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The Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) created the Grants-in-Aid for Higher Education Program for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary medicine education that would be implemented through the Commission on Higher Education. The ACEF-GIAHEP aims to contribute to the development of agriculture and fisheries by increasing the number of graduates in higher education who would be trained in the habit of thought, entrepreneurial skills and technical competencies. The program shall be implemented jointly by the Department of Agriculture and Commission on Higher Education as mandated by RA 10848.


Previous scholars refer to recipients of DA ACEF Scholarship Program who completed his/ her degree but have not received his/ her financial benefits. Continuing scholars refer to recipients of DA ACEF Scholarship Program who are still pursuing his/ her college program but have not received his/ her financial benefits.


The financial benefits shall follow the entitlements based on the implementing guidelines of the scholarship program. The financial benefits CHED will pay the scholars through the respective HEI but should be based on the matrix to be recommended by DA to CHED.


The payment shall be made by CHED which will transfer the financial benefits to the scholars through the HEIs. CHED shall be entitled to 1% administrative cost per actual release of the grain-in-aid, which shall be charged from the passive income of the fund.


CHED shall enter into a MOA with the participating HEIs. CHED transfers all unpaid financial benefits to scholars through the HEIs. HEIs release the financial assistance to scholars.


If you have questions, you can follow and message me on for now.



Must be a Filipino citizen

Graduating high school students or high school graduates or students with earned units in college or passer of the ALS/PEPT

Will enroll or currently enrolled in recognized programs in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, veterinary medicine and related agricultural education programs offered by duly authorized HEIs

Does not have any other government funded financial assistance program.

Combined annual gross income of parents not to exceed P300,000. If in case the income exceeds P300,000 in exceptional cases, the ACEF Execom shall determine the merits of the application such as

  1. Applicant whose siblings are 4 or more
  2. Applicant whose OFW parents/ guardians face employment problems, termination or deportation
  3. Other similar cases as above




For graduating senior high school students – duly certified copy of grades of 1st semester

For lifelong learners eligible for college – high school report card

For applicants with earned units in college – duly certified copy of grades for the latest semester or term attended

ALS graduates – duly certified copy of ALS accreditation and equivalency test passer certificate

PEPT passers – duly certified copy of PEPT certificate of advancing to the next level

Latest income tax return of parents or guardian if employed

For children of OFWs and seafarers, a latest copy of contract or proof of income may be considered


For the unemployed or no income, please secure any one of the following

Certificate of tax exemption from the BIR

Certificate of no income from BIR

Certificate of indigency from barangay

Certificate/ case study from DSWD



Please see the PDF below for more information

ACEF GIAHEP Scholarship grants in aid




Tuition and other school fees – P10,000 per semester

Stipend for regular semesters – P2,500 per month

Book allowance – P1,000 per semester


If in case, summer classes

Tuition and other school fees – P3,500

Stipend – P2,500 per month


Thesis/ project grant – P15,000 for the whole course (one time grant)

Practicum/ on the job training allowance – P3,000 for the entire OJT (one time grant)



Other school fees may include the following

Bridging and remedial programs

Practice teaching program

Seminars required in the course

On the job training fees

Field trips and educational tours as required in the course

Graduation fees

Thesis, cases/ project studies expenses and terminal reports

Review for PRC board exams

Attendance to youth camp, leadership training, congress general assemblies as required in the course



Monetary grants shall be given to

Cum Laude – P5,000

Magna Cum Laude – P10,000

Summa Cum Laude – P15,000



See the PDF below for more information

ACEF GIAHEP Scholarship


Submit your application to

ACEF-GIAHEP application form with supporting documents to either the HEI, CHEDRO or DA 120 days before the start of the academic year applied



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