Philippines-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Philippines-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) Scholarships

The Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) is a binational organization responsible for the administration of the Fulbright exchanges between the Philippines and the United States, the Hubert H. Humphrey fellowships, and the East-West Center scholarships. It also serves as a clearinghouse for information on educational institutions and programs in the Philippines and the United States.


PAEF was established through an executive agreement signed by the governments of the United States and the Philippines on March 23, 1948 to carry out educational exchanges involving students, academics and professionals from both countries.


The Philippine program is the world’s longest continuing Fulbright program. It has enriched several generations of Filipinos and Americans.


Principal funding support for the exchange programs administered by PAEF comes from the United States and the Philippine governments. It offers various scholarships and fellowships.


They also offer short term programs from 6 months to 1 year, such as the Global ungrad for students studying bachelor’s program. Scholars can spend a semester in the US in a field of study of their choice.


The Philippine Department of Agriculture, the Philippine Commission on Higher Education, and the Washington SyCip Family Foundation have generously supported the Fulbright Program in the Philippines. Other organizations and institutions, including US and Philippine universities contribute through direct and indirect cost-sharing.


The educational exchange initiative is the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program simply called as the Global UGrad.


Fulbright scholarship programs for the Filipinos are the

  • Fulbright Graduate Student Program
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar for Advanced Research and University Lecturing Program
  • Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Initiative Program
  • Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP) for Advanced Research
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) Program
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • Fulbright-Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Scholarships for Graduate Studies in the US for Philippines Higher Education Faculty and Staff
  • Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers (Fulbright DAI)


With Manila having the oldest continuing Fulbright scholarship program, it is clear that the bilateral ties between the United States and the Philippines remain strong and robust. There is a way to chase your dreams.


Selected scholars are given funding to cover their study and living expenses for the whole duration of their course, including round‑trip international travel fare, monthly maintenance allowance, tuition, book/supply allowance, as well as health and accident insurance.


Further reading,



For inquiries

Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF)

10/F Ayala Life – FGU Center – Makati

6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226


Telephone: 02 812 0919




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STI Foundation Financial Assistance | Philippine Scholarship

STI Foundation Financial Assistance

STI believes education is everyone’s ticket to success. Though education remains a top financial priority, the less fortunate families struggle to send their children to school and make the change for their lives. To help address this problem, STI grants financial assistance to SHS and college students who are interested in studying Information Technology, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Engineering, Business & Management, Arts & Sciences, and Senior High School.


With various scholarships and student assistantship programs in STI campuses throughout the country, the students are empowered and given an equal opportunity to access a world class real life education. STI aims to give students a better future through an education that develops their talents, skills, and knowledge in the fields they want to work at.


On top of these, the institution’s external affiliates also grant partial and full scholarships to provide students with more opportunities and prepare them with the dynamic needs of the workforce. All graduating high school students are welcome to apply for STI’s scholarship program.


Scholarship programs vary per campus. For more information on STI’s scholarship programs, please get in touch with your preferred STI campus and inquire directly.


Interested graduating high school students can visit any STI campus for their applications. Students with honors such as Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and Honorable Mentions are readily granted with scholarships.


Scholars are allowed to choose the course they want to pursue from the fields of Information and Communications Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business and Management, Engineering, and the Arts and Sciences.


You should take the qualifying examinations, and depending on the results, you may avail either partial or full scholarship grants. As STI observes the scholarship month every February of the year, it has helped thousands of students fulfil their goals through quality and hands-on education that will prepare them for the real world.


See the campus directory here,



National Scholarship Month

Starting February 1, over 1,000 scholarships will be available to deserving students nationwide through the annual STI National Scholarship Month. Graduating high school students who are not financially blessed but have the passion to finish college can apply for an educational grant in any STI campus nationwide.


Interested students may take the qualifying exam and avail of full or partial scholarships depending on their examination results, while, Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and Honorable Mentions are automatically eligible for scholarships.


On its 6th year, the STI National Scholarship Month has already helped thousands of students gain quality tertiary education and be a step closer to a better future.



Online Registration

STI warmly welcomes junior high school completers, senior high school graduates, college transferees, second coursers, foreign applicants, and post graduate degree applicants in its campuses.


For fast and efficient admissions procedures, fill-out the online registration form and bring a printout copy when you visit your preferred STI campus.




The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and STI Education Services Group, Inc. (STI), through its corporate social responsibility arm, STI Foundation, will be working together in helping the financially disadvantaged youth to finish their college education through the DBP Endowment for Education Program (DEEP), where DBP will be providing the fund that STI will be using to grant college scholarships to students.


