Hope 4 Change International Student Sponsorship | Philippine Scholarship

Hope for Change International Student Sponsorship

Hope for Change seeks to alleviate the redundant cycle of poverty by providing opportunities for an education through sponsorship. Sponsorships are provided to students who are motivated to attain an education but who are not given the opportunity to attend school due lack of funds and financial constraints. The student sponsorship is a project that covers the needs of the students living in extreme poverty from elementary through college for the entire school year.


Hope for Change also seeks to improve adult literacy in the Philippines and break the cycle by providing literacy programs to adults needing basic, general or specialized skills instruction. The aim is to enable every adult learner the necessary basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.


Education is the primary focus of their work in the Philippines. They were made successful through their sponsors or donors. Using the public school system keeps the costs of sponsorship low.


The sponsorship fee provides for uniforms, school supplies, special projects, travel and family needs. Without this support many students would not be able to attend school.


Hope for Change is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to eradicating the effects of hunger, illiteracy and disease ravishing impoverished communities throughout East Africa, Philippines and the Indo-Asia.


Disparities within urban areas reveal that many children lack access to schools, health care and sanitation, despite living alongside these services. The growth in population is projected to continue into the foreseeable future, threatening to further marginalizing an entire generation of impoverished children.


Due to rapid global urbanization the traditional face of poverty is no longer best represented by a child in a rural village. Nowhere is this change more evident than in the poorest urban areas of the Philippines.


Children growing up in these urban areas are increasingly worse off than those in rural regions and face greater risks from natural disasters, exploitation and HIV.


Education is the best hope for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Considered an inalienable right by many the barriers for entry are seemingly insurmountable for those most in need.


Currently, there is an estimated 1 million adolescent children out-of-school in the Philippines. That number sharply increases when accounting for secondary level students whose educational aspirations are often sidelined by the potential income that could be earned by entering the workforce.


Further reading, http://www.h4cinternational.org/current-projects/philippines-student-sponsorship/



Combined the life skills necessary to fight poverty and prevent diseases, Hope for Change believes that education provides a way forward.


Several current and former sponsorship students created an outreach project to connect with children in a nearby squatter village. They organized an empowering event in which they taught songs, performed skits and fed over 60 children!


Each of the sponsored students suffers extreme hardships yet they looked past their own needs in order to reach out to others worse off. Sponsorship made a difference in their lives.



Submit your application to

Hope for Change International

P.O. Box 692 Lake Katrine

NY 12449

Telephone: +1 845 336 0736

Email: mail@h4cinternational.org



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PD 577 Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

PD 577 Scholarship Military Personnel

The Presidential Decree 577 exempts dependents of military personnel who die or become incapacitated in line of duty from the payment of tuition and matriculation fees in public or private schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions.


The benefit shall be extended to any one dependent of the military personnel in the active service who have died or were incapacitated in line of duty. The benefit may be enjoyed for a maximum of 10 school years.


The benefit is transferable to any of the dependents of the military personnel, at the option of the next of kin, provided it will not exceed 10 school years. However, the admission of grantees to any school shall be in accordance with the existing laws and admission policies of the school.


As long as the grantee satisfactorily passes the course of instruction based on the approved standards of the schools, the scholar shall continue to enjoy the benefit.


In case of failure in any subject or in a school year, the benefit shall be suspended and the grantee, at his option, may retake the subjects failed, or repeat the entire school year at his own expense.




Duly accomplished AFPEBSP Educational Benefit Application Form with 2 copies of latest 2×2 of the applicant

1 copy of PSA birth certificate of applicant

1 copy of PSA marriage contract of military personnel

1 copy of Report Card Form 138, Certification of Grades or TOR of the applicant

High School diploma

Course Prospectus

Notarized declaration of legal beneficiaries of the AFP/ CAA member

Certificate of good moral character

PSA death certificate or Casualty Report from military personnel unit and Posthumous Separation Order from his unit




Full tuition, registration fees and computer fees



How to apply?

