Foundation have generously supported the Fulbright Program in the Philippines. Other organizations and institutions, including US and Philippine universities contribute through direct and indirect cost-sharing.


The educational exchange initiative is the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program simply called as the Global UGrad.


Fulbright scholarship programs for the Filipinos are the

  • Fulbright Graduate Student Program
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar for Advanced Research and University Lecturing Program
  • Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Initiative Program
  • Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) for Advanced Research
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) Program
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Fulbright-Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Scholarships for Graduate Studies in the US for Philippines Higher Education Faculty and Staff
  • Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers (Fulbright DAI)


With Manila having the oldest continuing Fulbright scholarship program, it is clear that the bilateral ties between the United States and the Philippines remain strong and robust. There is a way to chase your dreams.


Selected scholars are given funding to cover their study and living expenses for the whole duration of their course, including round‑trip international travel fare, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition, book/supply allowance, as well as health and accident insurance.


Further reading,



For inquiries

Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF)

10/F Ayala Life – FGU Center – Makati

6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226


Telephone: 02 812 0919




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Chevening Fellowships

Nestle Nutrition Institute Postgraduate Studies Research Training Fellowship | Philippine Scholarship

Nestle Nutrition Institute Postgraduate Studies Research Training Fellowship

The nutrition fellowships provided by the Nestle Nutrition Institute enable young health professionals from developing countries to access postgraduate training through leading institutions. Since 1981, more than 500 doctors and scientists have benefited from their fellowships and clinical grants.


Submission of applications for the Research Training Fellowship or Postgraduate Research Grant deadlines are on January 31st and August 31st. The grant offers you to attend a training program on research skills and knowledge, which includes learning a specific laboratory technique, statistics, nutrition and many more.


The NNI grant up to 40,000 CHF can be used to pay course registration fees, round trip travel to the host institution, lodging and living expenses and health insurance coverage for the duration of the course. The amount of 40,000 CHF applies for the longer length projects (12 months).


A proportion of this amount will be paid to shorter duration projects. The NNI grant will be given to the Host Institution which will disburse it to the fellow. In no case will any money be given directly from the NNI to the fellow.


The NNI fellowship program is to cover the applicant’s travel and living expenses and a small amount for any administrative fees that the hosting Institution may charge. It does not cover budgetary expenses to carry out the research proposal (purchase of equipment, materials, etc.). Please note that the money will be given to the Host Institution which will disburse it to the fellow. In no case will any money be given directly from the NNI to the fellow.




Available for postgraduate qualifications only

Must be affiliated with an academic/ clinical institution

Must submit an application describing their interest in participating the NNI Research Training Fellowship



Submit any of the following

  1. Details of their current level of training,
  2. Curriculum Vitae,
  3. A plan of the proposed training/activity clearly indicating its specific outcomes and
  4. Two letters of recommendation (1 from the institution where the candidate is working and 1 from the host institution*).
  5. Letter stating intent to return to the home country upon completion of the training program.




Successful candidates will be required to start their training within 1 year of being notified of the fellowship award.

Duration of the support for the research training lasts for a maximum of 12 months.

Upon certification, fellowship awardees return to their home countries.


See PDF for more information

NNI Research Training Fellowship



How it works?

Applications will be reviewed and the applicants will be informed of the outcome by end of April/November.


Please plan to start your program not sooner than 3 months after the application deadline to give time for approval process and administrative arrangements with a host institution.


Submit only one application and for a single programme. If you have more than one project, decide which is your best option and submit that one.


Applications without all documentation, including a letter of acceptance by the faculty at the hosting institution will not be considered.


Before any money can be allocated to the research training fellowship, you will need to produce proof of health insurance for the country you will be visiting for the whole duration of your stay. If you can purchase such insurance through the hosting Institution, please provide a letter from the faculty accepting you stating so.


Further reading,



Submit your application to

Applications should be sent by email to by January 31 or August 31.


Contact information

Nestlé Nutrition Institute

Avenue Reller 22

1800 Vevey





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ERDT DOST SEI Masters and Doctoral Scholarships

Chevening Fellowships | Philippine Scholarship

Chevening Fellowships

The Chevening Fellowships are awarded to talented mid-career professionals who have already demonstrated their capacity to lead and influence. Chevening Fellows are active in their field or subject and are looking to further enhance and expand their knowledge, skills and expertise by spending time in the UK on a fully funded short course or research project.


