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Cash Grant to Medical Students in SUCs

The Cash Grant to Medical Students in SUCs aims to provide tuition fee subsidy to all students in the SUCs offering Doctor of Medicine Program. The program is intended for all Filipino medical students, both new and continuing medical students, who will enroll in identified participating SUCs offering Doctor or Medicine program. This is a free education for doctors. To stem the tide of mass migration of Filipino medical professionals, the 2017 national budget stood at ₱3.35T, has started including a provision for tuition-free education for aspiring Filipino doctors.


Incoming and currently enrolled students in public medical schools can study for free through the Cash Grants to Medical Students Enrolled (CGMS) in state universities and colleges (SUCs) beginning academic year 2017-2018. Commissioner Prospero De Vera said the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) finalised the implementing rules and regulations of the ₱317.1-million student financial assistance fund in the 2017 budget.


The initiative is a response to the continuing lack of doctors in the country caused by the high cost of medical education, overseas migration and brain drain. Officials said student-grantees will also have to render one year of service in the country for every year of cash grant received as part of their public service responsibility.


This is to make sure that students stay and serve in the country after graduation in exchange for the public subsidy given for their education. In April 2017, CHED and DBM released a joint memorandum circular that allocated P8 billion to subsidize the tuition of all undergraduate students in the more than 100 SUCs in the country.


The fund requirements for the purpose shall be sourced from the built-in appropriations of the identified participating SUCs offering Doctor of Medicine Program amounting to P317,100,000. Utilization of the fund shall be subject to the usual budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations. This shall not be recorded or treated as trust fund receipts under any circumstances.



The fund will be divided among eight SUCs

University of Northern Philippines

Mariano Marcos State University

Cagayan State University

Bicol University

West Visayas State University

University of the Philippines-Leyte

Mindanao State University

University of the Philippines-Manila



To qualify for the assistance fund, a student must meet the following requirements

  1. Pass the admission requirements of the SUC
  2. Enroll in an authorized Doctor of Medicine program of the SUC
  3. Maintain a general weighted average of at least a passing grade
  4. Carry a regular academic load and complete the degree within the period allowed in the university



Cost has always been a hindrance for young Filipinos aspiring to become doctors, especially those from low-income families. Now, they will have the chance to pursue their dream as government will be providing a full tuition subsidy for qualified students entering medical school.


They must, however, be enrolled in state universities and colleges, according to the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd). CHEd Commissioner and Spokesperson Prospero de Vera III announced the programme rolled out by the Duterte Administration called Cash Grants to Medical Students Enrolled in State Universities and Colleges (CGMS-SUC).


Aside from ensuring that young Filipinos who want to complete a college education will be able to do so regardless of economic status, another objective of the programme is to address the perennial problem of lack of doctors serving the country.


After a student successfully graduated through this scholarship, he or she needs to render at least one year service in the country for every year of cash grant received from the scholarship. This is called the Return Service System.


Under this policy, doctors will be ensured to stay and serve the country in exchange for the public subsidy given for their education. They can either serve in government or private hospitals, local government health facilities or serve in remote locations.



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