STI is one of the 33 accredited schools in this scholarship program. Under DEEP, students who have met the requirements to become scholars will be able to complete their college years with STI, which will be financed by DBP. Coverage of the scholarship grant includes tuition fee, stipends for uniforms, books, other training fees, and miscellaneous school fees.



Submit your application to

Your STI preferred school


Contact information

STI Head Office

STI Academic Center Ortigas-Cainta,

Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta

Rizal 1900, Philippines

Telephone: 02 812 1784



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Commonwealth Foods Study Grant | Philippine Scholarship

Commonwealth Foods Study Grant

The University of the Philippines Manila offers the Commonwealth Foods Inc Study Grant donated by the Commonwealth Foods. The scholarship is an undergraduate grant in all fields of study and shall be open or made available to entering freshmen who qualifies.


The grant is renewable every semester until the recipient finishes his course, provided he meets the conditions that would allow him to renew. The grant gives P20,000 per semester. The Office of Student Affairs, through its Office of Scholarships and Student Services, handles and administers the study grant.


The Commonwealth Foods Inc is better known as Comfoods Inc. The company is a Filipino firm and a conglomeration of three pioneering food manufacturing companies, namely Comfoods, Philippine Food Industries and the Filipinas Biscuit Corporation.


Commonwealth Foods makes confectionery and biscuits and also processes instant and ground coffee. Other products are snacks, natural and organic products, cocoa and chocolates.


You may be familiar with some of the brand name, Café Puro Instant Coffee, Café Puro Jade Blend, Ricoa Flat Tops, Fibisco Chocolate Chip Cookies, and the Fibisco Hi-Ro.




Must be financially deserving. The financial situation qualifies the student for the STFAP bracket C/D or lower.

Must belong to the top 20% of the graduating class in high school.




P20,000 per semester.




Must have an average of 2.50 during the immediately preceding semester

Must have no grade of 5. Any grade of 4 or inc. must be removed before the immediately following registration period.

Must not have been the subject of disciplinary action worse than a five day class suspension.


Further reading, and



Submit your application to

University of the Philippines Manila or any UP branches


Contact information


6/F Comfoods Building

Sen Gil J Puyat Avenue corner Don Chino Roces Ave

Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: 02 552 4500




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Holy Angel University College Scholarships

Holy Angel University Scholarship

Talent Scholarships grants 50% to 100% tuition fee discount and free costume to the members of the University Chorale, University Band, University Rondalla and University Dance Theatre.


Sports Scholarships grants 50% to 100% tuition fee discount and free costume to the members of the basketball, athletics, badminton, chess, karate-do, lawn tennis, table tennis, Taekwondo and volleyball.


HAU Employee Dependents are given 95% tuition discount. Covers the employees, spouse and legitimate children. Failed subjects should be at the expense of the employee.


SM Foundation Scholarships provide 100% tuition discount to qualified scholars. Processing of applicants is taken cared of by the SM Foundation.


Remedios Lee So Scholarship sponsors 1 business and accountancy student with a 100% tuition fee discount.


Zenaida Manuel Scholarship sponsors 1 accountancy student with a 100% tuition fee discount.


The Institute for Small Scale Industries Scholarship (ISSI) provides scholarships to financially strapped students who will render duty for 24 hours a week in the university. Application and processing of scholarship is done by the USGO.


Yokohama Tire Philippines Scholarship gives full scholarships to 10 engineering students.


SGV Foundation Scholarship gives full scholarship to 1 5th year accountancy student.


Students with excellent performance in their academic in their academic work may qualify for semestral academic scholarships. This is a 100% tuition grant provided the students meet the following scholarship guidelines and conditions.


General Eligibility

Belongs to the honor roll in the past semester with an academic rank equivalent to upper 1% of the year level based on current college population. In case the year population is less than one hundred, the first ranked student in the honor roll is given one scholarship grant.


The student is enrolled in the current semester.


The last slot where students have the same QPA, qualified grantees will share equally the slot.


In case the scholarship slots are fewer than the number of qualified students, the slots are divided proportionately among the candidates.


Further reading,



Student Assistants

Scholarships for student assistants aims to develop young professionals who are financially challenged to study while working in different work stations of the university.



