Philippine Scholarship has been created through the efforts of Shirley Chio, who dreams to improve the country’s level of literacy. Without free tuition scholarships, many children who belongs to the under privileged poor families cannot continue and pursue college education. We all know for a fact that a change is possible only if the children are able to go to school and improve their present standards of living. Education is vital to improving the country’s economy. Let us hold each other’s hand in unity and say, “Pilipinas mahal ka namin. Eto na kami tulong tulong na.”



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Philippine Scholarship



Everything started when the founder realized that Philippines badly need help to effect change and make living in the country better for all citizens. Education and the skills it brings to the students are vital for the much desired transformation. You can never create better governance if the people are not literate to understand “government” and “governance”. What will happen to our nation’s future if the children of today cannot make it even to high school?