Ask the school you want to enroll if they offer the PD 577 scholarship.

Follow the requirements of the school.

Submit all requirements to the AFPEBSO.

Successful applicants will be notified by the AFPEBSO through mail or phone call.

Submit the certification letter to the school admissions.


Further reading, https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/1974/11/11/presidential-decree-no-577-s-1974/


See the PDF sample application below

PD 577 Application



Submit your application to


General Enrile corner General Ramos Avenue

Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City 1110


Telephone: 02 911 6001 local 6010 or 02 426 2239

Mobile: 0917 507 6617

Email: afpebso@gmail.com



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NTMA Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

NTMA DEEP Scholarship

The NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) represents the single biggest investment in the Philippines of the NYK Line and TDG as their corporate social responsibility and contribution to the global competitiveness of the Filipino Merchant Marine Officers. The NTMA offers payment option plans for school fees. Payment options are full payment upon enrolment, 2 installments, 4 installments and monthly installments within a semester. Payment can either be made through cash, bank transfer or cheque.


NTMA offers the DBP DEEP scholarship grant as a form of financial assistance to deserving high school graduates who have performed well academically but are financially challenged. The application form and other requirements shall be issued by the NTMA to candidates but only upon passing the entrance examination and oral test of the NTMA examinee.


Qualified applicants have to pass all the qualification requirements of the school prior the interview with the DEEP project team or designated representative. You can look at the schedule posted on their website whenever you are ready to take the first step, which is taking the entrance examination.


That means you have to download and fill out the student application form and attach a passport size white background ID picture. You can download the application form from the NTMA website, http://www.ntma.edu.ph/Application.aspx.


On the examination day, you submit the duly accomplished application form to the examiner and present a valid school ID. Don’t forget to bring a pencil and a black pen.


The entrance examination is free and will take about 2.5 hours. It covers English, Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, General Science, Chemistry and Physics.


To check if you passed the examination and interview, please visit the NTMA website. If you passed, you will receive an email for the schedule of the pre-enrollment briefing and the list of documentary requirements.


Contact the admission@ntma.edu.ph for followups. If you did not receive any communication from them, please contact the Office of the Registrar so you can submit the required documents before the deadline.


There is a different set of requirements for the Study Now Pay Later Program. Please see the admission entrance page for this. The NYK-TDG Maritime Academy provide holistic maritime education to produce competent and qualified Merchant Marine Officers to the NYK Group through outcomes based education, values inculcation, leadership development, as well as concern for the protection of the environment.


The school hopes to provide each cadet the opportunity of 12 month shipboard training. It aims to provide continuing maritime education and training to upgrade the seafarers to become management level officers and engineers.


Further reading, http://www.ntma.edu.ph/Adm_tuition.aspx


Since opening in 2007, NTMA has established a scholarship program for students who might find it financially challenging to pursue such a degree. The curriculum offered at NTMA produces high-quality seafarers by providing them with a unique core curriculum in addition to valuable training on board, drawing on NYK’s extensive experience cultivating the best seafarers from all over the world.


NTMA has been highly evaluated as a maritime school and was one of the first maritime academies to be recognized in 2011 by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism under a new certification program for graduates of overseas maritime academies.


After obtaining the seafarer certificate of competence, graduates of NTMA will begin a career as a third officer or third engineer on NYK-operated ships and aim to become a captain or chief engineer on NYK vessels, including the more technically challenging high-risk ships.


NTMA students are taking the ship officer examination, and after acquiring the seafarer certificate of competency, each graduate will begin a career as a third officer or third engineer on an NYK ship, thus starting the journey through the NYK Group’s career development programs to eventually become a captain or chief engineer.


NTMA has established a scholarship program for students who might find it financially challenging to pursue such a degree. The curriculum offered at NTMA produces high-quality seafarers by providing them with a unique core curriculum in addition to valuable training on board.