  • No failing grade
  • Financially needy – Family monthly income not exceeding P5,000.00 as per ITR (W2) or Certificate of Exemption from Non-Filing of ITR or Mayor’s Certification of Non-Employment
  • With good working habits and of good moral standing as supported by a Certification
  • Single
  • Filipino Citizen
  • Preferably a graduate of the public High School
  • Enrolled in at least 18 units
  • Only one member of the family can apply and be considered in the program



  • Copy of grades (previous semester or photocopy of report card or Form 138)
  • Barangay clearance
  • Certification of Good Moral Character from the High School Guidance Counselor (for incoming freshmen) or Student Conduct Office (for existing HAU student)
  • Two (2) Recommendation Letters from credible people (parish priest or former teacher)
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certification of Exemption from Non-Filing of ITR or Mayor’ Certification on Non-Employment
  • Latest electric bill and water bill
  • Sketch of address
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character


How to apply?

  • Applicant secures a copy of the requirements, qualifications and application form.
  • Applicant accomplishes the Application Form, submits the accomplished form together with the requirements and secure interview schedule.
  • Interview of the applicant by the Student Assistants Program Committee.
  • USGO conducts Home Visit to applicants who passed the interview.
  • Qualified applicants will be notified.



Submit your application to

HAU Online Student Portal


Contact information

Holy Angel University (HAU)

No 1 Holy Angel Avenue, Santo Rosario

Angeles City 2009, Philippines

Telephone: 045 888 1620 local 1214




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Chevron International REACH Scholarship Program | Philippine Scholarship

Chevron International REACH Scholarship Program

The Chevron International REACH (Recognizing Excellence and ACHievement) Scholarship Program is sponsored by Chevron for the children of its employees and retirees. The Program was established to recognize and assist outstanding children who plan to pursue post-secondary education.


Scholarships are offered for one academic year for full-time undergraduate study. Eligible applicants should communicate with their local Chevron human resources office to inquire about the application form.


Scholarships are intended to assist students as they pursue undergraduate study and are not intended to cover all educational expenses. Recipients are responsible for the balance of funding, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, living expenses, and transportation.


Renewable scholarships are offered each year for full-time undergraduate study at colleges, universities, and vocational schools. The scholarships for children of non-U.S.-payroll employees are managed by the San Francisco office of the Institute of International Education.


Scholarship awards will range from $500 to $2,500 per year. A limited number of one time, nonrenewable $1,500 honorariums will be granted to students who demonstrate high merit but not relative financial need as outlined in our Benefits section.




Be children (living with the employee-parent or other dependent children on Chevron’s benefits plans) of non-U.S.-payroll active employees of Chevron and its wholly owned subsidiaries. This includes children of retired employees, and domestic partners’ children (who must meet and continue to meet all of the criteria detailed in Chevron’s “Affidavit of Domestic Partnership” and be internally registered with Chevron by having filed an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership that has been accepted by Chevron).


If Chevron parent employee is retired, the retiree must not be employed at a competitor energy company. Retirees must have either a minimum of 75 points as calculated by Chevron Human Resources, or 20 years of service prior to retirement.


Be current high school seniors who will be entering freshmen or current college freshmen with a U.S equivalent GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale enrolled in a full-time STEM course of study.


Applicants who will pursue their study in the U.S. must be planning to enroll in one of the eligible universities for the entire upcoming academic year.


Applicants must also be pursuing a degree in one of the following STEM disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Geological Engineering, Physics, Applied Math, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Math, Management Information Systems (MIS), Information Technology, Statistics, Civil Engineering, Safety/ Health Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, and Chemical Engineering.




Scholarship awards will range from $500 to $2,500 for one academic year.



Further reading,



Submit your application to

Your Local Chevron Office


Contact information

Chevron Philippines Inc.

6/F 6750 Ayala Avenue

Makati City 1226, Philippines

Telephone: 02 841 1000


Rep Juan Edgardo M Angara Scholarship | Philippine Scholarship

Rep Edgardo A Angara Scholarship

Rep Juan Edgardo Manalang Angara, most widely known as Sonny Angara, was elected to the Senate in 2013. Like his parents, he values education as a tool to fight poverty. He pushed for laws to widen access to education through the passage of the Free College Law, and the Unified Student Financial Assistance System (UNIFAST).


He is also one of the authors of the Universal Kindergarten Law, the Ladderized Education Act, the Open Learning and Distance Education Act, Youth Entrepreneurship Act, the law integrating Moro history in the school curriculum, and laws to create universities in far-flung rural areas.


