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TESDA offers a call center training course, which is a short course that is very much in demand today. This training will help you improve your pronunciation, intonation and accent together with your grammar, if necessary. This training has been designed to hone your communication skills, specifically in English.


The Call Center Agent is one of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines and abroad. The job is mainly centered in answering queries and calling clients for telemarketing.


The TESDA Call Center Training only takes 100 hours to complete. After the training, the trainees gain a comprehensive insight and master the American Conversational English, understand the nature of the nature and culture of the call center industry, learn customer skills in the BPO context, and know the basics of the Western Culture.


This course has been designed to develop the right skills and attitudes of a Contact Center Representative that includes core competency of how to communicate effectively in a customer contact center and render quality customer service. The students are taught active listening techniques so they can effective understand and communicate.


Correct vocal techniques that includes the rate, pitch, volume and tone of voice are being taught to enhance more the context and meaning of the message. The standard American accent is applied when speaking English.


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At least second year in college with no back subjects


Nursing and fresh graduates are welcome to apply


Average English communication skills



This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a contact center representative in accordance with the standards of the industry. The course includes competencies in how to communicate effectively in a customer contact center, and how to render a quality customer service. For Cebu, please search here,


Cebu Accredited Call Center Training Schools



The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the revenue generators in the Philippine economy. This is one of the reasons the Philippine government strongly supports the industry.


To further improve the country’s pool of Filipino talent, TESDA provides free finishing courses for call center agents (FCCA) as part of the Training-for-Work Scholarship Program (TWSP).


With the current curriculum and training modules made available through accredited schools and training centers, it is now easy to study and get a similar qualification for this field in the BPO industry in the Philippines.


Just choose the nearest TESDA call center training most convenient for you to enroll with. Just call their hotline contact telephone numbers for further information as provided in the list of accredited schools.


CBC_ contact center3-2


You can also call the TESDA hotline numbers in your region or the main branch in Taguig. An email inquiry is also welcome.


Please take note though that all enrollment options for TESDA call center training and other available courses may depend on the number of students enrolled.


Other courses may be deemed not offered or closed due to lack of students or over the quota.



You may want to check these schools if they still have available slots so you can enroll. Just call or drop by and inquire about the Finishing Course for Call Center Agents.


TESDA Course and School Finder



TESDA Free Call Center Training Philippines


Submit your application for free training to

The call center training school of your choice near you.



Email: info@tesdacourse.com



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