Chevening is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partner organizations with the aim of helping develop talented individuals from across the globe who will go on to be future leaders and decision makers. All of their partners are like-minded organizations with real desire to enhance the lives of people from all corners of the earth.


Chevening is the UK government’s global scholarship program that offers a unique opportunity to study in the UK and pursue a 1 year master’s degree in any subject at any UK university. If you have an ambition, leadership potential and strong academic background, you may apply for this program.


Applicants must demonstrate they have fulfilled the English language requirement by taking an English language test or claiming an exemption based on the UKVI exempt categories. They do not pay for the cost associated with the testing.


Prior to starting your application, please ensure you have your documents scanned and converted to PDF formats. The file should cannot be over 5MB in size.




  • 2 references to be provided in a letter format and written in English
  • Valid passport and national ID card
  • University transcripts




  • University tuition fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • Travel costs to and from the UK
  • An arrival allowance
  • A homeward departure allowance
  • The cost of one visa application
  • Travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK



Agencies offering assistance on Chevening Scholarship applications for a fee are not approved, confirmed or endorsed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Chevening Secretariat.


The use of a paid service is not allowed by Chevening and strongly encourage you to submit your application using the Chevening online application system, available through the apply button on this page,


You can check your status in the online application system. Login using the details you registered with. Please note that if you are shortlisted for an award, you will be required to log into the online application system and request a reference from your referees. If they do not submit the letter on or before the deadline, you cannot proceed with the interview.


If your application is successful and you have applied to study a subject of degree programme supported by one of their partners, you will be considered for a co-sponsored Chevening Award.


Due to the large number of applications received, they are unable to provide individual application status updates or feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Please do not contact the British embassy or high commission with application inquiries.


If your work experience is not related to your course choices, you need to explain why you are seeking to make a career change. Note the transferable skills you have gained from your current field of work and how they will help you in your studies and with your future career goals.



Submit your application to

Chevening Online


Contact information

Chevening Officer

British Embassy Manila

120 Upper Mckinley road, McKinley Hill

Taguig City, Manila 1634, Philippines

Telephone: 02 858 2200




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Cremona CEEP Scholarships

Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship

The Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS), a Dual Degree Master of Arts Programme, is a shared initiative of The Nippon Foundation, the University for Peace (UPEACE), and Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU). The objective of the programme is to train young Asian professionals to become peace building practitioners, ready to take up leading positions in organizations across the globe. In particular, the programme serves to strengthen the representation of Asian professionals with expertise in Asian issues.


The programme offers intensive, specialised language training to facilitate participation of professionals with lower levels of English proficiency, study in Costa Rica and the Philippines, as well as the hands-on design and implementation of an intensive field project in Asia.


Scholars obtain 2 MA degrees, one from the University for Peace (UPEACE) in an area related to peace building and the second from Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) in Political Science with major in Global Politics.


The information regarding the application process specifically for the Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) dual degree programme is only for applicants from Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and The Philippines.


They are the only applicants that shalll be considered for this programme. UPEACE accepts applications in electronic format only through our on-line application form. Applicants are therefore advised to first collect all supporting documents and other required information before submitting the form.


Candidates who are selected for an interview but who are NOT offered a scholarship under the APS will automatically be consider for regular admission to UPEACE and offered a 50% tuition waiver.


The APS takes the format of a dual-degree, 18.5 – 21.5 month (depending on entry English proficiency level) intensive academic study programme targeted for young professionals from Asia.  Academic study takes place in Costa Rica and The Philippines and is made up of the following elements:

1) an intensive language learning component,

2) MA at UPEACE,

3) MA at AdMU in Political Science, major in Global Politics, and

4) the implementation of a field project.




  1. Have at least 2 years work experience in a relevant field. Excellent candidates with less work experience are considered for participation on a case-by-case basis. Voluntary work, internships and student activities may be considered as work experience, if relevant for the programme.


  1. Have Bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution.


  1. Demonstrate a compelling desire to work on issues related to peace and conflict.


  1. Demonstrate a commitment to learning in an international and multi-cultural environment.


  1. Are from countries where English is not widely spoken, particularly, but not limited to, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.