Sen. Sonny believes that given the right opportunity, Filipinos will have a better quality of life. Thus, he authored laws to ensure sustainable jobs and decent working conditions: the law creating Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) nationwide, the JobStart Law and the revised Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) to help ease youth unemployment.


He led the passage of the law that raised workers’ take-home pay, the 13th month pay and other bonuses by lowering and simplifying income taxes. He also sponsored the law strengthening the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to provide greater OFW representation and benefits, the Seafarers Protection Act, and the law that made OFW balikbayan boxes tax-free.


Senator Sonny champions laws that empower women (the Magna Carta of Women), senior citizens (Expanded Senior Citizens Act), persons with disabilities (Act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of PWDs), and the informal sector (Magna Carta for Workers in the Informal Economy bill).




  • Must have been admitted in any undergraduate degree program of the University, or if already enrolled, must have passed all courses enrolled in the previous semester;
  • Must be resident of the Lone District of Aurora Province or as nominated by the Donor and,
  • Must comply with Rules for Scholarship and Fellowships of the Donor.




  • P19,000.00 total tuition fee, laboratory and miscellaneous fees of the UP Campus where the students is enrolled in. in case the scholarship grantee is also a recipient of the University of the Philippines Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP), the University shall only release to the grantee the balance of the tuition fee that the grantee is required to pay;
  • P5,000.00 semestral book allowance; and
  • P3,000.00 monthly living allowance (with a maximum of P15,000.00 per semester)




The grantee shall be entitled to renewal of the scholarship grant every semester until the grantee finishes his/ her degree or course of study, provided the following are satisfied

  • Must be enrolled full-time each semester;
  • Must have passed all subjects enrolled in the preceding semester. Any grade of “4.00” or “inc.” must be removed or completed on or before the last day of registration of the following semester;
  • Must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action;
  • Must not shift to another course or go on leave of absence without prior approval from the Office of Scholarships and Student Services.


Further reading,


In the event that the grantee is also a recipient of the University of the Philippines Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STS), the balance of the tuition fee that the grantee shall pay after applying the STFAP discount shall be charged against the grant. In case of grantees who belong to STS Bracket E, the entitlement to monthly stipend shall follow the UP rules.



Submit your application to

University of the Philippines Manila

Pedro Gil Street, Taft Avenue and Padre Fauna Street

Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 02 524 0534

Globe: 0915 231 1167




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Lyceum Of The Philippines University Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Lyceum Of The Philippines University Scholarships

Lyceum of the Philippines University prides itself with its long and rich tradition of academic excellence. The founder, Dr Jose P Laurel, is the only Philippine President to have served in all three branches of the government.


The school also offers TESDA courses. The Center for Technical Skills Development and Assessment facilitates the registration of technical vocational qualifications for various programs and the conduct of assessments.


Financial aids and discounts are given to students under the Athletic Grant, Dance Troupe/ Chorale Grant, Tuition Fee Discounts for Siblings, Alumni-LPU Educational Assistance Program (A-LEAP), and the External Scholarships Program implemented through partnership with LPU.


The school offers the ETEEAP or Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), which recognizes the knowledge, skills and prior learning obtained by individuals from non-formal and informal education experiences. See the checklist of requirements and programs on their website,


The school has global linkages with both schools and other organizations and also, employs the LPU Manila Internship Program to provide students for all courses with practicum subject. The Internship Program aims to promote and provide students with competitive skills and attitudes for employment through practical application of learned theories and knowledge in an actual working environment.



Entrance Scholarships

All qualified students for the Entrance Scholarship are exempted to take the entrance exam. Valedictorians are given a 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees for 1 academic year.


Salutatorians are given a 50% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees for 1 academic year. The First Honorable Mentions are given 50% discount on tuition fee only for 1 academic year for SHS or 1 semester for college.


Editors-in-Chief of the official student or high school publication are given 50% discount on tuition fee only for 1 academic year for SHS or 1 semester for college.