A total of 700 students have graduated from NTMA since the academy opened, and most graduates are actively engaged as officers or engineers on NYK-operated ships. NYK will continue its effort to improve both the quality and quantity of Filipino seafarers as executive candidates within the NYK Group.



Submit your application to


Knowledge Avenue, Carmeltown

Canlubang, Calamba City 4037

Laguna, Philippines



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TUP Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

TUP Scholarships

The Technological University of the Philippines is governed by a Board of Regents (BOR) chaired by the Chairman or Commissioner of the CHED. The President of the university exercises the overall leadership in ensuring that the efforts of the university are directed towards the attainment of the institutional vision, mission, goals and objectives of the TUP.


Since the TUP is a system of 4 campuses, the Executive Directors of Taguig, Cavite and Visayas campuses assist the university President in the supervision of the campus activities. The Office of Student Affairs is in charge of the different scholarship and educational grants offered to students either by the university, the national government or by any interested individual, group of persons or company.


TUP is a state institution of higher learning that offers scholarship grants to deserving students with exemplary academic and athletics achievements. In addition, they also award students scholarships or educational assistance through the auspices of their respective communities or localities, private companies and non-government organizations.


The scholarship and educational grants offered by the university are categorized into the institutionally funded grants, privately funded grants and the government funded grants.


TUP allows freshmen, senior high and graduate program applicants to verify the results of entrance examinations conducted in Manila and Taguig campuses only. The database includes applicants who passed the examinations and applicants who qualified in their second choice courses. You can check here, Admissions http://www.tup.edu.ph/admission


The enrollment and registration system (ERS) is a system developed by the university to computerize the enrollment process. The latest module of the ERS is the Students’ Report of Grades Module that allows students to verify their grades and the faculty members to preview their grading sheets through the TUP website. Login here, ERS Login http://www.tup.edu.ph/erslogin


Institutionally funded grants include the academic scholars, Philippine Artisan staffers, physical education grants or the university athletes and the Kalinangan dance troupe, and grants per Board Resolution.


The government funded grants include the Study Now Pay Later Plan, State Scholarship Program, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Clark PAF Educational Fund, Baranggay Grant/ Sanguniang Kabataan, Department of science and Technology, and the TUP-PASUC.


The Technological University of The Philippines offers the following scholarship programs listed below. Students must first submit the documents to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for scholarship notation before assessment of fees.


Entering honor student (Valedictorian/ Salutatorian)


Graduation program


Barangay grant or dependent of barangay officials

Certificate of oath of office (DILG & Mayor)

Affidavit of support

Income tax return of barangay official

Birth certificate


Sangguniang Kabataan (within the NCR only)

Certification of oath of office (DILG & Mayor)




Photocopy of high school card

Certification of good moral character

Photocopy of income tax return of parents/ guardian/ affidavit/ certificate of non-filing

Birth certificate

1 ½” x 1 ½ photo


Further reading, http://www.tup.edu.ph/page/students/applyscholarship


To apply for the scholarships

  • Fill up the application forms available at the Office of Student Affairs. Attach 1 ID picture.
  • Present a photocopy of high school cards and photocopy of ITR.
  • Wait for the announcement of the schedule for interview.



Enrollment procedure

Secure Notice of Admission from the Office of the Admissions upon presentation of the following documents:

  • High School Card (Form 138) and Transcript of Records for transferees (Original)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (Original)
  • Test Permit
  • Report to the University Clinic and secure Medical Certificate.
  • With your Notice of Admission and Medical Certificate, proceed to the Office of Admissions for profiling.
  • Proceed to your course adviser for enlistment.
  • Students availing scholarship, report to the Office of Student Affairs for scholarship notation.
  • Proceed to the Accounting Office for assessment and secure registration form.
  • Pay the assessed fees at the Cashier’s Office.
  • With your Registration Form, present original requirements stated in Step #1 to the Registrar’s Office for confirmation.
  • Proceed to the Office of Student Affairs for Identification (ID) Card processing.