Required Supporting Documents to be Uploaded

  • English-language Proficiency Test Scores Report
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation (AdMU recommendation letter form).
  • Official Undergraduate Transcripts and Copy of Diploma
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Copy of Passport
  • Passport-size photo


Should admission be granted, the following documents must be presented in official hard copy upon confirmation of enrollment:

  • English-language Proficiency Test Scores Report (TOEFL, IELTS) – if applicable
  • Official Undergraduate Transcripts and Copy of Diploma
  • Ten passport-size photos


Further reading,



Students selected to participate in the APS programme receive a full scholarship that covers tuition, airfare, transit and some visa costs for all programme components, and a monthly stipend. The programme facilitates up to 30 students per cohort.



APS scholars found meaningful employment around the world, example positions

  • Conflict Sensitivity Specialist, UNDP, Kyrgyzstan
  • Gender Consultant, Office of the Presidential Advisor on the Peace Process, Philippines
  • Education Officer, UNICEF, Uganda
  • Human Resource Coordinator, IOM, Vietnam
  • Programme Coordinator, Save the Children, Japan
  • Procurement Officer, UN World Food Programme, Italy
  • Economic Development Researcher, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lebanon
  • Project Manager, Global Environmental Organization, China
  • Project Officer, Vansemberuu Health Project, Mongolia
  • Partnership Assistant, Asian Development Bank, Philippines
  • Research Consultant, Family Health International, Thailand


See the PDF below for more information

Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship



Submit your application to

Online Submission



Contact information

Please address any email inquiries to



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American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF)

International Fellowships Program (IFP) | Philippine Scholarship

International Fellowships Program by Ford Foundation

The International Fellowships Program (IFP) provides opportunities for advanced study to exceptional individuals who will use this education to become leaders in their respective fields, furthering development in their own countries and greater economic and social justice worldwide. Fellows are chosen on the basis of their academic excellence, leadership skills potential and commitment to their community or nation.


The program provides support for up to 3 years of formal graduate level study. Fellows will be selected from countries in Africa and Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Russia where the Foundation maintains active overseas programs.


Fellows may enroll in any of a large number of universities all over the world, including in their country of residence. The program will provide placement assistance to the fellows.


The IFP supports the fellows in undertaking appropriate language study and training in research and computer skills prior to graduate school enrolment.


It provides orientation sessions for the new ones and allows participation in learning and discussion activities of the current fellows for information and exchange networks.


The IFP is the largest single program ever supported by the Ford Foundation. It is a program of the New York City based International Fellowships Fund.


Once selected, the fellow may enroll in an appropriate university program anywhere in the world, including their country of residence. The program provides placement assistance to those fellows not yet admitted to graduate school.


Because local requirements vary widely among IFP countries, the applicants should carefully follow the specific application guidelines provided by the relevant IFP International Partner organizations, including deadlines for the submission of applications.


The Ford Foundation IFP applicants must be resident nationals of an eligible IFP country or territory. Currently, these are Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam.


All applications must be submitted to the appropriate IFP International Partner in the country or region where the applicant resides. The partners will determine the application deadlines and selection schedules in their specific region.


The applicants may choose to study in any academic discipline or field of study related to asset building and community development, education reform, and human rights.


Asset Building and Community Development

  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Sexuality and Reproductive Health
  • Work-Force Development
  • Development Finance and Economic Security
  • Environment and Development
  • Community Development


Education, Media, Arts and Culture

  • Education Reform
  • Higher Education and Scholarship
  • Religion, Society and Culture
  • Media
  • Arts and Culture


Peace and Social Justice

  • Human Rights
  • International Cooperation
  • Governance
  • Civil Society


Further reading,




Must be resident nationals of an eligible IFP region or country. Filipino citizen and currently residing in the Philippines.