  • Certification of Ranking (Valedictorian, Salutatorian & First Honorable Mention); must include the total number of graduating students.
  • Published School Newspaper (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Original Report Card
  • Good Moral Certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate


Jose P Laurel – Sotero H Laurel President’s Scholarship

The JPL-SHL Scholarship exam will also serve as the entrance exam of the qualified takers. Programs covered are


  • Accountancy
  • Computer Science
  • Customs Administration
  • Foreign Service
  • International Hospitality Management
  • International Travel & Tourism Management
  • Journalism
  • Legal Studies
  • Mass Communication



  • Must be currently Grade 12 or a qualified candidate for graduation
  • Must belong to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or with at least 90% GWA (Grade 11 Ranking or Grades) or students of Science High School
  • Must be of good moral character as certified by the high school principal
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must pass the qualifying examination and interview given by the Scholarship Committee



  • Accomplished scholarship form
  • Certification from the high school principal stating that the student belongs to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or copy of Report Card with at least 90% GWA (Grade 11 Ranking or Grades) or students of Science High School
  • Certification of Good moral character
  • Two 2” x 2” identical photos, with white background and signature over printed name at the back
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • 1 long brown envelope



  • Free tuition and miscellaneous fees
  • Monthly stipend for 10 months
  • Book allowance per semester
  • Clothing allowance per school year



Senior High School

  • ABM
  • STEM



  • Must be currently Grade 10 or a qualified candidate for graduation
  • Must belong to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or with at least 90% GWA ( Grade 9 Ranking or Grades) or STUDENTS OF SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL
  • Must be of good moral character as certified by the high school principal
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must pass the qualifying examination and interview given by the Scholarship Committee
  • All students coming from laboratory / science high schools are automatically qualified to apply.



  • Accomplished scholarship form
  • Certification from the high school principal stating that the student belongs to the top 10% of the graduating batch of at least 35 students or copy of Report Card with at least 90% GWA (Grade 9 Ranking or Grades) or students of Science High School
  • Certification of Good moral character
  • Two 2” x 2” identical photos, with white background and signature over printed name at the back
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • 1 long brown envelope



  • Free tuition and miscellaneous fees
  • Monthly stipend for 10 months
  • Book allowance per semester
  • Clothing allowance per school year


Applications should be processed and requirements submitted at least a week before the intended testing date.


Further reading,



Submit your application to

Lyceum of the Philippines University

Manila Campus, Batangas, Laguna, Cavite or Davao



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Rotary Club Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Rotary Club Scholarships

The Rotary Foundation Educational Programs promote international understanding by bringing together people from different countries and cultures. The foundation offers 2 types of programs in the Philippines, namely the Global Grant (formerly Ambassadorial) Scholarships and the Rotary Peace Center Fellowships. The Rotary Foundation’s oldest and best known program is the Ambassadorial Scholarships in which about 30,000 men and women from 100 nations have studied abroad under its auspices.


Today, it is the world’s largest privately funded international scholarship program. Through this grant, recipients from some 69 countries have studied in more than 64 nations.


The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies.


Interested applicants must apply for the Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships through their local Rotary Club. Because application deadlines vary by club and district, only your local club can provide specific information on deadline. If your local district is not offering scholarships, you may wish to inquire next year.


The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas. The program sponsors academic year scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies.


While abroad, scholars serve as goodwill ambassadors to the host country and give presentations about their homelands to Rotary clubs and other groups. Upon returning home, scholars share with Rotarians and others the experiences that led to a greater understanding of their host country.


Eligibility for the Global Grant (Ambassadorial) Scholarships

  • Must have completed at least second year of college by the district interview date
  • Must have high academic scores
  • Must be sponsored by the local Rotary Club
  • Applicants must be citizens of a country in which there are Rotary Clubs
  • Candidates cannot be Rotarians, Honorary Rotarians, or employees of a club, district or other Rotary entity or of Rotary International.
  • Persons with disabilities and members of Rotaract Clubs are eligible and encouraged to apply.


See the PDF for more information,

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships Global Grant


Further reading,


On the other hand, each year the Rotary selects up to 100 professionals from around the world to receive fellowships to study at one of their peace centers. Through academic training, practice and global networking opportunities, the Rotary Peace Centers program develops who become catalysts for peace and conflict prevention and resolution.


The Rotary Peace Center fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round trip transportation and all internship and field study expenses. The center has trained more than 1,000 fellows for careers in peacebuilding. Many of them serve as leaders at international organizations or have started their own foundations.


Eligibility for the Rotary Peace Center Fellowship

Master’s degree programs – last 15 to 24 months and require a practical internship of 2 to 3 months during the academic break.


Professional Development Certificate Program – for experienced professionals and lasts 3 months with 2 to 3 weeks of field study.