See the PDF below for admission requirements

TUP Admission Requirements



Student Assistanceship Program

Any bonafide student of the university who has at least stayed in the university for one whole school year and whose schedule of classes allow for 4 consecutive hours of free time, if interested and willing, could apply for the Student Assistanceship Program.


This Program is designed to train students in the different facets of the work place which can help broaden them to first-hand experiences which can help broaden interpersonal relationships. The university compensates the students as per approval of the Board of Regents.


Present the current registration form and the duly accomplished application form from the Office of Student Affairs. Be available for the scheduled interview and testing.


Report to the Office of the Student Affairs to follow-up your application.



Student Group Insurance

All students wishing to avail of the student group accident insurance may avail of such from the Faculty-in-charge of Ancillary Services. However, students enrolled in the On-the-Job Training and/or Supervised Industrial Training Program is required to have the student group insurance.


Any student who meets an accident during the affectivity of the one-year insurance plan will be reimbursed of the incurred expenses in accordance with the guidance set forth in the insurance plan.



Submit your application to

Online Applicants Access Module


Contact information

Technological University of the Philippines (TUP)

Ayala Boulevard, Ermita

Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 02 301 3001

Email: uitc@tup.edu.ph



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Carmudi Philippines Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

Carmudi Philippines Scholarship Program

Students who excel academically, but are in need of financial assistance may now apply for the Carmudi Philippines Scholarship Program. The Carmudi Scholarship Program has been created to support and encourage diligent students currently studying in the areas of Economics, Business, Marketing, Communications, Media, IT and Engineering.


The program is sponsored by the Carmudi Philippines, which is an online car buy and sell website offering the best automotive deals in the Philippines today. Established in 2013, the Carmudi Philippines is one of the leading vehicle marketplace websites in the country with over 20,000 vehicle listings.


Offering new and used cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, Carmudi takes prides in providing the easiest and most secure way to buy and sell your car online. Carmudi is a venture of Rocket Internet, an international internet startup incubator that also owns Lazada, Zalora, Lamudi, FoodPanda and other online buy and sell sites.


The Carmudi Scholarship Program will award one hard-working student a sum of P30,000 to help them to cover some of the educational costs encountered throughout one semester term. The scholarship amount will be awarded to one student for one semester only. Please note that this is not a year-long scholarship.


The scholarship program is a bi-annual search that provides scholarship grants for deserving students in the country. This is one of their many ways to uphold the company’s continuing concern for the socio-economic development of the country.




Age 18+

Minimum GPA of 1.75+ or Latin honors status

Undergraduate students 3rd and 4th year studying the following disciplines

  • Economics
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Media
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Relevant majors in any participating partner university




P30,000 one semester only (subject to change)

Basic skills building through work shadowing experience as the MD of Carmudi Philippines for 1 week

May be granted a job interview with Carmudi Philippines




Letter of Intent in English, 500 words

Reference letter from the university

Copy of valid student identification card


Further reading, https://www.carmudi.com.ph/scholarship/



Submit your application to

Email: scholarship@carmudi.com.ph



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Nestle Nescafe Agriculture Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

Nestle Nescafe Cups Scholarships in University of the Philippines

Nescafe, the world’s leading coffee brand, signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of the Philippines Los Banos that launched the first ever Nescafe Coffee University of the Philippines Scholarship. The program is also referred to as the Nescafe Cups.


Under the Nescafe Cups program, 3 deserving students of UPLB will be given full scholarships with a stipend. Junior students specializing in any plant science major with at least a 2.0 average and with an annual family income of P500,000 are eligible to apply.


It means the scholarship is open to the university’s 3rd year BS Agriculture students specializing in any of the plant sciences. To qualify, the applicant must possess a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 and an annual family income not exceeding P500,000.