Has earned a baccalaureate degree with above average grades (B for better or its equivalent)

With at least 3 years of relevant work experience that relates to the proposed graduate study program and to the kind of work or community service that one plans to do after completion of studies

Proposed field of study must be related to 1 of the 12 Ford Foundation grant-making areas

Is not residing and/or working in Metro Manila

Has not previously studied or trained abroad

Is not working nor affiliated with an institution/organization that offers opportunities for an advanced degree

Does not have pending administrative or criminal case




Up to 3 years of study for master’s and doctoral post graduate degrees

Preparatory training

Placement assistance


Encouraged to apply are candidates who belong to the marginalized sectors and communities, including indigenous cultural communities, women and men who live or work in the country’s poorest areas, teachers, artists, LGU and government employees, NGO workers, development workers, among many other who are physically challenged and those with other kinds of socio-economic deprivation.



Submit your application to

The IFP Partner in your area


For the Philippines:

Philippines Social Science Council (PSSC)-Ateneo Social Science Research Center in Naga City administers the fellowship program in the Philippines from initial outreach to selection, through placement, ongoing support and post fellowship activities.


Further reading,


Contact information

Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

320 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, USA

Telephone: +1 212 573 5000




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Asean  Scholarships For The Philippines

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation | Philippine Scholarship

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship

The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship is a grant that students need not repay. The scholars are allowed to receive scholarship or grants from the other institutions or foundations concurrently. The duration of the scholarship is the shortest period of regular enrollment with the university where the student studies, starting from the first semester of the school year in which the student has been adopted by the foundation.


The Foundation helps students through personal interviews, holding exchange meetings, issuing the annual report “Scholarship” in order for students to maintain close exchange among themselves or with members of the Foundation and to have opportunities to improve themselves.


The Foundation, believing it important for students to meet people, not only supports scholarship students financially, but also hosts activities beneficial to students, helping them to make good use of time for their study and research or to play active roles in society in the future.


The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation was established in November 1953, by sole endowments of the former The Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation (currently: Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation) and continues its activities of grant programs for scholarship through nominated universities throughout Japan in order to contribute to the development of industries and the improvement and progress of society and culture in our country.


Please note that the foundation does not accept applications directly from the candidates. You will be accepted from the application for scholarship you submitted from their nominated or partner universities. Around mid-March, the foundation sends application documents to the student affairs offices of each partner university, so it is best that you inquire from the university you would like to enroll or are currently enrolled.



Partner universities

Please see the image below

Mitsubishi UFJ Partner Schools




The applicant shall give priority to attending the events of the Foundation.

The applicant shall be a regular student enrolled in a nominated faculty or graduate course at universities the Foundation specifies.

The applicant shall be recommended by the president of the university.

The applicant shall have an excellent academic record with good personality and be in good health.

The applicant shall have the intention to contribute to society through working at private enterprises, public offices, schools etc, or through academic research.

The applicant shall have difficulty in paying school expenses.

The applicant shall open a bank account at the Head Office of Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation after adoption.

There must be more than one year of duration of scholarship till the end of the shortest period of regular enrollment.


Japanese students

As of April in the year of application, the applicant shall be a sophomore or older of undergraduate school, or, in a master’s or doctoral course of a nominated university. Undergraduate students must be 23 years old or younger at application and graduate students must be 33 years old or younger at application.


International students

As of April in the year of application, the applicant shall be a sophomore or older of undergraduate school, or, in a master’s or doctoral course of a nominated university. Undergraduate students must be 31 years old or younger at application and graduate students must be 38 years old or younger at application.




Undergraduate students – 35,000 yen/month

Graduate students – 55,000 yen/month

International undergraduate students – 70,000 yen/month

International graduate students – 100,000 yen/month



Duration of scholarship

The duration of scholarship is the shortest period of regular enrollment with the university where the student studies, starting from the first semester of the school year in which the student is adopted by the foundation. If the course of the graduate school is divided into two courses, the shortest period of regular enrollment means the period of each course.




Further reading,



You may want to read this update as of March 2017


Those who are nationals of Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

Applicants must be enrolled in a regular program at master or doctoral courses at a graduate school and be 38 years of age or below as of date of application.

Those who can participate in exchange activities held by the foundation.

Those who can communicated in Japanese are preferred because the interview will be conducted in Japanese.

Those who are having difficulty covering their academic expenses.

Those who aim to work or produce research towards the promotion of positive industrial or cultural relations with Japan in public or private sectors or in education.