Requirements of the Rotary Peace Center Fellowships

  • Proficiency in English; a second language is strongly recommended
  • Demonstrated commitment to international understanding and peace
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Master’s degree applicants: minimum three years of related full-time work or volunteer experience, bachelor’s degree
  • Certificate applicants: minimum five years of related full-time work or volunteer experience, strong academic background


Further reading,



Submit your application to

Your local Rotary Club chapter


Contact information

The Rotary Club of Manila


543 Arquiza corner Grey Street

Ermita, Manila City, Philippines

Telephone: 02 527 1886



Get in touch with

Mrs. Anna Kun Toledo

Executive Secretary



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Saint Louis University Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

Saint Louis University Scholarships

Saint Louis University offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aids for students. SLU provides several awards based on merit in recognition of academic excellence. SLU offers need based financial aid in the form of work-study and institutional grants for sports and the arts. In addition, SLU participates in government and privately funded scholarships and loans.


The Saint Louis University is an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution that is creative, competent, socially involved and imbued with the Christian spirit. As one of its internationalization strategies, it has establish partnerships for agreements with local, national and international entities to further its student exchange, research and community extension goals.


In line with its Vision-Mission, the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Studies provides for the study of English and Foreign Languages and Literature and promotes collaboration for research, education and community outreach efforts in languages, literatures and culture.


Moreover, the Institute designs interdisciplinary programs to help students acquire proficiency in the social and cultural development of various world regions, develop linguistic skills, and prepare for careers in international affairs.


The SLU Clinical Pastoral Center is its deeply humane outreach system designed to assist people who are in difficult personal predicaments. The goal is to help them discover new options and workable perspectives so they can acquire a more effective and meaningful outlook towards life.




SLU Entrance Scholarship for 4th year high school Valedictorians and Salutatorians and top 100 placers in the regular SLU College Entrance Examination.


SLU Academic Scholarship is awarded every semester based on the student’s academic performance of the previous semester.


SLU Activity Grants for

  • Members of the SLU Band
  • Performers of the Center for Culture and Arts
  • Varsity Athletes


SLU Service Grants for Working Students


PD 577 Scholarship


SLU Special Scholarship


Private Scholarships implemented by SLU

  • Ambassador Philip J. Lhuillier Scholarship for BSAC and BSBA courses
  • Analog Devices Scholarship Program for 3rd, 4th and 5th year BSEE
  • PAMWE Scholarship for Engineering courses
  • Philex Mining Corp Scholarship Program for BS Mining Engineering
  • Phinma Foundation Scholarship for 3rd to 5th year engineering students


Government Scholarships

  • CHED Special Study Grant Program
  • CHED-Senate Study Program
  • National Scholarship Program
  • Student Assistance Fund for Education


Further reading – see the complete list on their scholarship page,



Submit your application to

Saint Louis University campus of your choice


Contact information

Guidance Center

Saint Louis University

Diego Silang Building

A Bonifacio Street, Baguio City 260.


Telephone: 063 74 444 8246 to 48




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St. Dominic College Of Asia Scholarships | Philippine Scholarship

St. Dominic College of Asia Scholarship

St. Dominic College of Asia is an institution that envisions a community of dynamic and proactive learners within the Asia Pacific region. Initially offering programs in Caregiving and BS Nursing, it has evolved into a full fledged collegiate institution. Rebranding strategies were also explored to make the college more relevant, responsive and congruent with the current trends and practices of a highly globalized educational system.


Located within a safe and secure learning environment, St. Dominic College Basic Education provides excellent academic and formation programs in Basic Education by enriching students with real life experiences, leadership opportunities and intercultural engagements.


The school offers Entrance Scholarship, Academic Honors Scholarship, and other scholarship grants such as faculty educational benefits, grants-in-aide for families, campus leaders’ benefits, campus journalists’ benefits, student athletes’ scholarship and the externally funded scholarship grants. Basic Education provides preschool, elementary and junior high school.


Senior High School education offers the ABM for accountancy and business management, HUMSS for humanities and social science, STEM and TVL Cookery for technical vocational track. The college also offers college courses and graduate studies.


TESDA course in Caregiving NCII designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the caregivers are also offered. The course covers core competencies in different areas such as giving care in new born, infant, toddler, special child, elderly and sick old.


The college also offers Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery & Pattiserie, which is a 1 year certificate program designed to produce internationally qualified chef. After completing the 1 year program, the students are required to take 2 months internship program, either locally or in Australia. Upon completion of the program, you can opt to work in Australia but must undergo evaluation if you are eligible for further employment or renewal.


Further reading,



Submit your application to

St. Dominic College of Asia

Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor City 4102


Telephone:  046 417 8161



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