The grant will also give the scholars the opportunity to intern at the Nestle Experimental and Demonstration Farm (NEDF) located in Tagum, Davao del Sur, where they will be trained by Nestle’s team of agronomists. The goal of the scholarship program is to help generate interest in agriculture among the youth, especially coffee farming.


There was a decline in the portion of the workforce taking part in agricultural jobs. However, the company sees the huge opportunity for the Philippines to turn around the coffee industry and be self-sufficient again.




Must be junior or 3rd year college in an agriculture related major

Cumulative grade point average of 2.0

Annual income does not exceed P500,000


The intention is to be able to buy the coffee beans from our very own farmers and to give jobs to as many people as possible and be dependent on our own coffee farmers, which requires long term planning.


The full scholarships include a stipend and an on-the-job-training program. They also have the opportunity to be engaged by the company for one year after graduation. Cups aims to generate interest in agriculture, particularly coffee faming, among the youth.


Nescafe Cups is part of the Nescafe Plan, which is Nestle’s global initiative that supports responsible coffee farming, production and consumption.



Submit your application to

UPLB Office of the Student Affairs

Scholarships and Financial Assistance Division (SFAD)

Room 6 Second Floor, SU Building

UPLB, Laguna, Philippines

Telephone: 049 536 7255

Email: sfad@uplbosa.org



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Beta Sigma Northwest Scholarship

Beta Sigma Northwest Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

Beta Sigma Northwest Scholarship in UP

The Beta Sigma Fraternity, a Greek letter brotherhood, stands for the Brotherhood of Scholars. It was established in 1946 immediately after World War by a group of student leaders from the University of the Philippines, De la Salle College, and Ateneo de Manila on Padre Faura, a district of educational institutions in the heart of war-torn Manila. It has grown since then into an organization that spans almost all the major colleges and universities in the Philippines.


On the international level, the fraternity continues to grow and has become a distinctive center of gravity for alumni members of the brotherhood who now lives overseas. It has evolved into a structure through which the fraternity’s tradition of scholarship, nobility and service are afforded opportunities to be demonstrated.


The Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS) administers the financial assistance programs of University. It implements policies and decisions on STFAP, Private and Government Scholarship programs, Student Loan program, Student and Graduate assistantship program, and the Adopt-a-Student program.


The Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS) administers the financial assistance programs of University. It implements policies and decisions on STFAP, Private and Government Scholarship programs, Student Loan program, Student and Graduate assistantship program, and the Adopt-a-Student program.


At present, the OSSS undertakes different strategies to provide the required services so UP will remain accessible to all students, regardless of economic status, who have the capacity to benefit from its program. It is manned by a team composed of 18 personnel dedicated to provide relevant financial assistance services to students of UP Diliman.




Must be a member of good standing of the Beta Sigma Fraternity who is enrolled in the University of the Philippines Diliman

If an entering first year student, must have passed the UPCAT

It already enrolled, must have obtained an average grade of 2.5 or better and must have carried a load of at least 15 units with no grade of 5.0 or unremoved 4.0 or inc in the semester immediately preceding the application

Must belong to a family whose parents’ annual gross income is less than P500,000

Must be enrolled in at least 15 units at the time of the award of the grant

Must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action




School fees as assessed but not to exceed P12,000 per semester

Book allowance of P1,500 per semester

Monthly stipend of P1,500

Transportation allowance of P250 per month


Further reading, http://osa.upm.edu.ph/node/277


The UP Beta Sigma Fraternity is a brotherhood of principled men from all walks of life, with a strong sense of loyalty, dedicated to academic excellence and social consciousness. They aim to develop men of quality and integrity.


It aims to train individuals to be responsible leaders and to be socially aware by making their spare time productive through socio-civic, mass oriented projects and missions.



Submit your application to


University of the Philippines Diliman

Room 302 Vinzons Hall

Quezon City 1101, Philippines

Telephone: Local 4506

Email: updscholarships@gmail.com



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Nestle Street Vendors Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

Nestle Street Vendors Scholarship

Nestle awards scholarship to the children of street vendors selling their ice cream products. The street vendor beneficiaries are located in Metro Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City, Bulacan and Laguna. The program was launched in 2014 to recognize the hard work, performance and loyalty of its street vendors who have been the brand’s valuable partners in bringing Nestle Ice Cream to consumers in the residential communities.


Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company. It seeks to enhance the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future as well as to shape a better and healthier world.


As we are all aware, street food vending is an important source of informal employment here in the Philippines, where a large number of street vendors are typically located and roaming at the most convenient points for consumers. Observe how these street vendors can transform and invigorate the company’s operations.


However, street food vendors face a variety of constraints including lack of knowledge and skills in business, limited training opportunities, and restricted mobility that prevents them from improving their capacities. Street vendors selling Nestle products may not be new, but there is no denying that it still remains a huge trend even today. They serve to invigorate the Philippines’ streets.


They are the counterpart of mobile food trucks in other countries. This old culture of eating Nestle brand products through these street vendors has helped revolutionized the way the brand reaches its target customers. Street vendors role is challenging, competitive and requires patience and hard work to survive the heat and the rain.




Open to school aged children of qualified Nestle Ice Cream street vendors

Street vendor must have been Nestle street selling for at least a year and proven hardworking, dedicated and loyal




Provides educational grants of P10,000 to each college scholar and P5,000 to each elementary scholar



Further reading, https://www.nestle.com.ph/featuredstories/nestl-awards-scholarship-to-street-vendors-children



Submit your application to

Nestlé Philippines Inc.

No. 31 Plaza Drive Rockwell Center

Makati City 1200, Philippines

Telephone: 02 898 0061

Toll-free: 1-800-100-637853 access code 41529




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UP Alumni Association (Singapore) Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

UP Alumni Association (Singapore) Scholarship

The UP Alumni Association (Singapore) Scholarship is funded by the UP Alumni Association of Singapore. It is a non-stock, non-profit association organized in 2003 to bring together UP Alumni based across Singapore. The organization seeks to devote its efforts to the advancement of the UP Cause and Ideals as well as pioneer in the identification, conceptualization and implementation of projects for the benefit of the UP campus and the community at large.


The scholarship program aims to send one student a year to a full time 4 year undergraduate course in any campus of the University of the Philippines. Covering tuition and stipend, funding comes largely from donations and fund-raising activities among UPAAS members and friends.


The scholarship, duly administered by the Office of Scholarship and Student Services (OSSS), under the auspices of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, provides access to quality education to deserving students with limited financial means.


To ensure sustainability of the program, the endowment fund, which aims to support 4 students at any given time, is put in place. The scholarship program is UPAAS way, albeit small, in supporting the vital role that UP plays in the development of Philippine society and its contribution to sustainable poverty alleviation initiatives.


In the event the donor decides to discontinue the scholarship, the existing scholar shall be supported until graduation or unless disqualified from the grant for failure to meet the terms for the renewal of the grant. The Office of Scholarship and Student Services shall administer the scholarship grant.




Must be a bonafide student of the University of the Philippines enrolled in any 4 year course

Must be a freshman student who has qualified for admission

If already enrolled as a freshman, must have obtained an average grade of 2.5 or better and must have carried a load of at least 15 units with no grade of 5 or unremoved 4 or inc. in the semester immediately preceding the application.

Must be enrolled in at least 15 units at the time of the award of the grant

Must be financially needy, gross income must not exceed P200,000

Must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action




School fees as assessed but not to exceed P6,000 per semester

Book allowance P1,500 per semester

Monthly stipend P3,000 total of P15,000 per semester

Transportation allowance P500 per month, total P2,500 per semester

Overall benefits of P25,000 per semester




The scholarship is renewable every semester until the duration of the course

Must have obtained an average grade of 3 or better for a load of at least 15 units with no grade of 5. Any grade of 4 or incomplete must be removed or completed on or before the last day of registration of the following semester