Those who can open a Mitsubishi Trust Bank Account upon being selected.



Amount is 100,000 JPY/ month



The standard period required to complete the program of study.



For the Philippine applicants you can submit the following documents to the ILO

Application form for scholarship from private foundation

Transcript of your current course or previous course



International Liason Office

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Room 120, Environmental Studies Building

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan 177-8563

Telephone: +81 4 7136 4561




Further reading,



Submit your application to

The Partner School You Wish To Enroll


Contact information

The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation

3F Nihombashi Building

2-2-4 Nihombashi Chuo-ku

Tokyo 103-0027, Japan

Telephone: +81 3 3275 2215




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ERDT DOST SEI Masters And Doctoral Scholarships

ERDT DOST SEI Masters And Doctoral Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

ERDT DOST SEI Masters and Doctoral Scholarships

The Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) is a consortium of 8 member universities in the country that offer master’s and doctoral degrees in various engineering fields. This consortium is composed of Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), Central Luzon State University (CLSU), De La Salle University (DLSU), Mapua University, Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD), University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) and the University of San Carlos.


The ERDT was created to implement high impact research agenda that is aligned with the National Science and Technology Plan (NSTP) and Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP). One of the goals is to upgrade the qualifications of practicing engineers as well as upgrade the quality of engineering colleges and make engineering graduate education accessible.


The ERDT aims to attain a critical mass of graduates with Master’s and PhD degrees so it can develop a culture of research and development (R&D). The applicant must have a full time commitment to the scholarship and must not engage in any form of employment during the period when the scholarship is awarded.


Successful applicants must officially enroll as full time graduate student, not avail or enjoy other scholarships, and must be willing to render the required service obligation equivalent to the length of time that the scholar enjoyed the scholarship, which is one year of service for every year of scholarship or a fraction thereof.


The scholarship award covers 2 years for the master’s program and 3 years for the doctoral program. After 1 year of scholarship, the graduate or the grantee shall render service to the government or refund the scholarship grant with interest.




Must be a Filipino citizen

Not be more than 45 years old at the time of application

Passed the admission requirements of the graduate program supported by ERDT

Have a BS/MS degree in engineering or related field

Be in good health

Not have criminal or administrative cases




Application form

Photocopy of the official transcript of records

Recommendation letter from 3 former professors or supervisors

Original and photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate

Original and photocopy of NBI Clearance

A narrative of not more than 1,000 words describing your current work or a project or research that you worked on and your contribution towards the completion of the project

A narrative of not more than 500 words describing what you intend to do (work, business etc) after earning your graduate degree

A narrative describing your intended research area

Certification from the employer that the applicant is permitted to take a leave of absence (if applicant is employed)


Further reading,



Benefits for Masters

Tuition and other fees, actual amount

P25,000 monthly stipend

P5,000 per semester book allowance

Transportation allowance

P30,000 thesis/ dissertation grant

P225,000 research support grant



Benefits for Doctoral

Tuition and other fees, actual amount

P33,000 monthly stipend

P5,000 book allowance

Transportation allowance

P60,000 thesis/ dissertation grant

P450,000 research support grant



Deadline of submission


1st sem – June 15

2nd sem – November 15



1st term – June 15

2nd term – October 31

3rd term – March 15



1st quarter – April 30

2nd quarter – September 15




1st sem – April 30

2nd sem – September 15



1st sem – June 8

2nd sem – November 8



Submit your application to


Ms. Arianne Ferrer / Ms. Charisse M. Cena

Telephone: 02 426 6001 loc 5603

Email: and



Dr. Ireneo Agulto / Ms. Precious Sibulburo

Telephone: 044 456 7208 and 044 456 0107

Email: and



Ms. Amabelle Ayop / Ms. Gladys Cruz

Telephone: 02 524 4611 loc 324/ 162

Email: and



Ms. Lorraine Hilario / Ms. Rosie Ann Pascual

Telephone: 02 527 3681

Email: and



Ms. Doruthee Mugot

Telephone: 063 223 2351




Ms. Joy B. Bolina

Telephone: 02 434 0304




Dr. Arnold Elepaño / Ms. Paully May Valencia

Telephone: 049 536 2873

Email: and



Ms. Divina Palacio

Telephone: 032 230 0100 loc. 151



Contact information

Department of Science and Technology –

Science Education Institute

Gen Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City

Telephone 02 837 1333



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Philippine Business For Education (PBED)

Philippine Business For Education (PBED) | Philippine Scholarship

PBED Scholarship

The Philippine Business for Education, known as PBED, is a non-profit founded by the country’s top CEOs in 2006. It is the business community’s response to the need for greater education and economy alignment. The organization work hard to create an educational system that could result in Filipinos living productive lives. One of the goals is to engage the industry, academe and the government in an effort to equip graduates with competencies needed to succeed in the global economy.


