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The Philippines-Australia Alumni Grant Scheme is managed by the Philippines-Australia Human Resource and Organization Development Facility (PAHRODF) on behalf of the Australian Embassy. The alumni is the formal organization for Australian alumni, including its Australia Award Scholars nationwide, which aims to support activities that will build and maintain lasting relationship among Filipino alumni.


It is envisaged to create opportunities that promote interaction and engagement, provide an exchange of ideas, allow networking, establish and strengthen social and professional links and enable continued learning.


The Alumni Grant scheme provides financial support to projects that have the potential to create opportunities for public-private partnerships and developmental advocacies. These projects must support the priorities of the Australian and Philippine governments in any of the education, crisis management, governance, environment or entrepreneurship sectors.


Proposals are assessed and ranked by a panel composed of representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Trade Commission, and President of the Philippines Australia Alumni Association.


The panel will rank the proposals on a scale from zero to 100 points and award funding based on relevance to the objectives of the Alumni Grant Scheme, justification innovativeness and technical merits, cost effectiveness, proponent experience in the sector, and diversity of partnership including level of participation.


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  • A group of at least five eligible alumni from private and public sectors
  • Philippine chapters of Australian academic alumni organizations
  • Philippines Australia Alumni Association (PA3i) chapters



Eligible activities

  • Maintain the connection and strengthen the alumni ties with Australia
  • Strengthen professional links of the alumni with Philippine and Australia institutions
  • Share their knowledge and skills with local communities
  • Promote Australia education in the Philippines
  • Create opportunities for joint public and private sector development activities and advocacies
  • Establish and maintain platforms that facilitate cohesive relationships, encourage membership and enhance participation of members to alumni activities
  • Foster sectoral linkages, self-development and social enrichment


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  • All project proposals should be prepared in accordance with the proposal template. In addition, all proposals should be submitted on or before the close of business on deadline date.
  • Cost no more than P500,000
  • Be no more than 10 pages excluding attachments
  • Include bank details for fund transfers and proposed fund disbursement schedule
  • Be implemented in the Philippines and completed no later than the deadline date



The award is offered by the Australian government to alumni in the Philippines who have the potential to contribute to the development of their country and become leaders in their chosen field. The application process is competitive and provides equal opportunities to all eligible citizens regardless of gender or ethnicity.


This alumni grant scheme broadens Australia’s support to all alumni groups and associations of Filipino alumni. The alumni considered under this scheme are all Filipino citizens who have finished degree courses in Australia, undertaken formal training in Australia, or finished courses or formal training in the Philippines conducted by organizations accredited to deliver Australian training.


Read the PDF below and sample information sheet

Philippines Australia Alumni Grant



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Submit your application to

HRODF Office

3rd Floor JMT Building

ADB Avenue, Ortigas City





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