Must not shift to another course

Must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action

Scholarship does not cover summer classes


Further reading, http://www.upaas.org/


See the PDF below

UP Alumni Association Singapore



Submit your application to

The University of the Philippines



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Barangay Scholars | Philippine Scholarship

Barangay Scholars

The barangay scholarship is a study grant given to the legitimate children of barangay officials who shall be able to submit all the necessary papers as prescribed by the local government code. To be clear, the barangay scholar or applicant must be a legitimate child of a barangay official, such as the barangay captain, council person, or a Sanguniang Kabataan official/chairperson/councilor of the barangay. Some universities or schools do not accept applicants over 18 years of age while some schools set the age limit to until 21 years old only.


This is in pursuant to Section 393/ Section 434 of Republic Act 7180 (Local Government Code). The act deals in appropriating funds for the operation of the government from January 1 to December 31 1992 and for other purposes.


The duration of the scholarship is up to 4 years. Only 2 dependents of each barangay officials are allowed to avail of this scholarship at the same time. The barangay officials must present updated original certifications every semester.


The Punong Barangay, the Sanguniang Barangay members, the Barangay Treasurer, and the Barangay Secretary shall be exempted during their incumbency from paying the tuition and matriculation fees for their legitimate dependent children attending state colleges and universities.


The barangay officials can be defined and identified as the Punong Barangay, Sanguniang Barangay member, Barangay Treasurer and the Barangay Secretary.




A legitimate child of a Punong Barangay, the seven elective members of the Sanguniang Barangay, Barangay Treasurer and the Barangay Secretary.

ITR of parents

Must not enjoy any other scholarship

High school graduate




ITR of parents or BIR exemption

Certification from the DILG or from the Mayor as an incumbent Barangay Official

Oath of Office/ Appointment of the Barangay Official

Birth Certificate (NSO)

Parent’s marriage contract

Copy of grades or High School Report Card Form 138

Certificate of good moral character from the principal or guidance counselor

Application form


Different schools may require different documents, so you better ask the school to which you plan to enroll, just to make sure you got everything covered. The eligibility requirements were gathered from different schools just to give you an idea of what you may need to prepare for the application of Barangay Scholar.



The University of the Philippines eligibility requirements for the Child of Barangay Official are as follows

UP Form 5 or Admission Slip (for Freshman)

Birth Certificate of the Student (21 years old or below)

High School Report Card (Form 138) for incoming freshmen or TCG (True copy of grades) for old students.

A certification from COMELEC and certificate of incumbency from the Municipal/City Mayor, and attested by the Local Government Operations Officer (LGOO) assigned in the City/municipality where the barangay is situated.

Certificate of Good Moral Character from the High School Principal (for Freshman) or Guidance Counselor (old student).



SK Official

A certification from COMELEC and certificate of incumbency from the Municipal/City Mayor, and attested by the Local Government Operations Officer (LGOO) assigned in the city/municipality where the barangay is situated.

UP Form 5 or Admission Slip (Freshman only)

High School Report Card (Form 138) for incoming Freshmen or TCG (True Copy of Grades) for old students

Good Moral Character



Condition of Assistance

Carry a full semestral load as prescribed in the course curriculum.

Complete any incomplete grades during the semester or summer immediately after the school term in the SUC or LUC where enrolled.

No failing grade (grade of 5.0)



Termination of Grant

The grantee falsified official records.

The term of the grantee/mother or father of the grantee as barangay or SK Official expired or he/she resigned, died or removed from office for cause, provided that even with the expiration, resignation or removal or subject incumbent barangay official, he/she will be allowed to finish the full semester during which his services were terminated.


Further reading, https://www.upm.edu.ph/node/1339


Submit your application to

The School That Offers The Barangay Scholar grant


For UP

University of the Philippines

Office of Scholarships and Student Services

Rm 302 Vinzons Hall UP Diliman

Telephone: 02 981 8500 local 4506

Email: updscholarships@gmail.com



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