They encourage greater industry investments in standard setting, training and labor market intelligence. They advocate for improved and innovative pre-service teacher development systems through scholarships, research and communications.


Scholarships for Teacher Education Programs to Upgrade Teacher Quality in the Philippines (STEP UP) is a scholarship campaign by Philippine Business for Education (PBEd), funded by the Australian Government, under the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) program that seeks to attract good-performing college graduates and professionals into the teaching profession by offering them competitive scholarship packages.


A total of 1,000 scholarships will be awarded to deserving candidates between the years of 2015 to 2019. The goal of the program is to produce 1,000 high quality teachers ready for public school employment by 2019.


Application to the program is free. The Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers (PATT) and the partner schools’ entrance exam shall both be administered for free. Recruiters are not allowed to accept any fee from the applicants as well.


You are allowed to work while studying under the scholarship since CTP only requires a minimum of 18 education units, classes are only held during weekends, at night, or for several hours on weekdays.


The scholarship of CTP scholars shall be covered for a maximum of one year, which is the maximum length of time to finish the program. Afterwards, BLEPT review and examination assistance shall be provided.  Applicants must not be older than 45 years old.




Graduate of any Bachelor’s Degree, except Education (preferably BS Math, Medical Sciences, Literature, Social Studies, and other related courses).


Must have at least a general weighted average of 85% or equivalent in college


Must not be older than 45 years old




Duly accomplished STEP UP Application Form

2×2 photo

Undergraduate college transcript of records/ certified true copy of grades

Certificate of general average (in percentage, ex. 87%) indicating the cumulative average of grades and the semesters and school years signed by the college secretary or registrar

2 accomplished reference forms signed by teachers/ employers


The documents shall be submitted as an additional requirements for those who passed the examination on the day of their interview

Birth certificate

Certificate of good moral character from college, university or employer

Entrance exam results for advanced takers

Curriculum vitae

Consent to study




  • Must maintain 85% and above general average
  • Must not drop subjects
  • Must take and pass the LET
  • Must teach in a public school under DepEd for 3 years for CTPs




Full Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees

Mentoring Package

Monthly Allowance –  Php 4,000

Semestral Book Allowance – Php 3,000

Semestral Uniform Allowance – Php 1,000

Monthly Dormitory Allowance – Php 2,000 (max)

One-time Relocation Allowance – Php 5,000 (max)

Thesis or Practice Teaching Allowance – Php 5,000

Reimbursable Health Allowance – Php 5,000 (max)

Graduation and Miscellaneous Fees – Php 2,000

One-time Return Allowance – Php 3,000 (max)

LET Assistance Package – Php 11,500 (max)


Further reading,


How to apply?

Step 1: Complete your requirements

Step 2: Wait for notification of document screening results. This will be posted on their official Facebook page and also, will notify you through email, call or SMS regarding the examination schedule and venue.

Step 3: Take the Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers (PATT)

Step 4: Wait to see if you passed the exam.

Step 5: Pass the interview. Submit the secondary documents on the day of your interview.


That’s it. All you have to do is wait for the announcement of the results. If you successfully passed, you will be contacted again for contract signing, relocation, enrollment and provision of benefits.


After graduation

You are given three (3) attempts to apply to DepEd in the duration of five (5) years You should inform them accordingly and provide proof of the status of your application. After such time has elapsed and you still have not been accepted, you are free to pursue other endeavors beyond the required return service of STEP UP. However, they highly encourage you to pursue teaching even in the private schools.



Submit Your Application To

Philippine Business for Education

6F, Glass Tower Building, C Palanca Street

Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: 02 801 8446




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